Here is a list of the coupons printing from the “Magic Coupon Machine”  this week. They vary by customer, so this is only a list of what you may receive. Keep scanning your card until you get the “No coupons available, check back tomorrow” message to be sure you have received all coupons available to you.  Good luck!  These coupons are considered CVS store coupons and can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to stack them with some of this week’s deals!  Please feel free to let us know in Comments what coupons the machine is printing out for you.

The following expire 1 week from the day they print:

$0.50/1 Nestle Pure Life Water, 24 Pack
$0.40/2 Large Dove Candy Bars
$1.00/2 Mars Singles
$3.00/$15.00 Caliber Stationary Purchase
$2.00/1 Twizzlers, 32 oz

The following expire 2 weeks from the day they print:

Free Unreal Bar, up to $1.19
$1.00/1 Dial Bodywash, Any
$4.00/1 Nuance Salma Hayek Lip Gloss or Balm
$2.00/1 Full Size Fruitopia Hair Care, Any
$2.00/1 CVS Brand Body Wash Purchase
$1.50/2 Right Guard Deodorant

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79 thoughts on “CVS Coupon Machine: Week of 7/22”

  1. Moneymaker alert on L’eggs socks! (Or L’eggs pantyhose for just .04!)  I recently got a $1/1 L’eggs and a $2/2 L’eggs from the MCM.  Both were good until the middle of August, but I almost threw them out because I didn’t figure I’d use them.  Lo and behold, I found the L’eggs section full of clearance.  Lots of socks & trouser socks starting at .92, pantyhose starting at 1.04.  I snagged myself 3 pair of white cotton ribbed socks priced at .92, giving me .08 overage on each!

  2. Dja1106 says:

    CVS is my favorite place toshop. The staff is fantastic and they always have sales

  3. Facetious11 says:

    I got a FREE bottle of children’s multi-vit gummies and free 2 mars candies!! Gotta love CVS!!

  4. nana says:

    What I really loved was the 1 of nivea from a few weeks back, the trial size is 99c so I got 6 free.. that was cool. Now I see some people have all these offers! I want some! I want to give some to my grandma!

  5. justaskPatti says:

    Today I got $2 off 2 bodywash or bars of soap, as well as the $1 off 2 mars candy (I got this one 2 days in a row).  So I got 4 candy bars ($.50 each) and 2 bars of soap ($.69 each) and paid 11 cents!  I told the cashier “I guess the coupon machine really likes me this week”

  6. MandaKay says:

    so when I scanned my card it printed a $4.00/1 Nuance Salma Hayek Lip Gloss or Balm coupon. I logged on my account online and it let me print a second coupon for this same as above. when I printed it my printer had issues and it printed 3 coupons. Can I use all 3 coupons? Kinda new at this and wasn’t sure how that worked. thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      On the website, at the bottom where it says print, it should say printed on, so it’s the same coupon. As soon as you use it, the rest won’t work.

  7. Whitney says:

    Does CVS allow overage? If so, how does that work? Also, if I have a coupon for a free something from the coupon machine, can I pair that with a manufacturer coupon to make money? Thanks in advance!

    • Kylie says:

      If you have a mfr coupon that exceeds the amount of the product the register will prompt the cashier to adjust the coupon down. However, in my experience if you have a CVS coupon that exceeds the amount the overage will be applied to your total. If you have a coupon for a free item the mfr coupon should give you overage. Last week I got a crt for $1 off any pads tampons or liners so it did give me overage on the stay free pads. Hope that helps!

  8. I received a $3 off 2 Nivea lotions or body wash. I bought 3-99c cream tins and the coupon took $3 off. So I paid nothing because there is no tax when cvs coupons reduce price to zero. 

  9. Goodsully says:

    I got one today for $3 off any CVS acne treatment item.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Got $3 off $15 purchase of cvs supreme diapers and 2 of the $1 off any cvs supreme diapers. it’s weird i got to of the $1 off ones in one scan day lol also got $2 off $8 any body wash or bar soap purchase… gotta look through my coupons to get a good deal :o)

  11. Lucyandmax says:

    just got a $2 off any 2 body washes from the MCM. used it with 2 x .75 MQ’s off suave body wash which is on sale for $2 ea. so .25 cents ea.

