A couple of weeks ago, there was an awesome deal on Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers at Rite Aid. This week, you can get Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers for $3.49! Use the $2.00 coupon from the 7/8 Smart Source insert, or print this Facebook coupon. This coupon is somewhat tricky–it is a Facebook coupon that requires you to “check-in” on Facebook for five days in a row, and then it will let you print the coupon. So hurry over to Facebook and check in, and then head to Walgreens in five days to score these diapers for cheap! Hopefully you’re a lucky one and can head over today with the newspaper coupon!

Huggies Litte Movers Slip-On Diapers Jumbo Pack $9.49, sale price
Use $2.00/1 – Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers – (facebook.com)
Or $2.00/1 Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers from SS 7/8 (exp 8/4)
And use $4.00/1 Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers from Walgreens August Booklet (exp 8/25)
Final Price: $3.49 

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44 thoughts on “Huggies Slip-On Diapers, Only $3.49 at Walgreens!”

  1. amber says:

    I felt like a totally coupon krazy, i called around to a few of my walgreens.. They either were not clearance or they were out……

  2. Misslinda203 says:

    Does anyone know if I can use the coupon from the walgreens infant book and the august walgreens book and a manufacture coupon on 1 bag of diapers?

    • katee says:

      where did you get an infant booklet? 

    • Irma M. says:

      Yes you can! Per their coupon policy, you can use as many store coupons, but only 1 mfg Q. Btw, I didn’t realize there was an Infant Care Booklet available.

  3. Soto532 says:

    what size are the ones on clearance?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What city were the Huggies marked down to $3.19? I just went to 2 wags, and called about 5 more in the New Orleans area and all of them are full price. I still got one pack for $3.50, but free diapers for two boys under 3 would be awesome… Would you all share where you found them on clearance??? Thanks!!!

  5. neo says:

    actually u dont need to do diferent transaction the walgreens coupons will take 4 dollars off every pack that means if you have 4 pack of diapers and they scan the walgreens coupon 16 dollars will come off  my walgreens doesnt let me used walgreens coupons for clearence stuff the computer wont take it but you can still use the ss coupon

  6. Anonymous says:

    does walgreens do rainchecks? i ordered my coupons but not sure if they will get here on time! :-(

  7. Hi all, 
    I’ve been looking for ages but can’t seem to find it.. anyone know where I can get a list of what stock up prices for diapers and wipes are?? I have my first little one coming in DEC and want to get started now, Thanks!!

  8. Not only did I 2 packs of the little movers slip on diapers for $3.49 they had boys pulls ups on clearance for $4.29 a pack and I had a $2 off coupon for 4 packs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got 6 packs of diapers for less than the retail price of one of those pull ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you KCL I love couponing! Oh and by the way, I cleared the shelf! When it comes to clearance diapers I say it’s every man for themselves!

  9. K3 says:

    Do you have to do the 5 day challenge thing?

  10. Carlethia102 says:

    Excellent! I got 3 packs yesterday!

  11. Evanslind says:

    What city are you guys in?  They are not on clearance near me?

  12. Laura Daluz says:

    Got 2 packs!  Awesome!

  13. Ami says:

    Does there happen to be a way that we can search if these are on clearence in our area without having to drive to each store or call them?
    If someone posted the unique walgreens clearence barecode # is there a way we can search it?

  14. brenda says:

    Can I get more than one pack? I have 6 coupons, now I do not want to clear the shelves, I want to get 2 packs at each Walgreens but not sure if I can do it.

    • Heather Lee says:

      I just picked up 2 packs and the cashier let me buy both in the same transaction :) The register took for $8 automatically when the cashier scanned the walgreens coupon.  

    • Heather Lee says:

      I just picked up 2 packs and the cashier let me but them in the same transaction :) the register automatically took off $8 when the cashier scanned the Walgreens coupon

    • Laura Grillo says:

      Due to having to use the in-store coupon in combination with manufacturers, you will most likely have to do separate transactions for each pack of diapers.  But yes, you can use all 6 of your coupons, but just separately

      • Irma M. says:

        There is no limit on the Walgreens Q, so it will automatically deduct $4 for each pack of diapers in the transaction. I bought 4 packs of diapers in one transaction today, and the WAGS Q deducted $16. There is also no restriction on the mfg Q, so I think you should be able to purchase all 6 packs in one transaction.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Got my two packs this morning, although I didn’t have the $2/1 only $1.50/1, but still worked out nicely :)  Thanks KCL.

  16. Sarahlynn66 says:

    I have never shopped at Walgreens, do you need a customer card likeyou do at cvs, and also where do you get the booklet with the coupon?

  17. Srosebed says:

    If I am only buying the diapers, do I need a filler item since 2 Q’s per item?

  18. Jennmarie2005 says:

    You can use the August coupon already, even though its still July?

  19. I got FREE diapers! 

  20. bargain lady says:

    Yes you can use coupon. My walgreens had them also foe 3.19 and I used coupon got them free!

  21. Could you just use the Walgreens $4.00 coupon and have the coupon adjusted down so they are free?

  22. Jmasuk says:

    my walgreens had the size 3 slip-ons  on clearance for only $3.19 a pack!

  23. Rachel Cox says:

    willing to trade some other coupons for a few of these if anyone is interested :) i picked up two packs of four but my kids are in sz 1 and 3 lol would like to stock up!

  24. Mrs Gutierrez637 says:

    Hi :) anybody know what sizes these come in?