Check out this hot deal on Accu-Chek Nano Smart View System at Walmart! It’s on rollback for just $9.72, and we’re getting a high-value $10.00 coupon tomorrow in the RP insert. You’ll end up with a $0.28 moneymaker! Even if this isn’t a product that you need, it’s a great donation item.

Accu-Chek Nano Smart View System $9.72, rollback price
Use $10.00/1 Accu-Chek Nano Smart View System from RP 7/29
Final Price: $0.28 Moneymaker 

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85 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Accu-Chek Nano Smart View System at Walmart!”

  1. sullivonne says:

    I am a newbie . . . only two trips under my belt. I picked up this item today. Cashier charged me .70 sales tax. But after he applied the .28 difference between the rollback price and coupon, I paid only .42 sales tax. No complaints here! This is fun! Thanks for sending out deal alerts! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    My walmart and walgreens doesn’t carry this item. Hopefully when I go shopping I will find it.

  3. Noeliaalgarin says:

    I would love to get this I just found out a few weeks ago my 5 year old daughter has diabetes and these would be great for school thank you soo much

  4. Mary Smith says:

     Reading these posts discourage me so much because this coupon is valid until 12/31/2012. Anyone who wants to donate these items go do that! Couponing is a great way to help the less fortunate, although they may be sold out this week, or this month they will be back on the shelves by 12/31 no need to argue with other couponers who are just trying to do the right thing. People who say mean things discourage other people. I personally bought 3 of these last night and plan to donate them along with 30 packages of Kotex to a womens shelter. And those people need them more then some of these people who sit on here and just bash eachother. Never will I post a brag because I know all that is going to happen is I am going to get attacked for using a coupon wrong or buying too many of a certain product. My walmart had at least 20 of these meters in stock, so although I bought these to donate and not for myself there was so many more for people to get. Plus we have at least 5 walgreens, 5 rite aids and 3 walmarts in my area. I hope people do not get discouraged about others hateful words.

    • DashX2fordiabetes says:

      I have 2 sons with Type 1 Diabetes and all the meters are gone at our local Walmart and CVS Stores. We drive 30 minutes to get to our nearest stores. Needless to say…I was disappointed. But, I will keep my coupon and try to get meters later. I am grateful that others donate the meters…but if you dont even know where your going to donate them…then please leave them for others.

  5. Shirleyhuberty says:

    I did get the coupons in my RP but will pass on these for those who really need them. It’s great to donate but I would rather see those who need them not to find empty shelves…

  6. Just wanted to share I went to Rite aid this morning and they have this Acu Check on sale for $9.99 and you get a $1 up reward back when you buy 1 so its a $1 money maker :) 

  7. Tinafbrooks says:

    I donate mine to Ronald Mcdonald House, so many kids that need them…..

  8. Dee says:

    i just got 6 of them at Walmart today

  9. cass says:

    Im confuse!!! I just went to my Walmart and the price is the same as what is stated on this site but they made me pay 65cents….. I really needed them though for a young boy who was recently diagnosed and almost passed away due to no one knew he was diabetic until it was almost to paste. Then my mother in law is also diabetic. But I was wondering I still have 3 left I want to purchase can I say I think your doing it wrong I Elder ne getting money back? Or how do I do this cuz I don’t want to be rude…

    • Anonymous says:

      You had the $10.00 coupon? You shouldn’t have had to pay anything but sales tax. I would try speaking with a manager to see if that resolves the problem.

  10. Freebiemomma1 says:

    any suggestions on where we can donate?

    • Anonymous says:

      Try the Salvation Army.  If they do not take this type donation, they might be able to hook you up.

  11. Melyssia105 says:

    Can we rain check these at wal-mart?

  12. sheila says:

    I got the coupon out of the insert….headed to Walmart this morning AND THEY WERE ALREADY OUT!  I asked lady to scan the barcode  to see if any in the back.. Her reply 
    was, “No ….and there are not even any in the warehouse!”  Really!?  Can it be that the stores know there is going to be such a good coupon out that they only carry a FEW of that product?  

  13. Jacob Ratliff says:

    Where can you donate meters? I live in Columbus, Ohio. Thanks! :-)

  14. Alicia says:

    CVS has them on sale for $9.99

  15. Wendymiller13 says:

    Even people on medicare/medicaid don’t always get their test strips for free. I still have to pay a percentage of the cost. It all depends on where you live and your hmo if any.

  16. Heather says:

    keep in mind, these meters wont come with strips.  they will be useless unless you also purchase strips.  check with your insurance company to ensure they cover strips for the nano meter first before picking these up.  otherwise I would recommend you drop it off at your local hospital diabetes center.  we WILL accept these for other patients. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    This may well known, but for those who do not know—anyone who is on Medicare (and I assume Medicaid) can get diabetic testing supplies for free.  I mention this because anyone donating these items may consider donating to a person not on Medicare/Medicaid and who cannot afford a meter (such as a person without/with insurance but high out of pocket costs).  I also mention this because if you donate to someone on Medicare/Medicaid then maybe they can get the test strips for free.  There are rules but my Mom’s pharmacist did most of the leg work and there does not appear to be any “gimmicks.”  I believe there is a limit of one new meter per year?

