In the spirit of Back-to-School season, we’ve found another deal! Are colored pencils on your child’s school supply checklist? If so, today’s Wild Deal at might interest you. You can score a 24-count Crayola Colored Pencils for FREE! You final cost will only be the shipping charges of $0.97.

Here is how the Wild Deals work at

  • Head to
  • Click the blue Buy It Now button.
  • Add the 24-pack of Crayola Colored Pencils to your cart.
  • They are priced at $2.84 + $0.97 shipping.
  • Pay for your order as you usually would.
  • You will receive $2.84 back in to your account.
  • Final Price: $0.97 shipping

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12 thoughts on “Gone: 24–Count Crayola Colored Pencils, Only $0.97!”

  1. Ivynenaacd says:

    No, shipping for Puerto Rico :(

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can buy these at Target for .97 all the time. And apologies in advance if this was already mentiioned. I didn’t read ahead….

    • Beamish27 says:

       yes but the ones in the store for .97 is only a 12 pack these are 24 count

      • Anonymous says:

         Oh! Well then, a BIG kudos to you for such a fantastic item. As an adult, and grandmother to my step grand-daughters, I still love to color, moreso with colored pencils instead of crayons. For some things, who the heck wants to grow up? LOL  ;-D

  3. Lilmekikya says:

    at walmart only the 12 count is .97 cents

  4. Anonymous says:

    They do have Rose Art brand I believe for .50c at the store. Or Amanda is right just do site to store and get em for free! Did this with the marker deal they had the other day :0)

  5. Smilenbehappy says:

    why do that when you can get it at Walmart for the same price?

    • rima84 says:

      Because, you wouldn’t receive $2.84 back in your account (making them free), if you just simply go and buy in Walmart. 

  6. Amanda Silvia says:

    Or you can get shipping for free if you select “Ship to Store.”