I was excited to see a sign at Target with a “mystery” bonus mobile coupon offer, and even happier when I discovered the mobile coupons included an offer for Pepsi Next! We have a manufacturer coupon to stack with it! This is a special bonus offer where you’ll need to text the word “honey” or “dragon” to 827438. Take your Pepsico Insert Coupon and your mobile coupon, and pick up two 2-liter bottles for only $0.45!

If you want to learn more about how mobile coupons work, click here to read the details. 

Buy 2 Pepsi Next, 2 L $1.00, price cut through 8/4
Use one $0.55/1 Pepsi NEXT Bottle from Pepsico 7/22 (exp 8/11)
And use one FREE Pepsi Next Soda, 2-liter with purchase of Pepsi Next 2-liter or 12 pack, Target Coupon from Target Mobile Coupon (Text “honey” or “dragon” to 827438)
Final Price: $0.23 each, when you buy 2

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49 thoughts on “Pepsi Next, Only $0.23 at Target!”

  1. moneyhungry says:

    i went to target today. i used the bogo target mobile coupon and the $1/2 manufacturer coupon from the pepsi ‘moments to save’ from last sunday! i got all the 2 liters for FREE.

  2. Anonymous says:

    super target didn’t have them marked down. at least not in Orlando.

  3. Purple13 says:

    My store was completly wiped out of Pepsi Next and it is only Monday! I didn’t get to use the coupons. The girl told me they don’t know when the next shipment is coming in! I was hoping to use my 1.00/2 and the BOGO coupon. Figured I’d give them a call each morning because Target is around the block and soda is great to bring to BBQ’s! 

    • Anonymous says:

       The price cut lasts until 8/4 and so does the mobile coupon, so you have some time :)

      • Anna says:

        I went to do this deal, and when I got to the register, there was no coupon for the Pepsi on my mobile coupons listed…

        • Anonymous says:

          text them 3 diff words in 3 diff messages, I got different coupons in each text.. send honey, offers, and teamusa.

  4. Gabe says:

    How do you get mobile coupons?

  5. T_williams_89 says:

    So i cannot find this .55 insert online?

    • Anonymous says:

      No, this is a Sunday newspaper insert from yesterday. Check the stands in your city to see if there are any still for sale! :)

  6. Tasha Wycoff says:

    i cant use the mobile app since i have a prepaid phone through ssi :(

    • Sarah Rossi says:

      I have a contract cell phone but I can’t afford the extra $30/month for the data plan of “smart” phone.  I think there are probably several of us who can’t afford the extra cost and miss out on these coupons. 

  7. Tashawycoff says:

    ok so i have been waiting for a pepsi coupon since all i drink is pepsi right now $1 at walmart for a 2 liter i couldnt afford a paper yesturday so my mominlaw is saving her’s for me now my question is is it going to be available to print sometime soon bc i would love to stock up on this item.

    • Beth Vanderq says:

      I don’t know that you can ever print off a Pepsi coupon.  Sometimes coupons.com or SmartSource etc. will have soft drink coupons to print.  But you will have to keep an eye and ear out for them. 
      I usually throw all my change into a little container throughout the week and by the time Sunday comes around, I’ve got a few dollars for the paper.  Good Luck!

    • Anonymous says:

       Do a search here at KCL and you’ll find some previous posts about Pepsi coupons available at a newer source, called: couponkindness.com. Hope that helps!

  8. Mack Mick says:

    Theres only one barcode for 2 coupons by scanning the barcode does it take off for both items the ice tea and pepsi

  9. Beth Vanderq says:

    I’ve had reservations about doing any mobile coupons.  I’m concerned that if I do any of it, I will get spammed.  Has anyone had experience being spammed after signing up for mobile coupons?

    • Anonymous says:

       Yes, right after getting the Target mobile app, my husband AND I both started receiving spam text msgs. Our phones are on 1 account. Also, I’ve tried using the mobile coupons at the store 2x and both times they were unable to scan.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have used them several times with NO problem, no spam.

    • Anonymous says:

       I haven’t had that experience at all since I’ve been receiving Target mobile coupons. Use your best judgment but Target is a reputable company. Be sure to read the fine print when you sign up. Usually there is a disclaimer about not selling your information.

    • Beth Vanderq says:

      Thank you all for your feedback.  :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    These are free at Fry’s (Kroger) since they make all coupons under $1 worth $1 or up to the amount of the item if it is under $1.

    • Cheryl_salgado says:

      Just FYI friends, At kmart as long as your total comes to $25 before your coupons, all coupons will double up to a dollar. Cheryl :)

    • Tashawycoff says:

      say fry’s (krogers) i have krogers here in houston and when i called about there coupon policy they dont tell me this. how do i find out about it?

      • Anonymous says:

        They usually post it in the ad. They don’t always though so I call the store and ask before planning my trip. I’ve found that they always have this promotion running.

  11. Theponds2 says:

    is just my region or what?? i dont have a .55 off pepsi next,only a $! off @ in the pepsi flyer

  12. jennifer says:

    How do you get the extra mobile coupons from target? I get them sent to my phone but is there a way to get more by texting them different words?

    • Anonymous says:

       There are often bonus offers, like this one. To sign up for the regular, bi-weekly ones, you’ll text the word “offers.” There is another bonus group out right now, which you can get by texting the word “TEAMUSA.” :)

  13. Maria says:

    Is my limit for this item only two?  Or can I purchase more?

    • Anonymous says:

      You’ll only be able to use the mobile coupon once. Unless you bring a friend and their phone :)

  14. dont we have a .50 coupon for target that expires today . can we use both?

    • Anonymous says:

       It expired yesterday, sadly :(

    • Iris says:

      Sadly I was thinking that this morning and I was excited as I thought I could get free Pepsi Next.When I went to go check the target coupon I saw that they had expired yesterday.It was a bummer.

    • Edith Chaves says:

      thats what i did, i get the coupons for sunday on saturday so i stacked the .50 cents off target coupon with the .55 cents MQ got 2 pepsi’s for free :) and the .10 cent overage was applied to another item i bought :)

  15. LimonP says:

    where do you get the .55 off one coupon

    • Lucyandmax says:

      there is a pepsico insert in today’s newpaper

    • Anonymous says:

       It is listed in the post: from today’s Pepsi Moments to Save insert. If you don’t have the $0.55 coupon, you may have the $1.00/2.

  16. yellowrose says:

    I intended to price match CVS’ deal yesterday for .79 but forgot my cell at the house so I couldn’t do the BOGO so I didn’t bother.

    • Anonymous says:

       Don’t worry, you can’t use a Target coupon in conjunction with an ad match anyway :(

      • Theponds2 says:

        can u tell me about the .55 papsi next coupon?? i have the pepsico and only have 1$ off 2,nothing for .55…thank u!

        • Anonymous says:

          Sure! You’ll just need to buy 3, so the manufacturer’s coupon will apply to the two you’re buying and the mobile coupon will get you the third one free. Not as great a deal, but still not too bad: only $0.33 each after both coupons!