Keep things stink-free with a great deal on Tom’s of Maine antiperspirant at Walgreens! Starting tomorrow, 7/22, Tom’s of Maine deodorants and antiperspirants will be on sale for $3.49. Use a high value $2.50 coupon from the 6/17 SS insert to score one for just $0.99!

Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry Antiperspirant, 2.25 oz $3.49, sale price 7/22-7/28
Use $2.50/1 Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry Antiperspirant from SS 6/17 (exp 8/11)
Final Price: $0.99

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16 thoughts on “Tom’s of Maine Antiperspirant—Only $0.99 at Walgreens, Starting 7/22!”

  1. Shields9 says:

    went to Walgreens today to find the regular deodorant on sale for $3.49, for which the only coupon available is the $1 off, not the $2.50. that one is for the “naturally dry” variety (pictured above) which wasn’t on sale. anyone else notice this?

  2. Melissakhurst says:

    I’m new to this, I can’t seem to print the coupon. Please help.

    • Anonymous says:

       This one isn’t a printable, it was in the SmartSource insert in your newspaper on June 17th. Hope that helps.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hear ya.  It chaps my hide to find that a shelf has been cleared so early in the current week’s promotion.  But ask for a rain check once you calm down.  Which reminds me I have a raincheck from CVS for tuna at $.50 (no limit) and need to talk to the manager of my favorite CVS about special ordering a case or two at the raincheck price.

    The $.99 for Tom’s deodorant is definitely a great deal.  In Dallas the regular price is around $5.00 and that is at Walgreen’s.  Prices are higher at places like Whole Foods.

    Recently, I went to Walgreens for Zest BodyWash that was on special.  Didn’t find any so I asked and was told that the location I was visiting didn’t always have the advertised specials.  Doesn’t make sense.  Has anyone else had this type of response?

    • sully says:

      ummm i dont think is right you should call customer service and report that walgreens they have to have the sales if they have the ad in the store otherwise they should have one for that store only.

    • Anonymous says:

      Each store can differ. Hopefully you’ll have better luck finding other great deals in the future!

  4. Prissygirls31 says:

    Where can I find the coupon to get $2.50 off? I have looked on the internet with no luck yet,can someone please help? lol Thank YOU! :0)

  5. Prissygirls31 says:

    Where do I find the coupon to get it for $.99?

  6. Momonabudget says:

    So I just back from CVS and here are the coupons I got from the magic
    coupon machine. .40 cents off 2 dove big bars.(on sale 2/3) I got .50
    off one 24 pack of Nestle water, (on sale for $2.22) making it only
    $1.72 with coupon. $3 off $15 purchase on Excalibur school supplies.
    $1.00 off 2 Mars candy bars (on sale 2/$1) making them FREE. $2 off
    32.oz Twizzlers

  7. Holly Keney says:

    Strangely I still have 3 of those coupons and Tom’s is all my husband will use. Maybe he will appreciate my couponing after all.

    • Adelina says:

      lol i think i have about 6 of those coupons saved, for some reason i have the urge to go buy them right now even though its so late at night… i like Tom’s, and this is definately a great deal..

      • Momonabudget says:

         I think It’s a good thing to shop late at night! I went to Wag’s about 6:30 this morning and some lady had already wiped out the Tom’s deodorant and all of the Stay free pads. I was so mad! Luckily I found some pad’s at CVS.

        • Holly Keney says:

          You are lucky to have an all night Wags. Ours opens at 7:30 am. I overslept this morning hope there is some left, lol stayed up late planning my coupon trips.

          • Robin Turner says:

            Remember that you guys can price match on your friendly local walmart.  I did that with the stayfree pads today…I just let the cashier know that i’d like to pricematch these items…as long as it is within $3, usually they will do it without having the salespaper with you…but i take mine just in case.

            • Laura says:

              Walmart sucks  with coupons.  They give you such a hard time.  Will never shop there again.