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21 thoughts on “Three New Listerine Coupons—Smart Rinse, Only $0.99 at Walgreens!”

  1. Lanakovalev says:

    got the blue one worked fine got rr and coupon

  2. Anonymous says:

    I purchased both blue and pink rinse at two locations and both printed RR perfectly as well as extra coupons…weird.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Got mine today…Made three transaction for 3 today…For each I got my $1 rr and plus on two I got a $2 on two Listerine smart rinse and on one $1 off listerine smart …not bad I think

  4. Amanda Steele says:

    there is a 1/1 target q to stack! not sure of the target price, but i’m going there soon & will let u know… :)

  5. Rebekahlilly says:

    Went to Walgreens last night and the register rang up the blue Phineas and Ferb pictured in the ad at regular price (5.49) and did not print the RR.  The manager on duty price adjusted and included the advertised $1 RR to make it come out to the advertised 99 cents with coupon.

  6. Lori says:

    Got mine yesterday – RR also wasn’t printing but the manager fixed it for me. She was awesome! Plus I got three $2/2 coupons (for the smart rinse) ;)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I went to Walgreens last night and did this deal. I bought the pink one and used a $1/1 Q and the register reward DIDNT print. But then the manager came over and rang the pink one again without using a coupon and the register reward printed. Weird.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I got two today – and the price was ringing up wrong and therefore the register reward wasn’t going to print, so they had to price adjust to $1.99, so $0.99 each out the door, getting a couple more from another Walgreens after work (I want pink) :)

  9. Chasandboyd says:

    Hi, I bought the blue listerine smart rinse and used $1 coupon and the RR printed. I bought the pink listerine smart rinse and used $1 coupon and the RR didn’t print. The manager gave me the $1 RR anyway because the ad doesn’t specify a specific smart rinse. I also got a $1 coupon on my next two purchases of smart rinse.

  10. Lbfaneytt says:

    I went to my local walgreens and the RR didn’t print out when a coupon was used. It did when you didn’t use a coupon. However, since it is advertised that you will receive the RR the manager manually subtracted the 1.00 and I got my RR. It’s advertised and it’s a glitch that it doesn’t print out. The manager should manually fix it.

  11. This deal isn’t working at 2 of the Walgreens I tried.  It is printing out a $1 off Listerine coupon for your next purchase..

    • Anonymous says:

      Good to know! The ad does says $1.00 register reward good on next purchase. That must be what “next purchase” means. Thanks.

      • Jkaragus says:

        yes, i had the same problem, if you don’t use the coupon then the reward prints out. But, that is not what the ad says… I had a big headache yesterday from it.

      • No you are supposed to get a RR i had to talk to the manager it did the same thing to me and you have to get them to make it print they can do it with their new systems the coupon is not the RR it says in the ad you get a RR.

      • They are saying if you use the printed coupon the RR is not printing but if you use the one from the paper it will not sure but i would try it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Didnt’ work for me either, but it is clearly marked in the ad – have the manager price adjust.

    • Blancapalomo says:

       that happened to me too, but the manager took over after i let them know i wasn’t getting my rewards and he printed them out for me.