Uni-brows and overgrown toenails aren’t sexy on anyone! Stage a grooming intervention and grab free CoverGirl tweezers and nail clippers at Family Dollar. Use the $1.00 CoverGirl coupon from last week’s PG insert to score either one of these for free!

CoverGirl Queen Tweezers or Nail Clippers $1.00, regular price
Use $1.00/1 CoverGirl product, excludes trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 7/29 (exp 8/31)
Final Price: Free 

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74 thoughts on “Free CoverGirl Tweezers or Nail Clippers at Family Dollar!”

  1. I went into our local Family Dollar again today (found another $1.00 coupon) and bought a $1.00 metal nail file.  Manager was the one who waited on me….she manually put the coupon in….price $.07!

  2. barbarascott says:

    Scored two of these today….2.14 with tax….minus the 2 $1.00 coupons….14 cents in tax was all I paid! 

    • Myrah says:

      Did the $1 off coupon beep or did they force them through?  Also, what exactly did you buy?  I want to get some tweezers and nail files but I really don’t want to argue with the cashier.  My family dollar doesn’t look at coupons until they beep and then they tell me that they can’t manually put in coupons.

      • Ok, I had some more coupons and went in over the weekend and used 4 more coupons.  The coupons beeped and they had to enter them manually.  The store manager was standing there and she said that they really shouldn’t accept the coupons as the items said “CoverGirl Queen” on them, but the store was told BY Covergirl that they had to.  All I paid was tax….the first time I used the coupons, I got 2 nail clippers. The second time around I got 2 more clippers, a pair of tweezers, and a package of nail files.

        It just seems to me that there is no hard and fast rule for any of these chain stores…..seems like things are left up to the discretion of the manager, or God forbid, the individual cashiers.

        Now, I was in Wal-mart the other day, trying to get a price match on the Herbal Essences shampoos that Kroger’s ran last week for 2.77. The coupon was for $3.00/2. The cashier told me they had to have the ad. Which is in direct contradiction to the ad that’s been running on TV that you just tell them the price and they match it. I left the shampoos and conditioners sit….and went to Kroger’s and purchased them.

  3. Lilymdrano says:

    Ok so this is how it went.
    Went to family dollar,
    The coupon ring and she said that the picture did not match
    I try to explain that picture did not matter. She call other lady
    And second lady said that at family dollar they dont give
    Things for free! I told her that she wasnt giving it for free
    That i was paying w/ my coupon.
    And all kCL explanation lol.
    But no she said that it did not match. So i said ok thatnk you
    And she said sorry.

    • Lilymdrano says:

      Ohh and did not make any sence because 3 weeks ago i got deodorants free w/ my coupons. I just think they just dont like coupons most of the time they roll their eyes ect. Ofcourse there is always nice too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I went to the Dollar General in Bryan Texas and the cashier told me that the tweezers and nail clippers at their dollar store where travel size, and since the coupon says no travel size then I couldn’t use it.  Then she began to tell me that even if they were not travel size that the coupon is only for makeup because that is what the picture shows.  When I tried to correct her, she basically ignored me and told me “no”.  When I asked to speak with the Manager she said there is not one in today.  This type of lack of knowledge of their stores coupon policy makes it very annoying to try to coupon at this store.  I was just going to switch stores, but the other stores College Station Texas is always out of stock.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you have another Family Dollar or Dollar General in your area, you might consider going there. Sometimes it is not worth it to argue with a store that simply will not listen. You could also try contacting customer service.

    • When the coupon says “any CoverGirl product”, how in the world are they going to get pictures of all of their products on one coupon if that is her logic that it is only for what is pictured? 

  5. Lorna Doone says:

    The Family Dollar I went to will not accept the coupon for the tweezer.

  6. Yardgirl74 says:

    I did the same got my money back left all the other stuff i picked up on the counter.

  7. Yardgirl74 says:

    I went to my family dollar and they told me that they could not take my coupon because it beeped. The manager said the same reason why i do not frequent this store.

  8. Nadyme says:

    i used the $3/2 to buy the “mani” or “pedi” travel set (priced at $3) and the $1 twizzers, so in reality paid $1 for both, AWESOME1!!!!!!!!!

