CHANGE IN COUPON POLICY: Safeway stores [including Carrs, Dominick's, Genuardi's, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb and Vons] will be releasing a new coupon policy effective August 1, 2012. From our research, it looks like no good news for coupon users.  Safeway will be falling in line with Kroger stores and no longer doubling coupons.  This report is confirmed for southern California Vons stores. The even more disturbing change we believe to be coming is this:  Safeway will no longer allow an in-ad coupon to be stacked with a manufacturer coupon. This second rule is particularly frustrating, in my opinion, since we all know that Safeway stores are reimbursed for our manufacturer coupons.  I’m left confused as to the motive behind this change. It remains to be seen whether this will be written into the policy, whether they will allow an in-ad coupon that is loaded to your card to be stacked with a manufacturer coupon, etc.  We’ll be reporting as soon as the new policy is released.

I’ve never lived in an area where Safeway doubled coupons, but I know that for those of you who do, this will be a big adjustment.  Safeway is promising lower prices and really pushing the Just4U program. Let’s hope that’s not just lip service. Although this is disappointing news, don’t forget the many ways you can still save big at Safeway:

  • Catalina Promotions: Expect an increase in promotions like “Buy 5, Receive $5 off your next order” and “Spend $30, Receive $10 off your next order”.
  • Manufacturer Coupons: Stack a manufacturer coupons with a Safeway sale price and a Catalina promotion. This is how you score some of the best deals!
  • Just4U Program: Sign up online to become a member.  You can load coupons to your store card, view your local ad and even create a shopping list! To find in-ad coupons online: click “Just4U” on the top right of the screen.  Sign in to your account and go to the Coupon Center.  The Coupon Center holds both Safeway’s in-ad coupons and manufacturer coupons. To ensure you’re adding the right coupon, look at the ad before loading coupons to your card. Sometimes the in-ad coupons can look similar to the manufacturer coupons.

*Although this change is out of our control, you can still let your voice be heard. Don’t hesitate to politely call or write to Safeway to let them know this change in policy is extremely disappointing to their customers.

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52 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Changes to Safeway Coupon Policy, Starts 8/1”

  1. Rbillingsly says:

    My Safeway’s prices are always wrong and 8 times out of 10 I have to go to the service desk to get the price adjusted even though I have told the cashier.  In addition, the first time I used my coupons for the JustU they were not taken off my total.  The deduction was not made and no one seem to know how to fix the problem.  Just lots of moans and groans from the cashiers and managers like I was the problem.  Grrrr 

  2. I do all my shopping at safeway and being a former employee for them i cant believe they are doing this. I think now its time i have to go back to doing my shopping at other grocery stores other than safeway

  3. Johnguise says:

    Funny the way this article is written. “Safeway is stopping its double coupon policy!” “Oh by the way, this is only for southern California.” Scared me for a second there, KKL.

  4. Raquel Rose says:

    We have Vons here in Vegas and their prices are too high unless there is a great deal stacking a coupon with a sale or store coupon I never shop there. Their prices are too high and their great deals are too few and far apart for me to bother. I foresee a huge layoff at this chain similar to what Albertsons in Vegas experienced. It’s sad because their management is what is killing their sales. I’m going to accidentally loose my Vons card now….

  5. Coloradocouponer says:

    I think we should all leave comments on their facebook page.  I have seen several others and the safeway responses are mentioning how doubling is affecting their margins.  I also pointed out that they are picking up purchases from me that don’t have coupons that are doubling either because of value or because the sale price is right.  They can lose those sales by not having me in the store to buy the other items.  Also, they are responding that they are not ending stacking of store and Mfr Q. so I am not sure if that is a misunderstanding or what.  In this age the customers need to kindly speak their minds.

  6. Susan says:

    My local southern California Vons has already stopped doubling — I was just there yesterday.  The register also beeped on the $2 BBQ ribs internet Q.  Cashier told me I could only use one like internet Q per order (I had 2).  Had to do 2 transactions.  I may quit Vons altogether; this is just too much trouble, esp. if I can’t stack the store and manufacturer Qs.

  7. Sandykk1 says:

    We have a Safeway in town right across from a Martins/Giant of PA food chain. They double coupons and have gas deals to boot. No need to go to Safeway at all, especially if they don’t double coupons. They will just be hurting their sales even more IMO. Might as well leave town Safeway.

