Did you get the $1.00/1 Bic coupon this past weekend? No? Well, it seems that most of us were disappointed. Don’t feel sad too long, however, because starting Sunday, August 5, Walgreens will have free Bic pens using the $1.00/2 coupon! Woohoo! When life gives you lemons (or low-value coupons), you make lemonade (or find hot freebies at Walgreens)!

Buy 2 Bic Cristal Bold Pens, 10 ct, $0.49, sale price 8/5-8/11
With in-ad coupon 8/5-8/11, Limit 3
Use one $1.00/2 Bic Stationery Products from SS 7/29 (exp 9/30)
Or one $1.00/2 – Bic Stationery Products – (coupons2.smartsource.com)
Or one $1.00/2 – Bic Stationery Products – (bricks.coupons.com)
Final Price: Free 

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79 thoughts on “Free Bic Cristal Bold Pens at Walgreens, Starting 8/5!”

  1. nettyb says:

    Finally!!! After about 4 visits to Walgreens they have the Bic pens in the ad in stock. I tried 2 Walgreens and finally today they had them! Wheee! Between my kids taking them off my desk and my oldest cat stealing them and hiding them under my curio cabinet, I am always looking for pens. Must hide them…..and no, I did not clear the shelf :)  I’m very new to couponing and I’ve been lucky to have all good experiences at Walgreens.

  2. Alyssa says:

    anyone have any luck price matching theses at walmart???

  3. Deana Sh. says:

    I have 8 coupons of the $1.00/2. I had two questions. Is $0.49 the regular price for these pens? And what does it mean by 3 limit? Per transcation? I really need pens. And with these 8 coupons I can score 16 packs of pens for free. So what should I do?????

  4. Amanda-New Krazy Coupon Lady says:

    I went to Walgreens today to buy these BIC pens. They were on sale for 2.29 I believe. I had a coupon for 1.00/2. So I buy two which equals 4.58 minus 1.00 minus .48 = 3.10. The cashier said I owed $2 so now I’m really confused. Walked away without buying them. I’m new to couponing but I’m not giving up. What am I missing?!?!

    • nicyray47 says:

       I’m confused too….what is the .48? ( Just for clarification) Wouldnt it have been 3.58 plus tax when you were all done? And the cashier said you owd 2.00, I don’t understand that either…but Ive only been couponing a few months and am still learning as well. I have had a few frustrating shopping trips myself.

  5. Auntie Em says:

    Walgreen’s does have the Bic 5 pk Brite Liner highlighters on sale for .79. I bought 2 and  used the $1.00 off 2 coupon. Not free but still not a bad deal!

  6. Auntie Em says:

    I went to Walgreen’s on Sunday and managed to get 4 pkgs. However, today, Tuesday, I went to 3 Walgreen’s and did not find any left. Same old story with Walgreen’s regarding stock amounts.
    I did finally realize I could get a rain check which I did. I’ll have to wait and see if they ever get more.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here plus when I found one that had them the computer will not take the coupons. Unsure if corporate put a block or what.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So I just went to Wags today and was unsuccessful w/this coupon =( The cashier told me some story about the register not accepting my bic manufacture coupon bc the pens were .49 each and I would have to reach a total of $1 BEFORE tax. I found this very strange…does anyone know if this is accurate??? My total was $1.04 for both pack of pens so I didn’t understand why the coupon beeped!! I was so frustrated and just left empty handed.

    • YADIRAALVAREZ11 says:

      BUY 4 BICS + FILLER – 2 CPS 

      • Anonymous says:

        what did you use as a filler? the cashier was telling me that it had to be a bic product but they didn’t have any more bic pens (at 9am – go figure) and the other bic items was just too pricey..

    • Amybang says:

      just get something to fill out the rest,like candy bar 59cents.

    • Anonymous says:

      The cashier did not know the store policy. They are to reduce the coupon value to match the sales item price. I bought 4 of them today and only had to pay the taxes $0.12 for all four. If you encounter this next time,  show them Walgreens’ store policy. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok, thanks for the advice. I was very annoyed bc I hate when I go into a store with an agenda, and something has to go wrong! It didn’t sound too accurate to me either, but it wasn’t worth an argument.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the great answer! Luvflowers is correct. They should be able to reduce the coupon to match the selling price of the item.

        • confused says:

          The Walgreens in New York does not have the in ad coupon in the circular.  Are you printing this ad from the walmart circular?  Can I find this ad online on walgreens.com?  I have the coupons but can’t use them.

  8. A1016neo says:

    If you 8 packs, will one $.49 coupon cover all 8 packs even though it says limit 3? I haven’t shopped at Wags in a while, but from my experiences one Wags coupon will cover all the items. Is that still the case?

    • YADIRAALVAREZ11 says:


  9. Lori says:

    My Walgreens would not take the $1/2 coupon because the ad price was .49 each so I took my coupon and went to HyVee where they were 2/$1 and got 8 packs for free!

    • Kris_girl1503 says:

      May I ask what city/state you live in that did not accept the $1/2? I once took a coupon to a Walgreens & the beauty counter cashier would not accept the mfr coupon because it was .01 cent more than the product price. ugh! i hop ei have better luck this next time because i’d really like the free pens!!

