I’ve literally been waiting WEEKS for toys to go on sale! With the school year approaching, I like to stock up on cheap toys for the birthdays throughout the year. The kiddos get to raid the closet for birthday presents for their friends and I get to keep my money! There are many toys marked 70% off. Check your stores and let us know what you find! Here’s just some of what we saw:

Big Buck Safari Hunting Video Game (reg. $34.99) $10.48, clearance price

Chuggington Die Cast Chug Wash Brewster Training Playset (reg. $19.99) $5.98, clearance price

Fisher Price Musical Crayon Caddy (reg. $17.59) $5.27, clearance price

Disney Jungle Junction World of Junction Roadway Playset (reg. $53.99) $16.18, clearance price

Strummin Ernie (reg. $19.99) $5.98, clearance price

Zhu Zhu Veterinarian Playset (reg. $20.09) $6.02, clearance price

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33 thoughts on “Toy Clearance at Target!”

  1. Andrea says:

    when do toys usually go on clearance? I assumed it was Thursdays since that is when they restock…

  2. My Target only has summer toys marked down 30% :(

  3. Ashleydblake21 says:

    All for
    under 70.00 and worth 200.00


    Expressions fragrance
    mist use 2/1 Glade coupon and use mail in rebate = free

    expressions starter kit use Mail in rebate =free

    expressions refill at 1.99 2/1 glade expressions =free

    stainless steel powder at 1.99 use 1.00 off target coupon and 1.00 off
    manufacture= free

    Purell Hand sanitizer
    at 2.89 use i.00 off target and 1.00 off manufacture coupon = 0.89

    4 paper mate
    pens at 1.00 each and use four 1.00 off any papermate target coupons

    Chobani yogurt
    2.99 use 1.00 target and 1.00 of manufacture = 99 cents

    kids toothpaste 1.89 use 1.00 Target and 1.00 Manufacture= free

    Fabreeze Noticeable
    two refills was 9.49 now 8.09 use 1.00 off= 7.09

    Fabreeze car
    fresh was 2.49 use 1.00 off = 1.49

    Fabreeze air
    freshener 2.99 now 2.54 use 1.00 off = 1.54

    2 Fabreeze
    fresh and set 4.82 use buy 1 get 1 free coupon =2.41

    2 Fabreeze
    oil warmer free with purchase of oil refill= free

    Then 5.00
    off a purchase of any 5 fabreeze items

    2 Pantry
    market fruit snacks at 1.64 used two 1.00 off target coupons= 1.28

    Playtex pacifier
    mail in rebate= free

    Lip blast at
    7.45 now 3.77 use 2.50 coupon= 1.27

    Toys for my
    kids and birthdays

    Balloon Car
    race 2.79 now o.83

    DC superhero
    Batman friend 12.49 now 3.74

    GI Joe gun
    14.99 now 4.48

    at Shelby’s stable book and toy 8.09 now 2.42

    2 Chugington
    Die case 9.99 each now 2.98 each

    Crazy art my
    look design kit 14.99 6.49

    Nail polish
    Disney princess 4.99 now 1.49

    Disney adventure Dora slippers 6.04 now 1.81

    Cuponk Monstrosity
    9.04 now 2.71

    Moon Dough
    Snack shop 6.48 now 3.88

    Hot Wells Fisher
    price Trio set 35.99 now 10.78

    Cyber Helmet 19.99 now 5.98

    Note: I had to
    do separate transactions for the mail in rebate. Customers were upset with me
    but “hey” I have to save. I’m a college student with two kids.

  4. I was able to score an entire Paper Jams set (drums, guitar, amp and guitar strap) for $20, plus I had a $5 gift card.  This will be a great Christmas present for my nephew.  The guitar were marked at $11.98, but rang up $7.98.  The guitar alone is supposed to be $30!

  5. Sharada says:

    I got Scrabble Turbo Slam for 5$ , Its  original price is $14.98 ..

  6. Erika Dombrovski says:

    I scored a 38-pc train set for $6.08, a sock monkey toy for $4.34, cars2 talking lightning mcqueen for $4.48, cars playdoh set for $5.34, bubble gun for $3.88, rocket balloons for $.88, A few random thomas toys for $2.08 a piece, “my doh” keychain for $2…a lot more girl stuff than boy stuff (always seeems to be that way!) which kind of sucks when you have only boys!!  But got a lot of great stuff for under $40!