  12. pennypinchin4disney says:

    I am LOVING CVS. I went to 2 Walgreens and was only able to get 1 razor and no pads. :(

    CVS was able to SCORE free kids gummy vitamins, 2 free candy bars, 2 free AmP
    And free pads.
    I also received $3/15 cvs diapers $1 cvs diapers (I bought tons when they were on clearance.)
    $2 off 32oz Twizzlers (I couldn’t find anything this BIG!)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Question, does the MCM stop giving you good coupons when you buy too much from them and “SAVE” too much from them?  It used to give me the good high dollar coupons, but lately it hasn’t been giving me anything good.  I don’t ever recieve the “FREE” coupons.  I looked at the bottom of my receipt and it says that i have saved $1500 so far this year.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think this is the case. My receipt says I have saved over $1700 this year and I still get good coupons…not all the time, but a fair amount of the time.  It really is just random because I scan my card EVERY weekday because CVS is right by my work and there are weeks that I get all, some or none of the good coupons.

  14. couponingmommy says:

    I just came back from CVS and the magic machine gave me a $7 off any physicians formula I was so happy, I got a liquid eyeliner worth $7.49 and paid nothing OOP since I had .75 from last week from the unreal bar :)

  15. Lizz says:

    Today I scanned my card and I got a free CVS adults multivitamin up to $5.99, the only they had that cheap was the men’s, so hopefully my husband will take them. I also got $3/1 CVS body wash, the Mars candy, twizzlers, the .50 on nestle water. Going to see what tomorrows scan brings :) 

    • Edith Chaves says:

      at my CVS i found they also do have the women’s vitams also $5.99 …………..although i could find any kids vitamins, does anyone know if the children vitamins are in the same aisle as the adult vitamins?

      • Anonymous says:

        At the stores in my area, the children’s vitamins are in a different aisle section called Children’s Remedies.  Usually these are near the cold and flu products.  Hope that helps!

    • Just so you know you can probably take the “men’s”. Ask your doctor.  I can’t take vitamins with iron b/c of a genetic condition and I have to specifically look for “men’s” as they usually don’t contain iron.  If it says “woman” I know 100% it will be loaded with iron.  When pregnant I had to take the “seniors” kind!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I also received the free vitamin gummy coupon.  After I bought it, (a whole .42 with tax!) I gave it to the manager who has a grandchild.  She was elated to say the least.  It’s nice to be able to give.  I love CVS

  17. Swetey02 says:

    hello, this is not about the magic machine but i would like to know does anyone know if there has been any robitussin coupons in the paper that are still valid my cvs has it on clearance

  18. I heard from the pharmacy counter that some people where getting a coupon for free bottle of vodka! 

  19. Anonymous says:

    I received the Mars coupon and stacked with a $.75 Milky Way coupon – moneymaker!!

  20. Kassilee says:

    Sad FACE!! I only to the ones that expire in a week!

    • Anonymous says:

       Make sure you scan your card until you get this message: “No coupons available, check back tomorrow”

      • Kelly D says:

        My CVS informed me that they take any CVS coupon, even if it’s expired… is this normal policy? 

      • Just above, ilovefree talked about signing into her CVS acct and having ECB’s there. My question is: if you do not sign in to print your ECB’s there, do those ecb’s that are in your website account print on the MCM when you scan your card? Or do you simply lose it if you are not constantly checking your account online?
         I just want to make sure I do not miss any!

  21. Sweet! CVS revamped their website and now you can print CVS coupons there too in addition to the magic coupon machine coupons! I logged in and had a $2.00 off any CVS body wash and a $2.00/1 Skittles/Starburst/Lifesaver 11oz+. Another place to check for in store coupons!

  22. Shaunannew says:

    Just got
    $1 off Supreme Diapers
    FREE CVS Gummy Vitamins (upto $6.29)
    $5 Off Crest Whitening strips 

    Great day at CVS! 

  23. Coupon Cal says:

    Last night I got a $5 off LUMENE (excludes trial size)  MCM coupon. I used it on a small $3.99 container of face cream and got overage. :)

  24. Leticia says:

    Got the Kids vitamin for free too, $2 off CVS bodywash and $2 off hair accesories plus I was by the beuty section when I spotted scunci hair accesories where on speical .75 cents each when you buy 4 plus they have a sale B1G1 free and plus coupon = free……Loving CVS :))

  25. Canes1999 says:

    wow i got the jackpot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..$5 off crest white strips,free CVS childrens gummys,$2 off miralax(30 dose), $2 off CVS body wash,$1.50 off (2)crest tp,$1 off dial soap,$2 off any(3) pantene,herbas essence or aussie,$5 off CVS bone and joint therapy, $1.50 off visine AC drops!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I just replied to someone saying that I love CVS and now I think CVS loves me back…I signed on to my account and there was a $3 EB in my ExtraSavings!@!~

