$1.00/1 – Paper Mate Writing Instrument, Target coupon – (target.com) 

You can never have too many pens around the house! It seems like I can never find one when I need to write something important. I’ll let you in on a secret–crayons and lipstick just don’t do the job! Right now you can print a $1.00 Paper Mate Target store coupon. Search under Back to School to find it quickly. Then use it at Target to grab a pack of pens for free!

Paper Mate Pens, 10 ct $1.00, sale price
Use $1.00/1 – Paper Mate Writing Instrument, Target coupon – (target.com) 
Final Price: Free 

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47 thoughts on “Free Paper Mate Pens at Target!”

  1. Annette Chan says:

    Went to Publix’s last week and got 8 10 pks pens for free. plus got 21 boxes of 24pk crayons for about $3.00 Used Publix sale buy one 10pak get one free pens used 10 $1.00 paper-mate target coupons FREE  Crayons 24of 3/$1.00 used 7 target crayons coupons .55 off 3.

  2. Mckenzidenson says:

    Walmart has these $.94 same count to score some overage!!! I found then back in the office supplies not with the rest of the back to school supplies! Good luck!! And Walmart accepts Target coupons!!

  3. Miranda07307 says:

    In the target in downtown jersey city they are $1.27 still not a bad deal. I paid $1.68 for 60 pens :)

  4. Samantha♡ says:

    I went to pick up 3 packs of Papermate pens at Target yesterday and while a cashier was scanning my coupons another cashier came up and tried to help my cashier. Then he got to the Papermate coupons and said to me with an attitude, “You can ONLY get ONE, here [pointing to the fine print] it says one coupon per guest and you have 3 coupons for 3 packs of pens.” I was so distracted by my son and told him, I didn’t notice the fine print, when I should have really said, “HELLO! PER GUEST: MY HUSBAND, MY SON, AND MYSELF! DUH!” I was able to use the coupon though since the supervisor came and took over the transaction. She did forget to scan 1 of my coupon and took the coupon so I will have to get that fixed later on today. Btw, if you don’t like the pack of free Papermate pens, there’s also the Papermate pens that comes with 2 for $1.69 and after the coupon it comes out to $0.69 which is still a great deal because oh my oh my, the pen works so well.

  5. Lori says:

    There’s a coupon for the Paperrmate InkJoy pens ( http://hunt4freebies.com/coupons/1-50-off-papermate-inkjoy-pens-printable-coupon/ )…should be able to use both the Target coupon and this one, right?

  6. kim says:

    ive never had a problem with my target but today i tried to use two coupons and they wouldnt let me.  i know it says one per guest but usually my target lets me use my coupons as long as there is just 4. today i was told i couldnt do it and wasnt told why.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This coupon works in Ocoee, Florida at publix. 4 packs of free pens. I got the nicer ones with the handgrips because I know they’ll work.

  8. TeenCouponer says:

    Sooo…. My computer must be not working quite right but it’s allowing me to print an unlimited number of these coupons! Awesome! :)

  9. Hehe…I beat you to it!  Went last week and scored free pens!!! Awesome!

  10. Paulino Rdz says:

    I do not faind the coupon…………….I found it

  11. Candicestartwinning says:

    My stinkyy PC froze up and now it won’t let me print any of these.  MANNNN  I will try the library in the morning.  Luckily I live in a small town and no one has started hitting our yet.  but the bad news is they are refusing to install the coupon print on all PC’s on one PC will have the coupon print installed.  Also today at Walmart the manager and the cashier took my stack of printed coupons and claimed that it was against the law for me to print coupons at the library.  What is that about???

  12. Samantha Slav says:

    Im having trouble printing target coupons they come out with a barcode but no numbers what should these coupons look like?

  13. Sheri Homestead says:

    I picked these up @ Publix & used the 1 coupon to cover 2 packs…I was lucky enough to print 2 from each of my computers…With 6 kids, this will really help with school supplies….

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh man, I printed these twice.  The second print had no coupon and now I can’t print anymore….oh well.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Woo hoo!  I’m so going there.  One can never have too many pens.

