Wow! is at it again! This time they are having a “Contemporary Fashion Clearance.” This clearance sale contains shoes, bags and jewelry. Items are marked down by 70% or more. The above Blowfish Haporo boots are on clearance for only $6.90 and they ship for free. They regularly retail for $69.00. These boots are available in black or brown and come in sizes 6 to 10. The same boots are on Amazon for $45.00. Talk about a steal!

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50 thoughts on “Blowfish Boots, Only $6.90 Shipped!”

  1. Debbie says:

    I just tried to order them and they were 79$  What’s the trick to get the $6.90 price?

  2. Alyce Comer says:

    My new boots came yesterday!  I love them! They are so cute!  Thank you “The Krazy Coupon Lady”!!!!

  3. Jjavaras says:

    they must be out, i’m not able to find them

  4. Cwaldrop Work says:

    Man…. I can’t find them…. doesn’t even say sold out, just says that the item can’t be found.  :(  So sad!!!

  5. Jamison607 says:

    all out of the featured boot apparently, the ‘page cannot be found’. Lots of shoes to choose from though. Too bad I’m so cheap I never spend more than $15 for shoes period :)

  6. Sherry says:


  7. Me says:

    Just checked the website…. these are no longer available

  8. Bonchance20002003 says:

    Can’t get those anymore saw a pair for $15.60

  9. cabby says:

    can’t find them on the site

  10. Smw013 says:


  11. Missysteffen says:

    Offer already gone

  12. Smw013 says:

    Sold out!

  13. sanfsl10 says:

    Glad I ordered them at 9 this morning! Got the black and brown in an 8.5 for $13.80. I never get deals like this in my size. Whoot whoot!

    • JZ says:

       I ordered the black in 8.5 and now I’m thinking I should’ve ordered the brown too! I’m glad I ordered at least one pair though, because I would’ve been kicking myself if I didn’t do it early this morning when I first saw this post on Facebook.

  14. Kit161x says:

    Well, I did pick out this pair, but I did score 3 pairs of boots: ankle, knee, and over the knee – as well as a Big Buddha Empire Tote, all for $84!! That’s a savings of $254. Holy cow.

  15. thanks you so much!!!!

  16. Wow…what a steal.  Got some i black and brown and shared this with my friends.  Thanks for the great tip!

  17. LeslieLormann says:

    Boo. My size is already sold out :( 
    Thanks for the info tho!!

  18. Maedrington says:

    they only have to 8.5 in stock fyi

  19. JMichelle says:

    I paid $6.90 in Atl, GA!!!! Awesome… $70.00 boots for $7.00…unreal!!!  THANKS KCL!!! 

  20. College_couponer12 says:

    got mine, thanks!

  21. Lunchboxx4 says:

    Just got 2 of them for my daughter, I would have gotten them for me as well but they were out of my size. Total $14.80. WOW!!!!!

  22. Stasy2 says:

    Got mine for 6.90 included shipping, size 8 thank you!

  23. Kristilamb says:

    Got Mine….

  24. Raquel says:

    13.80 for two! woo hoo! Thank you!!!

  25. Drewblue888 says:

    I just got mine! I can’t wait. Checked my cc statement and it says $6.90. The Paypal accts usually charge tax, so I would avoid that method…

  26. Charlenescoupons says:

    I just got 2! :) Thanks!

  27. Eerinandmike says:

    Woohoo! I grabbed these boots, and a pair of shoes to wear with my maid of honor dress (orig. $89 marked down to $9), for a total of $16.66 including tax! Can’t beat that!

  28. Lili McGovern says:

    Just ordered them for my teenage daughter for back-to-school. Thank you for your great finds. As a single mother it helps me out a ton!

  29. Yandazola says:

    6.90 wow good price Got me a pair

  30. Yadachi43 says:

    Got my pair! $6.90 total. Awesome. 

  31. JZ says:

    just bought them. thank you! :] can’t pass up boots for that cheap!

  32. Shauna43 says:

    I just ordered some!!! I used Paypal. Very easy. Only $7.47 with tax

    • JZ says:

       you got charged tax? that’s weird, a bunch of people have been getting different prices… mine only cost $6.90 total for shipping and everything. I wonder what causes the difference?

      • Samichigan_3 says:

        Some states tax internet purchases and some do not, normally once you put your zip code in it will add tax if your state requires it.

      • Lunchboxx4 says:

        I didn’t pay any taxes but I did order two different styles which one was a dollar more. Also, I noticed that the price will change by a dollar or so depending on the color you choose.

  33. Stephanieclark142 says:

    Just ordered mine! Hope this isn’t a scammy thing. I should get mine in about a week!

  34. Anonymous says:

    thank you got me a pair….!!!!

  35. Deb says:

    $46.62 for me