  7. dayna lloyd says:

    I went to a different Target than the one I usually go to and found a lot more toys at 70% off.  I bought a little Cars toy that made noises for $2.98, a cookie monster for $5.98 (I think), 2 little harmonicas for .88 cents, a bubble blower for .88 cents, a foam football for $2.48 (50% off), some sidewalk chalk for $1.48 (50% off), a zhu zhu pet for $2.98, and a special matching/memory game for around $6.50.  I think that’s it.  I plan on going to another Target to see what they have.  I’m waiting for the My Little Pony toys to go past 30% off!  I can’t wait to donate these at Christmas!!

  8. Maricelafuentes05 says:

    I was disappointed that they didn’t have much for boys. But I did get a lot of things for my nieces!

  9. Snuno79 says:

    Went to 3 targets in Nw Vegas and got a ton of great toys for birthdays and Christmas. Spent about $220, saving $350 off full price. Everything I got was 70% off except the big legos creator sets, they were at 50% off, still great! Found alot of leapfrog items, fisher price, disney princess, barbie too. So much fun!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Got a Leap Frog Activity table for $13, original price about $44.

  11. I got lots of great deals since I went early regretting not getting some things but I guess you can’t buy everything. This was posted a lil late you have to go early if you want to get any good deals.

  12. Marinewife1225 says:

    when i saw this post, i headed straight over to target all i found was a bubble maker for 5 dollar.

  13. chrispy says:

    Went to target and the clearance shelves were practically empty. I went around the corner and saw a lady pulling two buggies full of all the toys. I asked her about it and she said she was just getting what she could find.


  14. rgarcia says:

    Yeah, I have been stalking this sale too-my husband has little sisters, and I went in the store Tuesday-Thursday just in case it went early. I literally had the basket full (even stuff in the top) of barbie, polly pocket (the big set), zoobles, dora, etc. My retail value was 212.xx, I spent 46.xx

  15. Anonymous says:

    this is great sale for stocking up for Christmas. My daughter is in AFJROTC at her high school. They do Toys for Tots every year, I am going to get some toys for contribution.

  16. Amandalipsey says:

    Scored big time yesterday at Target. I got a $100 lego set for $29, a 50 one for $24 and with the polly pocket coupons i got 10 polly pockets for $1.27 for the lot!!!!

  17. Sweetielori2000 says:

    I just finished shopping online – 30% off on sale items at Disney online – I went through topcashback so I will get %6 back – I spent $78 on 20 items (less than $4 an item!) so I got free shipping! I also used my rewards card so I will get rewards back on my purchase that way :) So excited because I got a ton of flipflops for the kids for next summer – plus xmas gifts!

  18. RC says:

    Has anyone seen any fireman sam stuff on clearance? does target even carry it?

    • WAIT there is fireman sam stuff?  My 2yr old is obsessed, “there’s a fire at the Flood’s house” lol, all we have is netflix though.  Please tell me where to get it!!!  

      • Nancy says:

        You can check amazon, I see some costumes that your son might like, and there are some Fireman Sam action figures, but they are a bit on the pricey side. 

  19. Prizm61 says:

    That was fun! went on a 15 min shopping spree and got stuff for the kids!  my son’s and niece’s birthdays are in Nov and then Christmas is Dec! 

  20. Ldetri says:

    Great deals!!  This is also a good time to stock up for Christmas charities  

  21. Pugnessa60 says:

    check out safeway coupon center. I got free coffee,crazens fruit, hotdogs,lunch meat, wheat thins and more. FREE is great

  22. Theponds2 says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I got $313 worth of toys for 92 bucks!  Imaginext batman stuff and imaginext toy story  also toy story figures!  A counting cookie monster for 10.00!  so much more!!  Picked up the crayon caddy too!  My lil boys are going to love all this stuff come xmas!!

  23. Samantha♡ says:

    Wow 70% off? I went to two different Target stores and one store had a lot for 30% off and the other had a lot of 50% off toys. I felt like a kid again. Lol. I was telling my husband that when I reached the toys section I was in clearance land. Now is a good time to start shopping for Christmas.

    • mom of 4 says:

      Thanks for the tip. I actually “bumped” into the sale because I was school supply shopping with my daughters. I was able to buy 20 large toys totaling $100 (including  two Baby Alive dolls, transformer legos, nerf guns and three “Liv” dolls. I intend to go back to Target tomorrow for more great deals!!!

  24. College_couponer12 says:

    speaking of kids.. what I noticed today is that on Size 4 diapers(Target brand) there was a $2 off peelie. The price is $6.42 at my target, so w/ the coupon it was only $4.42 for a normal sized pack of diapers :)