  9. Unicorn 1960 says:

    I re-read their policy and it the picture does NOT have to match – the copy (printed words) on the coupon dictates what item may be purchased.  The policy my store quoted has nothing to do with corporate policy – i think he just makes it up because he doesn’t know how to run the register.  I sent a message to corporate indicating that my local store needs to be retrained in couponing.

  10. Unicorn 1960 says:

    My Family Dollar store wouldn’t honor this coupon.  He said company policy is you cannot get any product for free.  Has anyone else ever heard of such? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Their policy excludes coupons for a free item, which is different than this scenario which uses a cents off coupon.

  11. Wardo1985 says:

    I just went up to my Family Dollar and they wouldn’t take the Cover Girl coupons.  Although I told the cashier that they shouldn’t have a problem since it states $1 off any CoverGirl product and doesn’t say make up she told me since the picture shows make up they won’t take it.  Needless to say I left without purchasing them and got my coupons back. 

  12. Carriebradsaw11 says:

    read their coupon policy it states the except coupons that make an item free and b1g1 fee coupons not free ones so the $1 off ones work http://www.familydollar.com/Documents/PDFs/Coupon-Policy-0911.pdf bottom of page print out and take

  13. Mmoore says:

    I had to go to two different Family Dollars here in PA.  The first one the lady wouldn’t take the coupon. No matter what I told her, she didn’t want to hear it.  So I went 5 miles down the street (literally) and they accepted all four of the coupons for a zero balance.  I think I’ll steer clear of FD till they update their systems.

  14. Filam_76 says:

    here in georgia, particular in the south , won’t accept reason doesn’t match, i hate it….

  15. Mary Inman says:

    i tried to get these the other day and they told me because it says covergirl “Queen” the coupon wont work. coupon has to say Queen on it. i told him i have never seen in the past year of couponing a Queen coupon and he said i was wrong and they are out there. told them that isnt right because coupon said off any covergirl product….What the heck????

  16. Sharon Schwartzkpf says:

    odd – my pg did not have any cover girl coupons

  17. Sherrygrim says:

    our family dollar wont take the coupons cause it comes up not a match.. and she wouldnt over ride it either i live in washington court house ohio

  18. Anonymous says:

    Family Dollar should be able to take the Cover Girl coupons because it only reduces the price for the customer. Family Dollar will still get paid the $1.00. They will not take a coupon that says “get x free, no purchase necessary”. That is what their coupon policy is referring to concerning free items.

  19. Pitbu4life says:

    I am soooo bummed I missed those inserts, I was getting home from just having my baby. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    I tried using the 1.00 off 1 and the 3.00 off two, but the cashier told me it didn’t work on those products(makeup only)….interesting since I’ve used the CoverGirl coupons at Family  Dollar before for the same items and it did work.  I’ll try again this weekend…maybe get a different cashier or this time speak to the Manager as to why they can’t be used. I wasn’t only buying the dollar covergirl products either, but a mix of 2.00 and 3.00 products so they wouldn’t have to adjust.

    • Rebjones612 says:

      I went yesterday to my local Family dollar…ugh they knew when I put the product on the counter that I had coupons for them..the lady called the manager and they both told me I couldn’t use the coupons because they wouldn’t scan. I was very upset. I said you need to give me the corporate number so I can call them and ask them. The manager said she would call for me(really not wanting to), I think she was hoping I would tell her nevermind. I told her go ahead and call I will wait…..long story short…corporate told her I could use them, they would just have to key them in…

  21. The only reason they say they don’t take coupons for free items is because their coupon policy states “Family Dollar does NOT ACCEPT coupons that:Are for “free” items that do not require a purchasepurchase. We do accept coupons for items that are
    equal to or greater than the price of the item and reduce the price to free.”
    However, when I called the district manager he said that if a coupon exceeds the value of the item, they are supposed to reduce the price of the coupon. 
    So it all depends on whether you have spoken to a district manager, because I had trouble with the snausages being free. his time when I went for both snausages and covergirl, they said the exact same thing however I had Nick, the district manager, to back me up and after 10 minutes of waiting..the assistant manager was able to adjust my total.