  8. Charity Name says:

    this is very interesting.  I had a difficult time stacking just yesterday at my Safeway in Kailua, HI.  The manager approved the coupon, but it would not go into the system automatically. 

    It is truly a very sad. 

  9. I don’t know how well they will do in the DC area when every just about every grocery store doubles (Harris Teeter, Giant, Shoppers, Wegmans all do). Safeway is more expensive generally then Harris Teeter I find, even Safeway sale prices vs Harris Teeter non-sale prices.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just got back from shopping at my local Safeway in San Francisco and the cashier wouldn’t take my printed coupons!!!! I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was a joke but he pointed to the assistant manager at the next register and he told me they weren’t accepting internet printed coupons anymore. I will be calling their customer service # first thing in the morning to very if this is true. I checked their coupon policy on line as soon as I got home and it still states that they “gladdly accept internet printed coupons”. The manager is new and I want to believe it’s an error in his part. But they wouldn’t even scan the coupons, the cashier just handed them back.
       Has anyone had this happen to them? The last time I shopped at Safeway was about 3 weeks ago and I know I used internet printed coupons and sunday paper coupons without a problem. If this is part of their new policy, I doubt I will be shopping there in the future. I’m in still in shock!!!

    • guest241 says:

      VSP, this “sorta” happened to me….I had a Randalls (Safeway) coupon for $1 off garden salad. The Garden Salad was 99 cents. The cashier would not take it. When I asked her to “adjust” the coupon, THEY get the dollar, not me, she said she didn’t know how and couldn’t do that. I came home and wrote Randalls right away….. The manager called and said he had had a talk with her and TOLD her…. “Never argue with a customer over a penny”…. I told him……Well, I knew it sounded stupid, but….THEY were about to lose me over a penny….. It’s the principle, and I am not going to “ARGUE” when I go grocery shopping, there are just too many stores  around me.  In Houston, Fiesta and Sellers do not take internet coupons.

  11. Scissorsmith says:

    I live in so cal and my ralphs  quite doubling and changed the point system into fuel rewards, which I don’t need. a typical “grocery” trip for me in order to save money is this: believe it or not, I get great produce from my 99 cent store, Driscole’s strawberry, dole salad, great deals on asparagus and more! I then Head to Costco where I get my Milk and eggs, as well as frozen chicken because coupons for this are rare. We also go through cearl very fast so  I get that too. I then wind up at trader Joe’s or Ralph’s to fill in the gaps. We do Have

    • Scissorsmith says:

       a winco, I do like shopping here, but they don’t always have as good of selection as ralphs,( I get my bread in the clearance, cheaper and easier to store than bulk costco shopping) when trying to use my coupons. It literately takes me about 2 hours to get it all done, sometimes I have to come home to drop stuff off and head back out. It is very frustrating. My husband and I have decent jobs, have a roommate even and still have to count every penny. It is very cute tough. so many people live with multiple families in 2 bedroom apts! there is 3 adults and 3 children living below me. Very often I am behind someone using food stamps, and I live in a good area! they just keep making it tougher and tougher! They should be rewarding these hard working people

  12. Rubydee63 says:

    Same here, I will no longer shop at Safeway stores if they change there policy to what was discribed.  I haven’t been to Safeway in 3 or 4 months because they will only allow you to do 1 transaction with a set of double.  Safeway is not coupon friendly at all.  I really enjoy shopping at Albertsons when they have twice the value coupons, I can do several transactions with know problems at Albertsons and they are very much coupon friendly.  Safeway could learn something from they Albertsons coupon policy.  I think couponers should boycot Safeway until they get a better coupon policy for their customers.

  13. Ctrweissman says:

    I stopped going to Safeway as much because their prices are so high.  They used to be the main place I shopped. Now I shop more at Target because you can stack coupons and CVS.  

  14. Pugnessa60 says:

    That seems like a decision made from upper management. “The money Boys”. That is to bad. I started shopping more because of the low prices and coupon use. We all have to face it. It will not be long before the other stores do the same. $$$$$$$$$. Guess I have to go back to Winco. Really to bad. I did ALL of my shopping there. Not just the great deals.

  15. I hope it’s true and Nor Cal will not be affected, I love stacking coupons at Safeway then reaping the gas rewards… it has been a way for us to make ends meet while my huband has made a transfer to a new job



  17. Pattil24 says:

    This is SO disappointing.  Safeway was my favorite grocery store — and where I live there are lots of options.  With their new Just for U program (which I LOVE!) and the doublers it is a great place to shop.  I would go there for most of my shopping — not just for the deals!  So this is very very disappointing.  I wonder if they have thought through the implications — it will change how I shop for sure!   