      • Amybang says:

        just get something like candy bar 59c, to fill out the rest, then the coupon will come thru.

    • Anonymous says:

      Glad you were able to use the coupon and score free pens!

  10. guest says:

    My Walgreens didn’t have any of these Bic pens… And the ad only had Papermate pens listed as .39 and .49. Bummer! I wonder if it’s Bic or Papermate based on your location.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s a possibility. I’m sorry that you weren’t able to find the Bic at your store : (

  11. anyone else having trouble printing the BIC Smartsource coupons?

    • Danielle says:

      Yes, my system updated to IE9 and now they won’t print.  It keeps saying that Java is not enabled but I checked and it is.  I even installed the lates version of Java and it still won’t work.

  12. Goodsully says:

    They dont take the store coupons in my store, you just open the ad up so  they can scan it so you never ned to cut them out.  I guess I will just have to do multiple trans because of the limit of 3.  I think I have 10 coupons,,,,,oh boy!

  13. yvette says:

    if i have more than one walgreens in ad coupon can i use them all in one transaction or do i need to make seperate transactions?

  14. Kafcsmith says:

    but most doen’t

  15. kanfla says:

    some have the box to click but doesn’t, help pls.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, we’re still experiencing a few “growing pains”. Hopefully all will be resolved soon! Thanks for your patience : )

  16. Kafcsmith says:

    how do u use the new shopping list tabs? How do you make the list?

    • Anonymous says:

      You’ll need to make an account, and then you should be able to select any item. It will be automatically added to your shopping list, which you can print and take to the store.

  17. You can PM this at Walmart right? Will they limit 3 as well? Just seems really inconvenient to only be able to use 1 coupon at a time because of the odd limit number. 

    • Debbie F says:

      Yes, you can PM at Walmart, but they do the limit as it states on the ad/coupon (or at least the 3 Walmarts I visit regularly do follow the limits stated in the ad/coupon).

  18. K.Laszew says:

    If it says limit 3 can I do more than one transaction of 3?

    • Debbie F says:

      If you have more than one coupon that comes in the Walgreens ad, you can do more than one transaction. I usually print the coupons from the Walgreens site, as my newspapers do not usually have the Walgreens ads in the inserts(?) I don’t know why, but they are usually not in there! I have never had a problem printing the coupons from the Walgreens circular online once it becomes available. I just print off as many as I need.

      • K.Laszew says:

        So say I had 19 coupons for $1/2, does that mean I need to print 19 Walgreens Circulars and then do 19 transactions because of the odd limit number?

        • Nikki says:

           No, you only need 1 Walgreens coupon. The cashier only has to scan the coupon once and it will adjust the sale price for them.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Do you guys think it’s better to print in color rather than black ink?
    cause I’m printing multiples of the coupons and i dont want to be accuse of the coupons being “fake”. But if i print these coupons in color, using both color coupons and my black ink coupons, don’t you think people are gonna think the black ones are gonna be “fake”? I’m planning on donating these pens to my local pantry.

    • Guest says:

      My printer only has black ink… toner, actually. If they give you a problem show them the number under the coded bar in the top right corner. As long as all these numbers (in the top right corner) are different, then they can’t accuse you of photocopying. Well, I mean they could but they’d be dumb. lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve never had a problem using coupons printed in black & white. 

    • Courtany says:

      How are you printing the multiples? I always print mine in black and white, saves on ink and I have never had a problem when using them.

  20. JDanz116 says:

    How do I add this to my shopping list? 

    • Debbie F says:

      If you are referring to the Walgreens website to add to your shopping list, I think you cannot add items from the sneak preview ad. You will have to wait until Sunday to actually add the item to your shopping list.

  21. nubetocouponworld says:

    Does anyone know what region got the $1/1 coupon? Can’t seem to find out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not very many people got it. A few areas in the midwest and some parts of California did receive the $1.00.

  22. courtingcouponing says:

    Can’t wait for these!!

  23. Melissa Lupo says:

    KCL where is the BIC in ad coupon located?  I have searched and searched my ad and unable to find it.  Does this mean it is not on sale in my area or am I looking in the wrong place

  24. Ekakathy says:

    i cant fined coupon under what zip code

  25. Anonymous says:

    Publix has the BIC pencils on sale for $1.00 each, it doesn’t make them free but $.50 a pack is still a good deal. :)

    • Jenzarbo says:

      Staples has the 5 pack pencils for $.25 – you can get 4 packs for free! Limit of 4 per translation or they go up in cost.

      • Amybang says:

        I have been staples (So Cali) today, the cashier said that Bic is not available for the coupon, because it already sale, if I use it with coupon, it will be free, that’s not make sense, he call the manager, he said the same, so bad. It;s hard to use the manuf,coupon at Staples. :(

  26. Gerbear says:

    These are on sale at my local Hy-Vee and I don’t see a limit like the Walgreens one has!

  27. anna1202 says:

    Can this price matched at Walmart?

  28. Jessica Sch. says:

    Does anyone know if BIC Crystal “BOLD” comes in the standard colors? (Black, Blue, Red.)  Or will only the assorted pack be on sale, like pictured in the ad? 

    • Anonymous says:

      The Bold pens do come in black and blue, but I’m not sure which colors will be available at Walgreens.