    • Jileem says:

      I had a cashier at Dollar General tell me she couldnt accept a coupon because it would make the item free. I said, “That’s ridiculous. I coupon so that I can combine my coupons to sale items, and yes, sometimes that means I am paying with coupons, instead of dollar bills” What cashiers and managers don’t realize is that coupons ARE a form of payment. There is simply an extra step involved for them to get their money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks, Vanessa, for posting this! It helps to clear up the confusion : ) 

  22. lou says:

    I live in orlando fl and none of my local family dollars accept the cover girl coupon for their queen line at all *(

  23. vampress says:

    I have their policy in hand and they state that pretty much u can only buy a free item with a bogo not by itself

  24. LaToya says:

    I went to 2 different Family Dollar Stores trying to get this deal and couldn’t.  The coupons would ring up at either store.  After the cashier called over the manager at the first store I was told that the coupon couldn’t be used on nail items because it wasn’t on the picture.  At the second store I was told that I couldn’t use a coupon that would make an item free.  Oh well :(

  25. Lindsay Masterson says:

    I just went to two different Family Dollar stores here in Illinois and had no problem getting the Snausages dog treats and Planters sunflower seeds for free. They were amazed at how it worked and the coupons did not beep at all. It was clear that most of their customers do not use coupons as all the employees I encountered watched as if it was a blockbuster movie. I think patience is key in this situation. Their coupon policy clearly says “”Cash Back” will not be issued if the value of the coupon is greater than the purchase price of the item.” That means if an item (such as the dog treats and sunflower seeds) is $1 and the coupon is also for $1, all you have to pay is sales tax if your state requires. Your best bet is to try to explain yourself when you encounter problems and if all else fails, know that no deal is worth losing your sanity over. (I’m surprised I just said that with the way I am about making sure I get my deals!) 

  26. Anonymous says:

    Just got back from family dollar ( my first time in there) i got two nail cuticle removers, nail clippers and tweezers, HAD NO PROBLEM.

  27. Guest says:

    The Family Dollar coupon policy states that they do accept coupons that make an item free. Here is a link to the coupon policy. http://www.familydollar.com/Documents/PDFs/Coupon-Policy-0911.pdf

  28. Shannon Roll says:

    I’ve done this deal at my Colorado store since the coupons started showing up & I can tell you it’s completely legit & doesnt compromise ANY of Family Dollar’s coupon policies.  The coupon states for ANY covergirl product which qualifies all of the beauty tools.  While they dont offer overage you can get by with just paying tax.  I use the $1/1 on the tweezers, nail clippers, cuticle trimmers, & small nail files.  With the $3/2 I purchase one $2 item so an eyelash curler & a larger nail file, then I purchase one of the dollar items mentioned above.  The coupons wont scan but if your store is willing they can manually apply the coupons, which is a long process with their system so Id suggest presenting the products w the coupons one at a time if youre using multiples.  Its also worth mentioning that when I started this deal, I emailed CoverGirl to ensure it was legit & they assured me that I could apply the coupons to any of their products & the store would have no troubles getting reimbursed later.  However, they also mentioned that they cant force any merchant to take their coupons which is where some people run into problems at Family Dollar stores.  Mines in a small town & the cashiers are always amazed at my saving & I share coupons with them too so I know thats why I have such good luck.  I guess for others you can always email covergirl & print the response & their coupon policy & bring that in.  Im sure if they could override the coupons easier they wouldnt refuse them.

  29. llc says:

    I offically stopped going to family dollar after they refused to accept coupons that would not scan (ie have to manually input).  The managers and the staff completely lack customer service skills. 

  30. Anonymous says:

    They always refuse to take these coupons where I live, claiming that corporate told them they can’t use a CoverGirl coupon on a “Queen” CoverGirl item… sigh…

    • Tasheee says:

      Same here in Massachusettes. :(

    • Tarallk says:

      Recieved email from corporate last week stating that “the coupons are valid.” The cashiers for the most part just don’t want to key in the coupons, please email corporate about your issues.I hope that if enough of us email them, they may fix the problem that everyone is having all over. I’m inTexas.

    • Mrsban80 says:

      Same here …in CA

    • Chealce259 says:

      same here in arizona the lady told me that i cant use the covergirl coupon on a Queen cover girl item.

  31. I’ve had problems at the Family Dollar stores near me. Despite their Coupon Policy, my experience in store has been totally different. On many occasions, they simply decline to take coupons, especially when the item may be free. Good luck!

  32. Jonette Gray says:

    My Family Dollar said that the store policy would not allow them to take a coupon that would make an item FREE… does that have any truth to it??