  18. We had a store named Expect Discounts in my area, after the big coupon rage came everyone stopped shopping there because they didn’t double the coupons, offer comparative prices with the competitors, and didn’t want to listen to the customers on these issues.  The store where I live now sits vacant.  It went under.  The stores should always double the coupons and treat us couponers with respect or we move on and avoid the store!  Good luck to safeway….glad we don’t have any in my area!  :)

    • Carol_R says:

       I don’t have a problem with stores not doubling coupons but then they shouldn’t be super pricey and to me Safeway is very expensive normally compared to other Grocery Stores in the area.

      • guest241 says:

        Same here, Carol…. Safeway in Houston has alway been “too high for me”, but with the Safeway coupons and MFG coupon, I could at least “afford” a couple of items from time to time. If they stop the double coupon policy, You will never find me in there again, even though it is about 6 blocks from my house. Sad…… GREED has always been a bummer…. 

  19. mb says:

    You will still be able to stack so no changes for us in Northern California.  Safeway’s Facebook page repeats this, such as ” 
    Safeway Hi, Cece. While we have made the decision to accept manufacturer’s coupons at face value only, our stacking procedures are not affected. Thank you for your inquiry! -Jessica, Customer Support”

  20. Tracy K. says:

     My Safeway in WA is really $$, but they have more organics cheaper than I can get them elsewhere. That’s a BIG deal for me. The cashiers are really good with coupons and very helpful. They’ve never doubled coupons, but they always have stacked. My next shopping trip is after the change, so we’ll see what, if any changes have happened. I’ll have to try to remember to ask.

  21. Montbec says:

    Just an added thought, you can also use your manufacturer coupons in addition to price matching at Walmart. 

  22. Montbec says:

    Don’t give Safeway your business then.  The Albertson’s where I live stopped issuing Twice the Value coupons.  I don’t shop there near as much as I used to and have decided to take my business elsewhere.  Without our money and coupons that could be reimbursed by manufacturer’s, these corporations will have to think of new ways to entice their customers to enter the store.  Lately, I’ve been shopping mostly at my locally owned grocery store where they do have some good deals and also pricematching at Walmart.  My advice is to get the weekly circulars from the various grocery stores in your area.  Look at all their sales, make a list, and price match at Walmart.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Reality is that I don’t buy anything from Safeway w/o a coupon. I live in MD where Safeway has always doubled coupons. If they stop, I”ll just stop shopping there. Giant a mile from them doubles coupons & Shoprite in MD has just started doubling. Just4u has saved me money but the deal is usually repeated at SR a month later. Not allowing a coupon w/ in store ad- not a smart idea when I can price match the deal at Walmart & still use my coupon.

  24. I’ve been reading comments on the Safeway FB page and it seems that you will still be able to stack manufactured on top of store coupon. I gave them my 2 cents, anxious to see what they write back…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Ralphs stopped doubling so I started shopping at Vons more often. That is terrible news. I wrote to them. 

  26. Phyllis R says:

    This change at Safeway stores is not unexpected with the way the they
    have been pushing Just4U in the stores; setups with notebooks &
    almost dedicated employees to sign-up people.  They are trying to
    eliminate paper coupons because of the labor costs in handling them.  I
    live in Southern California and will continue to make Von’s my major
    grocery store as they give me “best bang for the buck” especially with
    their personalized Just4U offers.

    • Carol_R says:

       I hope that the Just4U program is a big flop. And in the DC area, Safeway is definitely not the best bang for the buck except for some sale items.

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah i decided to prove a point,more to myself than safeway.  I joined just 4 u and loaded stuff to my card.  went tonight to shop and 1/2 of the items did NOT load and i had to use the inad coupon anyway TO GET THE price.  what a waste of time it was to sit there and CLICK, CLICK , CLICK for nothing.  I knew it wouldnt work but NOW i can CONFIRM that it doesnt when they try and push it on me next week.

  27. Guest says:

    The most important sentence in this article:

    “This report is confirmed for Southern California VONS stores”

    I dont believe it will be nationwide. Unless they’re trying to be the bully and initiating all other grocery stores follow in their footsteps, there are just too many grocery stores in my area (D.C. Metro area) who double “Up to $0.99″. If Safeway stops, I’ll simply go spend my money at Giant, Shoppers, Harris Teeter, etc! It’ll be no sweat for me… that is unless these other stores follow suit.

