Extreme Couponing Tip: Make Use of Old Newspapers

Krazy Couponers are sure to have a plethora of leftover newspaper once the coupon inserts are pulled out. So what should you do with them? Read below for some ideas!

Local classrooms: Elementary, middle, and high schools often have classroom activities using newspapers: current events, collages, language/story writing skills, and many others. Public libraries can also benefit from having extra copies of current papers.

Around the house: Whether it’s papier-mache with the kids, cleaning windows, a drop cloth for messy hands-on meals (crab legs or BBQ), painting projects, or garden mulch, look for reusable options at home.

Animal shelters: Absorbent newspaper (the majority of the paper–glossy coupon inserts aren’t very effective) can be great for kennel liners. Call your local animal shelter and see if they can use your weekly extras.

Neighbors: Have friend, family, or neighbors that love to read the paper but aren’t into coupons? Take out your inserts and let them have the rest after you’re finished.

Recycle: Lessen your environmental impact by recycling newspaper instead of throwing away. Call your city/county to learn options for recycling programs or drop-off locations.

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16 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Make Use of Old Newspapers”

  1. Sissa51 says:

    I shred my news paper for litter in the guinea pig cage and hamster cages. If you are afraid of your animals getting too much ink from the papers just mix it half and half with your regular litter.

    • Anonymous says:

      And these days many newspapers print with soy ink, so that lessens environmental impact (using newspapers for animals or in the garden)! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have 2 cats who won’t use cat litter – tried every brand – BUT, they will use a litter box filled with newspapers.  So, one litter box has regular scoopable litter and another has newspapers.  I figure it’s a kind of recycling. ;-)

  3. Jan says:

    I put them in my garden 3 layers deep with mulch on top for weed control
    If I am starting a new garden where grass was I will put 7 or 8 layers of newspapers down to kill off the grass.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i use them in my yard….helps with weeds

  5. tanner12 says:

    to where

  6. sully says:

    i sell my newspapers each month, its not a lot but at least it pays my newspaper subscription.

    • Anonymous says:

      who buys old newspapers?

      • sully says:

        there are a lot of recycling centers private owned. they buy cans, bottles, and paper including newspaper. I found out one day when i drove by and stop to ask cause i saw a sign that say we buy paper. i though it was just white paper but no even newspaper.you wont become rich ja ja believe me but hey you recycle, you help the enviroment and you get at least the cost of your newspaper back. they also buy all the #1 and #2 plastic. i sell all the downey, detergent bottles, soap bottles, shampoo conditiones as well they pay you like .60C a pound. i only used to recycle cans and bottles but now i recycle anything that has a 1 and 2 in them. you will be amaze how much is recyclable and how little is trash.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow, I never thought of this!! Where do you find the #1 or #2? I would like to inquire about this in my area as well. Thanks!!

          • sully says:

            its usually at the bottom of a bottle. The number is inside the recycle sign. it has to say pete or pet for #1 and for number #2 it usually says “hdpe” most shampoo, detergent,soap bottles are #2

          • sully says:

            they buy both but you have to separate #1 from #2 . they pay more for #1 than for #2 but still its great. that is how i help pay for my newspaper subscription each month

            • Anonymous says:

              Thanks for the great tip! How many newspapers are you subscribed to?

            • sully says:

              i get about 4 newspapers but i get about 25 more from neighbors and friends. after reading them they just give the entire paper to me  and i recycle it so its a lot each week

          • Keli Kucera says:

            I thought of this awhile back, but unfortunately our recycling place only pays for recycled newspaper by the PALET!! LOL
            Needless to say I just throw them in my regular recycle bin now…but I tihnk I’ll look intosome of the other ideas listed above!  =)

    • ChristineClipsCoupons says:

      I have also heard of people selling cardboard boxes. The kind you use for moving or shipping packages in!