Looking for a way to streamline your shopping trips? Try creating and utilizing coupon envelopes for your local stores!

Step 1: Get an envelope for each store that you shop. For free envelopes, check your junk mail for return envelopes! Write the name of the store on the front. It’s also smart to pen your name and phone number on the back just in case it gets misplaced.

Step 2: Each week when you plan your shopping trips, put applicable store and manufacturer coupons in the corresponding store envelope. If you have several envelopes, you can write your list on the outside, or you can indicate what you’ll be buying on a master shopping list and reuse the envelope.

Step 3: Take it to the store! If you like to travel light while shopping, you can just take in your organized envelope, though you may want to keep your binder in the car, just in case you run into unexpected clearance items or unadvertised sales! If your binder is your constant shopping companion, try finding a zip binder with expandable files so you can keep your envelopes and shopping list in hand. It’s also recommended to have a store policy printout with you at all times.

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28 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Create and Organize Store Envelopes”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I keep extra baseball card pages in the front of my binder so each store can have it’s own page or two.  When I am making my list I simply pull the coupon from the back and slip it into it’s appropriate store page.  This makes it super easy to see all of my coupons when I get into the store and I always have my binder in case of a big clearance. 

  2. Linda says:

    I use this method as well.  I keep a blank index card in the envelope.  When I am using the coupon, I put the coupon on the other side of the index card in the envelope so I can keep track of the coupons I am using for purchase.  This helps me a lot at check out.

  3. June OHearn says:

    Envelopes are great because you can write on them!! Great for starting out too, if you want to keep expenses low while learning this couponing stuff. I used envelopes for the first 6 months of couponing!

    Now, I use clear pencil pouches, one for each store. Inside each pouch is my store loyalty card, store coupon policy, store flyer/coupon booklet, store coupons, a pencil, and store maps and phone numbers. I take only my store pouch into the store and go out to the car (I always have my binder and coupon file box in the car) if I find a great deal I wasn’t expecting. 
    Love all the great tips Krazy Coupon Lady! I still instruct EVERYONE to start at your website when new to couponing. Thanks!

  4. I already was doing this!!  Am I really starting to think like a KCL????  If so, I’m impressed with myself!!!!  :^)

  5. June OHearn says:

    When I first started couponing, I used envelopes that I had punched holes in to place in the front of my binder; one for each store. I found that they didn’t hold all the things I wanted to carry in them and they started to wear out and rip very quickly. 

    I started using zipper pouches, the kind with 3 holes in them, and am HOOKED! The pouches are durable, clear so I can see through, and big enough to hold ALL the items I need for a store: store maps, store coupon booklet/flyer, store coupons, store loyalty card, a pencil, store coupon policy, and store phone numbers. 

    They stay in my binder, except for when I take them out to go into a store – I no longer take my binder in the store with me since all my deals are pre-planned. If I run into a deal on the fly, I run out to my car for my binder.

    I picked up these last week at Office Max for $.50 each! They’re sure to be cheap this time of year.

  6. Lovin Summer says:

    The girl in the ad is too cute, love the healty glow she has.

  7. Pat says:

    I have used envelopes and also include a small pair of scissors in case there is an in store coupon that needs to be cut.

  8. Jessica M. says:

    I use pencil pouches as my envelopes. I got them on clearance at Target.

  9. Heather says:

    i do this with only 4 stores : Kroger -main shopping – CVS- 2nd main store- target and then walmart.  I change envelopes once they start to wear.  this methos literally saves me hours looking for coupons at the stores.  I just walk in, grab my envelope, get my items and head to checkout. :)

    • Anonymous says:

      This works for me too,I am single but love to coupon,done it for years.The small amout that I do buy is usally less than 50 cents per item.I still have a good size stock pile for me ,my chidren when they need something,and friends,which I have incoured to coupon on their own.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have started using the envelope method but need to start taking the coupon binder with me and leave it in the car.  Using an envelope has an added benefit- you can jot down the unadvertised specials and clearance items you find as you are picking up the sales specials.  Keeping this list (knowing full well that some of the items may disappear before I return) allows me to purchase some of the items (which are on my master stockup list) when I have a bit of cash left after purchasing the specials.  When I shop I carry only a limited amount of cash, am working with a very specific list, and I seldom if ever use credit cards, so keeping a list of the unadvertised specials also allows me to set aside extra cash each time I go shopping.

  11. Sarah says:

    I use ziploc bags for this method, and all my expired CVS machine coupons to write my lists throughout the week.

  12. Oleska17 says:

    I already do this also! So convenient. I use an envelope opener to open my mail and the envelopes that don’t have writing on the back I reuse and write my shopping list with the coupons inside.

  13. Jncavery says:

    I do this too. It’s so much better than carrying around a binder which is impossible with an infant. 

  14. K Nelson1 says:

    I bought these little cases at the container store. I used to use the envelopes….even plastic ones…. but they always rip or fall apart.

    These are made out of a micro mesh material and they are SO DURABLE !!! I’ve had mine for 6 months now and they still look brand new. I also created Inserts on the computer to put on the front of each one. So each case has a print out in the front inside with the store logo and name. Then I just carry them around in my purse.  : )

    Check them out….



  15. lori says:

    I already do this too.  Love this method. and I keep a small coupon file with categories like Face and have envelopes for makeup, lotions, cleansers, sunscreen in that section in envelopes.  does make it easy.  good way to recycle junk envelopes

  16. Jen Trimble says:

    although envelopes do work great for this…beware once they start to wear and thin out…a few weeks ago, a bottom of an envelope ripped out and about 60 coupons went EVERYWHERE! so what i do know…take a new envelope, carefully pull apart the glue and cover it with duct tape! you could also buy the sheets of duct tape and it would only take about 5 mins then as opposed to about 10-15…but trust me this tip helps!! and i’ve gotten so many compliments about them! 

  17.  I started doing this to make things more simple. We love to find new ways to reuse or junk mail envelopes. ;)

  18. Maura says:

    At Staples I got these cute, colorful index card envelopes for only $1. They button shut and are plastic, but flexible to hold as many coupons as I can stuff in them. Perfect for holding one transaction at a time :) I found them in the one dollar island in the back about a week ago

  19. Fueledbyfudge says:

    Every Sunday before payday,I clip coupons and then go thru the sale ads,I then put a list and the coupons I need for each store and the circular in an envelope.So easy to do and not constantly searching for my coupons!

  20. Sarah Yost says:

    I use a small coupon file the same way. I like that I only have 1 envelope to keep track of, and it doesn’t dump out as easily as an envelope.

  21. Susie says:

    That’s so funny, I already do that and it works great!

    • Pat says:

      The envelope works great for me and I also include a small pair of scissors to clip in-store coupons.