    • Ttl10 says:

      ah i saw your post and i checked in and i also had 3 eb waiting for me too :)

    • Leticia says:

      Just signed on to my account and there was my $5 EB YAY!!!! thanks for posting I never signed in to my account at all now I will check it out all the time :)) …..One question can I use the 5 EB on a $5 purchase or do I have to reach a minimum….I didn’t see any exclusions but I just want to make sure….Hope someone can help :) 

      • Anonymous says:

        Woohoo! As far as the EB being adjusted, I think it just depends. Once I was told it couldn’t be adjusted and another it was.

      • lnmnm says:

        No, Leticia you don’t have to reach any kind of limit.  Just purchase something for $5 and you will get it for FREE!!   Enjoy!  :)

    • jdubnkate says:

      where is your post?  I didn’t know I could check specific things from specific people!  I feel so behind! 

    • jdubnkate says:

      I guess I am asking who do I need to tell that I love CVS?  Thanks!

      • Anonymous says:

        I replied to someone’s comment on here telling them how much I love CVS because of all freebies lately…shortly after I signed on to my CVS ExtraCare account and I had a $3 EB in my ExtraSavings…so that’s why I love CVS even more now! You should log on to your ExtraCare account and check if you also received one. I have no idea why I received it but a few others did too and some even received a $5 EB instead of a $3 one.

        • Anonymous says:

          I logged in and no additional extracare bucks.  Was it a random givaway do you think?  Of course I havent really replied to anyone else on this thread.  I will gladly sing my praises!

  27. Jennhendrix says:

    I also got a $2 off $10 facial care purchase.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I received FREE CVS brand Children’s gummy vitamins, $2 off any CVS brand body wash and $1 off any CVS Supreme Diapers!

    • Linda Maness says:

      I also got the $2 off CVS body wash, I know that they always have it either $2.37 or buy 1 get 1 50%, but this week at my CVS they are 2/$2!!!! I was like what???  So I got 2 bottles of CVS body wash for FREE.  I am on my way to scan it again to see if I get another one today…if they do it everyday that means 14 bottles by the end of the week FREE…wow

      • Anonymous says:

        Really?  I couldn’t find ANY CVS body wash that was even under $3!  Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place – are the body washes marked 2/$2?  I only got 1 $2 off CVS body wash coupon from the MCM, but if I could get 2 bottles for free that would be awesome!

    • I just got back from CVS used my CVS gummy vitamin q on Childrens B3 reg price $5.99 and GET THIS it was BOGO free so I got two bottle for free with my Q.
      Also if you get the $3 off any 2 Nivea pick up 3 tins for 99c each and get them all free!!

  29. Melissa says:

    I also got $2 off any hair accessory and 75c off a Colgate toothbrush.

  30. Ttl10 says:

    does anyone know yet if the mars coupon is printing out more than once?

    • Brightazalea says:

      I got it yesterday and today. So I got 4 free packs of M&M minis for my little guys.

    • katie77 says:

       I got it twice also.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep! This coupon will be printing everyday this week :)

    • Linda Maness says:

      yes it is.  I got one on Sunday and again yesterday.  So I got 4 Twix w/Peanut Butter FREE …they really need to stop with this candy thing though…Hershey’s Simples Pleasures, Skittles, Unreal Bars, Starburts, Dove now this??? I guess that’s why all the toothpaste offers so our teeth don’t rot out of our heads!!! :)

  31. Guest says:

    I also got a coupon for $1.50/2 crest toothpaste (4 oz and up).

  32. Ariel says:

    I also got a coupon for free CVS Brand Children’s Multi-Vitamin Gummy up to $6.29

    • Rachel Cox says:

      i got one too this morning and was suprised to see that they actually had alot in stock! will be goin back to scan my car everyday this week :) for this and candy lol

      • Anonymous says:

        I got this too!  I’d rather have this than the Unreal bar.  Like you, I’ll be going (almost) every day to scan my card.  I’m sure the cashiers and managers would love to see me there even more!  But I can’t help it though…I’m in LOVE with CVS! 

      • jdubnkate says:

        I got a $7 off of pysicians formula and a $2 off CVS body wash.  I am so excited!  Between the great deals and wonderful cahiers I Love CVS too!

    • Hillarey says:

       I got this one too. score!

  33. NiaLee says:

    I’m headed out today to see if I can score a 1.00/2 Mars coupon. :)