  16. Andrea says:

    If a pen won’t write take a lighter and just heat up the little metal part of the pen real quick and it should write again just fine. Just be careful not to melt the plastic part or burn yourself.

  17. Gabriella_villalpando says:

    office max has them for 10 cents in KC

  18. iris says:

    I am going to Target anyway so I will use the coupon, then get the heck out of there. It is always soooooooo hot in all of the Targets.

  19. Purple13 says:

    These weren’t on sale at my Target. They were 1.27 for each pack today, I still bought two packs for $.27 cents each though. I’m using them for my wedding to have with the guest book. Figured out of 20 pens, some of them have to work haha. 

    • Siebert200 says:

       Hope you have better luck then I have.  None of the ones I ever owned worked.


      • Dneibel says:

         All of the ones I got last year have worked just fine. I got 3 packs today.
        I use them as teacher gifts also, tie a bow around it and attach a cute note, they cant have too many pens :)

  20. My mother works for the sate of CA. And because of the money problem they’re having they aren’t stocking my mom’s work place with even the basic office supplies, so this will be a big help. Free pens for her to take to work! =)

  21. Kathy Reyes says:

    My Publix also had the 2 for $1.00. I got four packages. Great teacher donation. Even if they are cheap and arent always reliable, they’re FREE. Nothing out of my pocket and the teachers are SO appreciative!!!

  22. I agree with Laudan Dehghanpisheh Kirk, I got a bunch of free pens at target last year and don’t use them. Even if it’s free, if they don’t work well, they end up just being clutter.

  23. krazzycouponing says:

    Is it better to get it at publix ?

    • Ally Pliska says:

      Its a target coupon not a publix coupon

      • Anonymous says:

        You can use target coupons at publix. 

        • sally schwab says:

          not at Publics in Lakeland, FL

          • Anonymous says:

            That sucks!  My mom uses Target Qs at Publix in Miami…  Isn’t it in the coupon policy that you can?  I’m not familiar with Publix’s coupon policy because I don’t have one here in Louisiana… 

          • Brandy2016 says:

            I use Target coupons at Publix all the time in Lakeland.  It depends on the store.  Highlands, Miriam, & Oak Bridge for sure.  Bartow & Auburndale definitely do not accept Target. But there are plenty of Publix stores in Lakeland that do accept Target.  Just call and ask, or pick up their coupons accepted flyer at the front of the store where their ads are.

  24. FYI- These pens are junk.  I bought these last year and have thrown most of them away.  I will use the coupon for a better product. Maybe others have  had a good experience?

  25. Rapunzel says:

    1.29 at my target…still ok

  26. Gaylynnf says:

    Can you use a target coupon at walmart?

    • Anonymous says:

      No unless it shows a specific price not just a $ amount off.

    • chrissy says:

      YES !!!!! you can use competitor coupons at walmart and EVERY walmart has to accept them it’s a corporate coupon policy not a store by store policy. They go by what the coupon says if only 1 per house hold then they will only allow the directions. (They might not except % off coupons) Im sorry I not 100% and I’m on my phone not at home. If they tell you no show them the corporate policy…. and alot of manager/cashier/store employee don’t know all the policies so I carry a copy of every store policy in my coupon binder and sometimes I have to show them, they cant make up there own and if they don’t know they will then.. I’ve had some even thank me and others get mad but hey every $ counts, so know your policies and educate if needed with a smile of course (never rudely) !!!!

      • Justbritt22 says:

        no they do not i work for walmart and we do not accept coupons from other stores for dollar amounts off only if it is a printed price we will match i in order to use a coupon it must be a manufacture coupon

    • Anonymous says:

      This is directly from their coupon policy. We accept competitor’s coupon:
      A specific item for a specified price, for example, $2.99Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with a specified priceHave a valid expiration dateAre acceptable in black and white

  27. Anonymous says:

    The Paper Mate pens are on sale at Publix this week 2 for a $1.00, with this coupon you get .50 cents overage!!!!