  18. at cvs there 9.99 so you use your 10.00 getting it free i have a lot of ppl on my moms side of the family who are still using the out dated ones cuz they can’t afford  the updated ones but i dnt care if there is none on the shelf cuz you can get rain checks and call ahead of time to get some held for you:)

    • Kris says:

      FYI: You may want to check with your family before you get these for them. Test strips are VERY expensive (hence the reason we get these high valued coupons for the meter) so if their insurance doesn’t cover them they may not be able to afford the strips. If this is the case, they are usually better off with a store brand meter and strips.

  19. so happy my CVS has put 15 of these on hold for me, im picking it up tomorrow or monday morning

  20. Jacksonyo says:

    I just went to 2 Walmarts and they are already gone. I see that people are getting the coupons sooner than others.

    • Garth Wyatt says:

      i live in texas and always get the redplum in my mail box each Tuesday for free. 2 weeks ago they changed it and started adding both red plums and smart source. So i never have to buy a paper again :) except for the p&G

    • Anonymous says:

      My coupon was good until 12/31/2012 so hopefully they will restock and you’ll be able to still get them.

  21. Emma P. says:

    Keep in mind since you need to pay sales tax on this item in most states, it will not be “free” or a “moneymaker” for most of us.  If you are counting pennies…this will not add any to your budget.

    • Anntots says:

      I agree with you. That is why I always include the AFTER TAX amount since I know what our tax percentage in my city. If I will end up paying out-of-pocket and don’t need the item, I will pass it…..unless I or my family needs it. But, if I can get it in zero out-of-pocket, then mInd as well get It :). I hope everybody will pay attention to those little things because we are here and we use coupon to save for our family. As the saying goes: ” Every penny counts.” In the long-run, it will all gonna add up =).

    • LivingFree says:

      Here in NH we do not have sales tax :)

  22. NiaLee says:

    I just got back from purchasing 3 of these at 2 different Wal-Mart stores. I have three family members that are diabetic. One cashier adjusted the price of the coupon to 9.72 so my meter was free. The cashier at the second store I went to entered the coupons as 10.00 so I did get overage there. It must depend on the store and cashier how they enter the coupons for these. Great deal!

    • Linda Maness says:

      Nia, you need to go back to that store and request to speak to the manager.  they are not to price adjust any coupons, they are to give you the overage, that is in their Coupon Policy.  If they are adjusting the price of the coupon, that is totally incorrect and the manager needs to be notified as to “retrain” them to understand their policy.

      • Anonymous says:

        But I think the coupon says free up to $10.00. Doesn’t that mean that the store would only be reimbursed for the amount of purchase, not $10.00?

  23. mlt1987 says:

    My son has Type 1 diabetes and we always need monitors.  It is very frustrating to find these type of deals gone when extreme couponers get zealous.  If you buy them to donate, please give them to someone with diabetes.  We have health insurance, but the cost of stuff is still high and we need every deal we can get.  Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      You can always get a rain check from CVS.  And you can always ask the manager to order it and hold it for you when it comes in.  I find this very helpful.

    • Kris says:

      My daughter is a T1D as well and I couldn’t get any of the Nanos last time at CVS. We keep extra meters around for emergency. I agree, if you are donating please wait at least a few days so the diabetics can be sure to get one. Thanks!

    • Jclady1 says:

       I have diabetes too and anybody can get a free monitor just by calling the company! No need for coupons. They know you have to buy strips and that is where the money is made. Fact.

  24. Ms Kristy says:

    Kroger ad said they are 9.99 and free with mail in rebate which is in
    the box.. If I use the coupon & do the rebate will I get $10 back or
    nothing since I technically didn’t pay anything?? TIA

    • Samantha says:

      In most cases, they have you circle the price of the item, and not the total amount paid, because it includes the tax. Since it will still say that the item was $9.99, you would circle that price and they would give you $9.99 back, which is a fantastic deal! 

    • Lindsey Cluney says:

      i already did this rebate and it actually states on the rebate that they will reimburse you the price AFTER coupons so you will not get an additional $10 back.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Some rebates will reimburse you after coupons and some will even be void if coupons are used. You may or may not be able to purchase one with the coupon and get the full purchase price back with the rebate.

  25. Andreac18 says:

    Hi, I’m new to all of this, can somebody explain to me what is RP, and how do I get the $10.00 coupon please. Thanks!

    • laura430 says:

      redplum coupon insert

    • Emma P. says:

       Andrew – you will often see abbreviations on the blogs – PG is Proctor and Gamble (issued once a month), RP is Red Plum, SS is Smart Source and GM is General Mills.  There will be others – just use the ‘abbreviations’ guide on the KCL webpage and you’ll get the lingo in no time!  Good Luck.

    • April says:

      Red plum insert it comes in the Sunday paper. 

  26. Lala says:

    Coupon says One per Customer though

    • Newbie says:

      Yeah, how does that work? Can KCL explain this to us newbies, pleeease.

