I haven’t tried Tecnu First Aid Gel but at 70% off, it’s the perfect time to try. After all, having kids equals first aid supplies in every nook and cranny in your purse and the car. I swear my purse is a first aid bag with all the supplies I keep in there! Between that and all the kids putting miscellaneous things in it (toys, cups, a half eaten apple), it’s anything but a purse!

Tecnu First Aid Gel, 2 oz $9.99, regular price
Buy 1, Submit $5.00 Single Check Rebate through 7/31, limit 1
Use $2.00/1 – Tecnu First Aid Gel, 2 oz, PDF – (tecnu.com)
Pay $7.99, Submit $5.00 Single Check Rebate
Final Price: $2.99

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6 thoughts on “Tecnu First Aid Gel, Only $2.99 at Rite Aid!”

  1. Max Laing says:

    I have actually seen this stuff made and packaged when I had a little tour of the facility and it is STILL amazing!  I have been using this for years and love it.  It is great when you find something that really and truly works!

  2. Jan says:

    This brand works great.  We have been using it for years.  My husband used to get poison oak several times a year while out 4 wheeling, the Tecnu scrub works really well, believe me, we tried everything out there, lol.  Thanks, going to stock up on this one.

  3. Btryban says:

    Tried it when wags had it for free after RR. We really like it!

  4. I love this stuff!  I put it on my kids little booboos and they say it makes the pain go away!

  5. Almagon22 says:

     You can pay only $1.00 with your 20% discount. 

  6. stephanie says:

    this stuff is amazing for mosquito bites! you must try it!

  7. CUP_CAKE_CUTIE777 says:

    omg this product has saved  my life!! a year ago i started getting poison oak and was covered severely..a friend recommended this and it works like a charm! so know when i get poison oak/ivory i use this and it attacks it immediately.LOOOVVEE IT