Oh, that sneaky Target! We discovered a whole ‘nother round of mobile coupons you won’t want to miss! Text TEAMUSA to 827438 to get these new coupons (if you need to sign up for mobile coupons, click here). These are in addition to the coupons released this past Saturday. Check ‘em out! These coupons expire August 11, 2012.

$1.00/2 Coca-Cola Beverages, 500 mL 6pk, 24 oz 6 pk, or 12 oz 8 pk from Target Mobile Coupon

$1.00/2 Coca-Cola, 2 L from Target Mobile Coupon

$1.00/2 Coca-Cola mini-can beverages, 7.5 oz 8 pk from Target Mobile Coupon

$1.00/2 Powerade sports drink, 20oz 8pk from Target Mobile Coupon

$0.50/2 Dasani bottled waters, 24 pk from Target Mobile Coupon

$1.00/2 Dasani bottled waters, 12 oz 8 pk from Target Mobile Coupon

$1.00/1 Pampers Diapers, excludes trial/travel size from Target Mobile Coupon

$0.50/1 Pantene hair care item, excludes trial/travel size from Target Mobile Coupon

$0.50/1 Prilosec digestive health item, 14 or 42 ct from Target Mobile Coupon

$0.75/1 Keebler cookie item, excludes single-serve size from Target Mobile Coupon

$0.50/1 Kellogg’s Special K protein meal bar from Target Mobile Coupon

$1.00/2 Keebler Town House cracker items, excludes single-serve size from Target Mobile Coupon

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10 thoughts on “New Target Mobile Coupons: Save Like a Champ!”

  1. Amber says:

    I’m so sorry that makes me so mad lol.  So I just posted about Target and I’ll post this again for anyone who didn’t see it.  Target has great products and they are cheap but the company as a whole is really crappy.  That manager could have took your cupon and if they said there was no way around it they were lying.  They could have typed in a manufacture cupon and keyed in the price for it.  We are talking about $2 here not $50.  There is an option to the right side of the screen for cupons.  It does cause them to loose money though when they can’t scan them in but a lot of store managers will back up the customer even if it takes loosing a little money.  What most likely happened is that the cashier called over a GSTL which is a guest service team lead.  They might have been having a bad day and decided not to take it or they were new.  If you get a no from them ask to speak to an LOD which is a lead on duty.  They are the ones that supervise the whole store for that day and it’s usually in shifts and certain days.  Almost all of them have a college degree and are extremly nice to the guests.  A lot of them will go around policys if the computer will allow you to.  Meaning if theres that little button on the side of the screen that you can push and type in the amount then they will allow it.  Their policy is always making the guest happy no matter what.  Sometimes even the LOD is the store manager themselves which is a plus.  Also if you leave target unhappy please call the district manager.  You can google the number in your area and if you complain to them trust me the LOD’s find out about it as soon as you hang up the phone.  Which means maybe a possible write up for whoever told you that.  I know it sounds like a lot but it takes time and gas to be driving around to multiple targets.  Calling corportate won’t get you anywhere trust me they can care less.  Also you can ask the name of the GE.  GE means guest experience and they are an executive.  They are in charge of the whole front end and guest returns.  Since LOD’s have certain shifts then you might be talking to one that is in charge of toys and doesn’t know anything about the front end and might back up the GSTL just because they don’t know any better.  If you get their name then you can call the store every day and ask to speak to them.  The operator will tell you when they are there.  If you complain to them trust me they will take care of the problem.  If you do actually get through the check out line sometimes they have a guest survey at the bottom of your receipt actually take the time to do it.  That’s how the stores get scored and it’s a big deal to them.  The lower the store score the more district managers get on them so if anything do that.  Believe me they read every one!  Also you can fill out a complaint card they are usually found at every check stand or in guest services.  Please don’t hand it to just anybody cause sometimes they end up in the trash.  Ask to speak to an LOD and hand it to them directly.  They will read it and take care of it.  Things to keep in mind – anyone can be a team lead they hire people off the street but LOD = executive which means you must have a four year college degree to be one.  GE = guest experience executive they are the top person to speak with for front end and guest returns.  I know this is really long but I hope this helps you!!!  :)  Best of luck

    • Ldf3269 says:

      Thank you so much for your reply, Amber.  That’s a lot of terrific information and I’m going to take your advice and see if I can get this resolved.  It would be wonderful to resume shopping at the Dumfries, VA Target because it is the closest to my home and, IMHO, is better stocked than the next closest Target located about ten minutes away.  Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to help.  Happy couponing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What type of phone is required for mobile coupons because I have a metro freeform 2 and it does not work