    We dont have a Kroger or affiliate in this area (I dont think) but I have lived where there were Kroger stores and know that they took a pretty big hit to the pocketbook when they changed their policies. I hope these changes cause both stores to fall to the wayside and get gobbled up by bigger stores who WANT to keep their customers!

    The news about the store coupon with manufacturer coupon is just strange. And again, if this is the case, I’ll just shop at Target where they HAPPILY accept store coupons along with manufacturers coupons.

    Thanks for the info though.

    • I live in the DC area as well in Southern Maryland and another store stopped doubling around Thanksgiving last year….I haven’t stepped foot back in there since. Like you said there are too many choices that will double coupons and net for better savings and value within walking distance of the other stores.  This will prove to be a mistake if they go forward. I have Giant, Shoppers, Harris teeter, Shoppers as well within minutes of Safeway and I can easily pass Safeway by and choose them.

    • Carol_R says:

       I agree. I live in the Northern, VA area and currently Harris Teeter, Safeway, Giant and Shopper’s Food all double regularly up to $0.99. Safeway has some good sales but their prices are higher than Giant and Shoppers. Target also sells groceries at a lower price than Safeway but they don’t double. I rarely go to Safeway already so if they stop doubling, I’ll probably hardly ever go there.

  28. Ryan B says:

    To be honest, how will the cashiers know you used a manufacturers coupon along side of the automatic off Just 4 U coupon? Perhaps they will be doing it that way only and no more paper store coupon + manufacturers.

    • Cristy says:

      Even if they allow you stack your J4U coupon with a manf. coupon, the issue will be that many of the J4U coupons are one time use … which means no stocking up.   I know I wont go into the store to buy 1 item …

  29. Adrienne Hawkins says:

    This is a bad move on there part. Also did not know about all Kroger stores/ affiliates (my local King Sooper still doubles coupons) not doubling coupons until I made a shopping list for my sister with coupons included for Kroger. She got to the register and they told her that they stopped doubling coupons last September. I’m not sure why stores do this because great coupon policies are what makes for loyal customers.

    • Anonymous says:

       I work at Kroger and was told that all Kroger stores do double, some don’t triple though. Mine doubles, doesn’t triple though.

      • guest241 says:

        Lisa, Our Kroger in Houston quit double/triple about a year ago…. Therefore, seldom go there any more, AND…. They are 2 blocks from my house !!! I get better “deals” at the ONLY 99 CENTS STORE, and they don’t even take coupons….. Go figure…..

  30. jaimelescoupons says:

    I always stack add coupon + manufacturer coupon together. Never shopped at Safeway before until i start couponning. Same for my friends… If they are not going to do that..i ll have to be back to walmart..since their price is already lower + manufacturer coupon. SAD day for couponners :(..BOO safeway..bad move!

    • Tracyfl says:

      I agree Target & Walmart’s prices are lower so why not use my coupons there since they won’t be doubled at Safeway!  Also we are getting a Winco in about 6 months and I’ve seen posts of their low prices.  I guess I will be going there.  Kroger and Safeway may change their minds if their sales drop because people are going elsewhere!

  31. Rachel Lynn85 says:

    To whom it may concern – The changes in your coupon policy suck! I already avoid shopping at Safeway because the cashiers are so uneducated on coupon use! It is unfortunite that instead of educating your stores employees you make it harder for those that just want to save some money. My local Safeway does not offer to double coupons. I noticed that the change in your policy ensures that all of the Safeway stores no longer double. I think this is a sever mistake! Instead of removing the program you should be increasing the stores that double. I would certainly enter your stores doors more often if my local store offered this. Instead I will continue to shop at ALBERTSONS becuase they seem to value their customers. I am not someone who clears the shelfs or walks out with $200.00 worth of groceries for free. I simply want to cut the expense of buying high priced grocery items. In addition the policy states that a in-store coupon cannot be combined with a manufacture coupon. This is the most basic concept of couponing. Stacking coupons allows for sometimes the best deals. I just feel that your policy is driving your potential customers out the door, which is a shame. The Just for U program is nice but I will not drive to Safeway for just one “freebie” item loaded on my card. It just won’t happen.