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Just Dance 3 for Wii, Only $9.99 at Amazon!

Just Dance 3 Wii

Still working on that New Year’s resolution to exercise more? Why not play video games AND exercise? If the kids get to play video games, so do you! Regularly priced at $39.99, Just Dance 3 for the Wii is available right now at Amazon for only $9.99! If your purchase totals $25.00 or more, you will be eligible for free Super Saver Shipping; otherwise shipping is about $5.00. At that price, you’ll be dancing your butt off in no time! You won’t want to wait–deals like this usually go fast!

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10 thoughts on “Just Dance 3 for Wii, Only $9.99 at Amazon!”

  1. Lovelydark23 says:

    If you don’t have prime, and someone in your household has a .edu e-mail address, they can sign up with Amazon Student and get Prime Membership free for 6 months. :) Thanks for posting this game deal though!

  2. HRH-Mom says:

    Thank you!  My girls have been nagging me everytime we look at Redbox to rent this game.  Glad to pick it up to KEEP for not much more! 

  3. Dreadre82 says:

    Thanks! MY DD wanted this since Christmas, but i just couldn’t spend $40 on a video game.

  4. Jazminetealm says:

    Yes, it’s on sale this week at Best Buy for 9.99! We picked it up, and my daughter is having a blast with it!

  5. Macwife26 says:

    we got this at best buy for 9.99 and DH got madden 12 for 9.99. 6 months ago it was 59.99 woop woop just like Jasmin said if you take your old dvds in they give you a $5 off coupon towards bluerays :) (its amazing how cheap they are now )

  6. Anonymous says:

    it’s been on sale at best buy for $9.99 with free shipping since monday

  7. Mdewitt says:

    just got one for our family, decided to go back and get more as birthday gifts….2nd transaction wouldn’t go through, as there is a limit of 1 per transaction.

    • Anonymous says:

      you can get it at best buy, they are on sale right now there as well with free shipping, no other purchases required

      • i actually got it from Best Buy for $9.99 on Monday with another game.. I picked it up at the store 45 minutes after ordering it online.. & now that i really get looking, they also have great deals on movie’s for $4.99..

  8. Nikki says:

    Thanks!  I have Prime and this will make a great Christmas gift for my girls.