  3. Ldf32691 says:

    I’m pretty new to couponing and, unfortunately, I just had a rather negative experience at Target. I didn’t know that Target doesn’t enforce its coupon policy when it comes to its individual stores, and the managers can choose to amend or ignore it as they see fit.
    The Target in Dumfries, VA will no longer accept any coupon (or stacked coupons) in which the total is greater than the cost of the product. They refused to accept my $2 Glade coupon because the price was $1.99. This practice also nullified almost all of my other coupons and I was told to pay full price.
    I actually had a copy of the Target coupon policy with me that I had printed out less than forty-eight hours before which clearly stated that the coupon price would automatically reduce to the cost of the product. The manager still refused to include my coupons, so I left empty-handed.
    I called the Target corporate office and was told that there had been no such official change to their policy. However, I was also told that there was nothing that they– or I– could do. The individual store managers can do whatever they wish when it comes to implementing Target’s policies.
    After wondering if it was indeed a simple miscommunication between the Dumfries, VA Target manager and Target Corporate, I called back the Dumfries Target and spoke to a different manager who confirmed that this new coupon policy was theirs individually, not a corporate mandate after all.
    Needless to say, I’m not going to be shopping at this Target anymore, but I need to ask, how can couponers like us keep from being at the mercy of store managers who act on whims and directly contradict the corporate coupon policies? Do I actually have a leg to stand on when things go wrong at other stores? What’s the point of having a coupon policy at all when no one has to abide by it?
    Can anyone shed any light on this?  And please accept my apologies for the long post!

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem in this case is that corporate seems to be standing behind the individual stores right to do this (by saying theres nothing they can do)

      You can call ahead but that is about it, you can’t do much else to my knowledge because the store has the right to do whatever they want in this case. which is unfortunate because anyone using coupons to get free items is problly not going to buy the items anyway, and (in the glade case) the store gets reimbursed anyway.

      you can let people in your area know and see if people will call to get it changed or not use that store

    • Anonymous says:

      lay_may is right. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do. The coupon policy has the loophole that allows the store to refuse any coupon. Your best bet is to save yourself the headache and shop at another Target or another store completely. I’m not sure how you feel about Walmart, but they will price match just about every advertised deal (there are some limitations, but not many). You may not be able to score all the same deals but in my experience, missing out on a deal is better than the headache you get from fighting a store.

      • Rlavocat says:

        I had a similar experience. Fortunately I have three Targets to choose from. If a store refuses to honor my coupon I (in the kindest way possible) ask for it to be removed from the transaction. The store is not losing money by taking coupons, it is reimbursed by the manufacturer. Im a smart shopper, not a criminal. The way I see it, money is money and I can take mine elsewhere.

        • Ldf32691 says:

          Thanks so much for the replies. As I said, I’m pretty new at this, but I’ve been very careful to follow the corporate policies set forth by the stores that I shop at. The last thing I ever wanted to do was to cause any sort of a problem at the register or with a store manager. I’m rather shy, so I was certain to remain calm and courteous, but I was a bit embarrassed and disheartened by the experience as a whole. As it’s also been pointed out, the store is being reimbursed in full for what I’m saving, so I guess that I’m still trying to understand why they would balk at coupon use, as long as the person using them is following the rules and isn’t being a nuisance. And it’s true that most of the products that I’m purchasing for free or for nearly free are items that I normally would not purchase. Although I’m also couponing for my family, the majority of purchases are donations to charity. I have a strict monthly budget for this, so every penny really counts. Anyway, I’m already spreading the word to the others that I know who are also couponing for local charity not to bother to shop at the Dumfries, VA Target any longer. It’s a shame because, until today, I was a huge fan of this Target and did much of my normal shopping there. There are two other Targets in neighboring towns, and I’ll be certain to clarify their individual coupon policy before any of our group attempts to shop there in the future.I’ll also definitely be looking into other options, particularly the idea of going to WalMart more often, as well as to familiarize myself with their price-matching policy. Again, I really appreciate you all taking the time to respond. I was very confused by what took place today, and your replies and advice have been incredibly helpful. PS- Sorry for another long post!

          • Terri says:

            I have also been having a heck of a time at Target lately.  I thought if I broke my transactions into small ones that would help, but no it did not.  One cashier had no idea how to use the mobile coupons and refused to ask for help, others sit and stare at the coupons forever.  Training people, training!

    • Amber Brown says:

      Sadly My store has this same policy :(