Today’s Wild Deal at is definitely a wild one. You can score an entertainment book for a final price of only $0.99, and it ships for FREE! These books are such a great asset to your entertainment needs. Each one contains hundreds of coupons for restaurants, retail stores, hotels, sporting events, recreation and much more.

Here is how the Wild Deals work at

  • Head to
  • Click the blue “Buy It Now” button.
  • You will pay $5.99 for your entertainment book.
  • You will then receive $5.00 cash back into your account.
  • Final Price: $0.99

Unsure how cash back works? Once you have created a account, you can earn cash back on many of your favorite places to shop. You select the stores you want and use the Shop Now buttons. After you have completed a qualifying purchase your cash back is deposited into your account.

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21 thoughts on “Entertainment Book, Only $0.99!”

  1. Brandon says:

    I cannot get this to work either. It just keeps taking me to the full site to purchase the 2013 book for 35 dollars. Please help me.

  2. Helloamy1977 says:

    all I see are the new books ??

  3. Mere says:

    The books expire in November, so they are only good for a few more months, that’s why they are so cheap. 

  4. Namo4 says:

    I could not get this to work.  i clicked it several times.  I sent a note a couple hours or so ago to contact them asking for ONE as well.  hopefully someone will read this.

  5. Mel says:

    when do these coupons expire? end of 2012 year?

  6. Gtaylor459 says:

    This is not working for me either, ending up paying 5.99 and not seeing my cash back…

    • Anonymous says:

      The cash back does not post immediately. It takes a little bit of time for everything to process. 

  7. Invincible315 says:

    I am in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and the website says it’s sold out….no luck:(

  8. Guest says:

    It’s not matching up you click the link.  It does say $5.00 cash back, but then when you click on it, it’s only $2.00??

  9. Mrsdestinylibra says:

    Does anyone know if this is the full version of the book, not some little booklet?

  10. Kathi says:

    I have been using shop at home and got $50+ in the account and they have NEVER sent me a penny.  They have it listed that they mailed the checks and when I try to contact them they never get back with me.

  11. Janelle says:

    i cant seem to get it to work? can someone help me?