It’s summertime and the high temps probably have you and your family thirsty 24/7. Coca Cola to the rescue! Right now you can save extra money by using the new Target Mobile Coupons. Just text TEAMUSA to 827438 to get these new coupons (if you need to sign up for mobile coupons, click here).

Buy 3 Coca-Cola, 7.5 oz 8 pk $2.50, sale price through 8/4
Buy 3, Receive Archer Farms Chips, 8-14 oz Free
Use one $1.00/2 Coca-Cola mini-can beverages, 7.5 oz 8 pk from Target Mobile Coupon
Final Price: $2.17 each, when you buy 3 

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21 thoughts on “Coca-Cola, Only $2.17 Plus Free Chips at Target!”

  1. nicole d says:

    i just texted TEAMUSA to the number and I got an instant reply that the keyword was incorrect. Is it supposed to be in all caps, cause I texed in all caps

  2. dragoshoney says:

    Why buy 3 and not just 2?  The coupon is for $1/2.  Am I missing something?

    • Sarah Rossi says:

      You get free chips wyb three packs of the coke.  The chips are on sale for $2.50.  So, you can buy two and use the coupon or buy three, use the coupon  and get a free bag of chips.  My son loves the blue corn chips so this would be a good deal for me. 

  3. nikomi says:

    how do you know when other offers come out like the “teamusa” and the “dragon”?

  4. Theurbanowl says:

    If I used a mobile coupon one day can I go back the next day and use it again? I did the pantene deal today and wanted to go back tomorrow to get more but wasnt sure if tracked the coupons you have used.

    • nikomi says:

      it says “each individual offer within coupon may only be used once” but im not sure if you go back again and try to use it the next day if it will let you use it again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope.  My experience is that I use it and then when I go back to check the coupons on my phone, it says on the top of the used one “Coupon redeemed x/xx”.  The other ones can still be used though…

  5. anyone know if this is just good for regular coke or can it be diet coke too?

  6. Whitney says:

    How often do you get Mobile coupons? I’m afraid of signing up for them and getting texts all the time. Would defeat the purpose if I go over my text messaging plan. 

    • Couponcass85 says:

      usually you get a once a week text, and then they may send you a 2nd one/week to remind you that the coupons will be expiring, so roughly 2/week

    • Kali Rollins says:

      I think it’s usually every other Saturday; plus a reminder

    • Anonymous says:

      it depends on what you sign up for, only the normal round I’ve gotten
      1 text july 21
      asked for the resend on july 18 (so it’d be at the bottom of the texts, easier to find for me-i requested this one)
      1 reminder text july 17
      1 text july 7
      1 reminder july 3

      I think I also got only 4 automated one (2 coupons and 2 reminders) in june so 4 a month seems it, plus an additional one your first month for the first text

      This month there have been two additional to request
      and remember not to delete a text, you can get them back by texting the number ‘offers’ but it’d be one outgoing text and then their text again.


      • Whitney says:

         Thank you for the information. I’m going to try it and see how it goes for a month. If I feel it’s too much, I can always cancel it. It just always seems like I miss out on good deals because of the mobile coupons. They always seem to be a higher value coupon.

        • Anonymous says:

          You can delete the message if you don’t plan on using them and they don’t send you the expiring soon reminder texts