      • If you break it up, like going to different stores, or getting them in multiple shopping trips to the same store, it is fine. :) Also, if you bring people with you, they count as a customer, and you can use one for them too! Hope that helps! :)

        • Jennifer says:

          Separating transactions or using the same “one per customer” coupon at other stores is unethical. “One per customer” means you can only buy one. Other people with you can each buy one, but if you buy more than one, technically you’re not complying with the coupon restrictions.

      • Anonymous says:

        One per customer means just what it sounds like–you are only supposed to use one coupon. Have your husband buy one too if you need another : )

    • Samantha says:

      At my Walmart, and other stores for that matter, most cashiers don’t care what the coupon says, even if I tell them about it because it is more work for them to ring them up in separate transactions. 

      • 4erp says:

         Samantha – even though the cashier may not see it or ‘care’ – we still need to adhere to the coupon wording.  We need to stay honest and respect the legal terms of the coupons we use.  If it says limit 1 per customer – you should only get 1 per trip.

    • couponer_GPTX says:

      I see “limit one coupon per purchase” so that’s limited to each meter purchased

  27. Anonymous says:

    Surprisingly I got this coupon in the paper because I didn’t get the one touch ultra mini in the paper last time. I also got the coupon from CVS as well. So I have 5 coupons for the meters, but I am going to get them at different places so others can purchase them as well.

  28. Abonilla128 says:

    yay im excited!!

  29. jb says:

    Sorry, what is the RP insert?

  30. Misscookie_24 says:

    I donated 50 minis last month. I’ll be donating these for sure too!

    • Please don’t clear the shelf when you “donate” your items. 

      • Holly Keney says:

         Good point I  agree. Sometimes people clear shelves and say they are donating the items but do not consider that there are other couponers that would like to have at least one for themselves.

        • Freebiemomma1 says:

           i don’t clear shelves especially on this product because if somebody with diabetes needed one in an emergency i would hate for there to be none for them

      • Guest says:

        Please… If individuals would like to donate items, they are free to do so and don’t need to be told how many they are permitted to purchase by someone in the comment section of a blog. People need to mind their own business and not worry so much about other people. I don’t even post anything in the Brag Lounge anymore because of all the people who attack and assume you broke coupon etiquette without even knowing anything. Just because some people don’t know how to coupon correctly doesn’t mean everyone coupons that way. Also, when you typed “donate” in quotes, did you mean that she’s not going to donate her items? If you did, how do you know?    

        • Touchofkleen says:

          learn to spell

        • Jennifer says:

          I have Diabetes and was sooo excited to see a deal on a One Touch mini glucometer. I went to SEVERAL stores and EVERY shelf was cleared. I agree that donating is a great thing and wouldn’t ever want to discourage anyone from doing so; however, donating 50 seems quite excessive. Also, for those of you without Diabetes, cheap or free meters still require expensive testing strips, so if a meter is donated the recipient will need $$$$ to buy test strips before the meter can even be used. Meters come with 10 lancets only, so those will also need to be purchased. Hospice receives federal funding to cover any expenses, so donated meters aren’t needed. I know this from personal experience. 

      • Jennifer says:

        I totally agree. I definitely love a great deal and take advantage every chance I get; however, I will buy what my family will definitely use until the item is on sale again. If the item is a favorite or free, I make a second trip at the end of the week to see if there are a few more to grab. Unfortunately, I think some of us have taken obsession and hoarding to a whole new level. Get the deals, everyone, but please consider leaving a few for the rest of us. 

        • Guest says:

          I recently donated ten of these meters to an organization near me that helps out people in need. They told me that they see many people with Diabetes and were very happy to receive them. I will continue to donate items, and I don’t think that means I have an obsession or hoarding problem. My family and I also did not clear the shelves. I hope this meets your approval and anyone else who may have any issues.

    • Holly Keney says:

       Out of curiousity what type of organization excepts this type of item as a donation? I would know where to donate food or school supplies, but not medical devices. Please advise.

      • Emma P. says:

         You can donate to Senior Centers in your area, Area Agency on Aging, Churches, etc.  Many of these places will accept new, unopened items like this for their consumers who do not have insurance or are low-income and cannot afford.  Great question Holly!  These are also great places to take gently used items like crutches, bath safety items, wheelchairs, walkers, un-opened, un-expired diabetic test strips, new, sealed dressing supply or first aid items or unopened, sealed, un-expired over-the-counter meds and incontinence items like depends or poise pads.  I work for a medical equipment company and these items are always in high demand by welfare recipients and aging consumers who cannot afford such items but need them.

      • Spawnpuppy says:

        At my hospital, the diabetic educator gratefully accepts donated meters as long as they are sealed in their original packaging.  She frequently buys these meters for her patients, outpatient and inpatient, who do not have insurance, and it all comes from her own pocket.

      • Karmas1 says:

        my daughter works for hospice and new diabetic meters are always appreciated!

  31. Rlmlovesbunnys says:

    I already got this coupon in the mail, and the cashier has to fill in the price…. :( But this may vary by region!!! :)