    • Jpower says:

      Jonette I used coupons last evening at Family Dollar (I’m in VA) that made my item free and they took it no problem.  Doesn’t mean they should have, I don’t have their policy but I’ll look it up now!

    • Tarallk says:

      Hi, I’m in Tx. and I continue to have problems using coupons @ Family Dollar. I found out that the majority of Family Dollar staff does not know their own coupon policy and the system that they use (cash register), is so…out dated. The coupon will beep, they can key it in, but they usually don’t want to. I’ve gotten so tired of the problems that I ended up emailing coporate and I think everyone should,so they can correct these problems.Thanks.

      • If you are in the Houston area, call corporate and ask to speak to the District Manager of Houston. I Called and spoke to Nick who I will use against them if they give me a hard time.

        • Jennifer says:

           I’m in Houston, called Customer service they told me someone from Corporate would be contacting me. This was in April, still no call. I have never set foot in a family dollar since. If they give you problems with coupons, stop shopping there, if enough people get fed up with it, they will change it. My issue was trying to use a $1.50 coupon on breathe right strips that were $1.00. I was fine with them adjusting it down, did they? no.

          • Iris says:

            I’m from Dallas and I had that same problem too.It’s frustrating because the manager wouldn’t adjust my coupon but I’m not giving up on good deals :)

      • llc says:

        I contacted corporate via email and all they said was that they would retrain the staff.  The manager told me they dont accept interent coupons and their policy says they do.

    • Young_Couponer says:

      There policy says they cant take a coupon for something free unless you have to buy another one (BOGO), but it doesnt say that you can’t use a coupon that will make an item free! -Experience-

      • Micole Lampkin says:

        No it does not.  Visit Family Dollars website for their coupon policy.  This is just a portion that should be helpful to all of us who need to educate the FD cashiers… hehe.
        Family Dollar does NOT ACCEPT coupons that: Are from other retailers. Are expired. Are for “free” items that do not require a purchase. WE DO ACCEPT COUPONS FOR ITEMS THAT ARE EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN THE PRICE OF THE ITEM AND REDUCE THE PRICE TO FREE.

    • Ali B says:

      Jonette,I had the same problem at my store in Zion,IL.. Just take the flyer to Walmart and get price match.. I will never step foot at Family Dollar again…

      • Amanda L. says:

        Hi Ali B, I am also in the Zion area and went to the one off of Grand. She told me that I can not get any time for free unless its a BOGO. That was my first and last time ever going to Family Dollar!

    • Bjr0114 says:

      I’m in Tx and they work fine…cashier is usually confused and manager has to come verify that it is a “zero transaction”

    • Melissa says:

      I live in Michgian and I just used the coupons for $3.00 and $1.00, I got an item that was $2.00 and and item that was $1.00 so two product wroth $3.00 they had to punch all my coupons in by hand, they seemed annoyed but never said a word and I did 3 different orders… I still have more coupons but I thought that was enough for one day. I will go back tomorrow!!! I stocked up I got 14 items and only paid $1.02!!!! I was happy!!! Good luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      I see nothing in Family Dollars coupon policy that would exclude these items.  It is the written description of the brand/product, NOT the picture on the coupon.  You might want to print out a copy of their coupon policy and take it to the store with you to show the cashier, or manager if needed.

    • Tandjheman says:

      no, it does not because the store still gets that dollar back from the company for the coupon, talk to the manager

    • bbdallas says:

      Jonette, I am in the DFW, TX area and have had the same issue.  I asked them to call their corporate office.  The store manager called their training manager who said that they can do the FREE item but you have to buy something so the receipt was not $0.  I usually pick up 3 of the freebies and 1 that is $1.50 so that I get 4 for $0.50.

      I have 3 Family $ stores within 2 miles of my house and non of the 3 follow the same policies.  Each manager has his/her own way of running their store. Since I have 3 more stores in very close proximity, I just go to the ones that are coupon friendly.  Good luck and happy couponing.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Wohoo. Family Dollar just opened in my area.

  34. Stacy says:

    They wouild not take my $3 off 2 coupon because they had to manually key in the $1 off and they couldn’t highlight two items for one coupon.  Good luck.

  35. guest says:

    You could use the $3 off 2 coupon as well, right?