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Duncan Hines Brownie Mix, Only $0.39 at Walmart!

What’s better than warm, gooey chocolate brownies straight from the oven? How about if those brownies only cost you $0.39? It may sound like heaven, but it can be your reality! Print a new $0.55 coupon for Duncan Hines Brownie Mix and head to Walmart, where the snack size mix costs just $0.94. You’ll be able to score a box of brownie mix for only $0.39!

Duncan Hines Snack Size Brownie Mix, 10.5 oz $0.94, regular price
Use $0.55/1 – Duncan Hines Brownie Mix – (
Final Price: $0.39

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37 thoughts on “Duncan Hines Brownie Mix, Only $0.39 at Walmart!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    they were $1.59 at my walmart!!! :-(

  2. Vheller81 says:

    I am still not able to print off the coupon today. Anyone else still having this problem?

  3. Info says:

    Forget Walmart!! These are always $1 @ Kmart, double ur coupon and get it for free!!!!

  4. Tidublf says:

    I used my coupon at Kroger, and it doubled up to a dollar. I didn’t realize until I got home that it was a chocolate cake mix….duh…., but either way I got the mix for 60 cents.

  5. Vheller81 says:

    Is anyone having trouble printing off coupons from smartsource today? I cant seem to print anything. It keeps telling me Java is disabled but I have printed off in the past without a problem. Is the web site messed up today?

    •  Their website has been messed up for a few days.  I was trying to print using Firefox & all I was getting was a blank screen.  KCL said to try a different browser (she used Safari) so I switched to Google Chrome & finally got them to print.  So maybe try a different browser?  I also went in, disabled my java then enabled it again.

    • Amanda Smith says:

      i’ve had a lot of printing problems with smartsource always. had to use mozilla browser to get them to print.

    • michelleviscosalvo says:

      Im hvaing the same problem I thought it was my computer thanks for reassuring me its not me! ill try tomorrow i guess?

  6. Michelle says:

    Ive never had a problem at my walmart with any coupons…

  7. Jenessa says:

    walmart always tells me i cant use the same coupon in a transaction when on the coupon it says nothing about “one per transaction” they mostly say one per purchase meaning one per product right? or am i wrong? 

    • Andreadpwilliams says:

      I had that problem before I told her I was sorry about that. I said okay you can ring them up seperately. She said well I already rung them up. I said okay but I want to use the q. Also I was pricematching too. It felt like it took 5 mins but it all went through smoothly and I was in the express lane too.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re right! One per purchase is one per product that you are buying.

  8. Babylynnbird09 says:

    even working at walmart i get awful faces from cowrkers saying why do you do this doesnt it take up alot of your time and people will get behind me in line and act impatient but ive really just learned to look over it its my wallet and money that im saving and my family that im providing for…

    • Dlsb912 says:

      Yep, cashiers hate dealing with coupons and it seems most people resent that there is a way in which we can legitimately pay less than the shelf price.  But they could have the savings too if it was important enough to them to do the work.

  9. Katie Dombi says:

    Use the self checkout lane – as long as you dont need to price match, I dont have any problems.

    • Anonymous says:

      I always use the self-checkout at Walmart too and my coupons never scan and the checker just comes over and manually puts them in and doesn’t even look in my bags to see if I bought the items (I do!).

      • Eekenney1980 says:

        thats probably because most registers at walmart let you know if the stuff is there or not when you scan the coupon… makes it alittle easier for the cashier.

        • Bekah says:

          I am somewhat of a cashier at walmart. Heres the thing. Walmart has been getting a lot of counterfeit printed coupons so, I understand them being cautious about the printed coupons. If you get a cashier who doesnt care, she will scan every coupon whether she saw the item or not. She may have the attitude we all expect, but you will get your coupons scanned. I dont like self check out because… well i just dont. Most of the time if you get a product similar or that has the same digits as the coupon, it will allow you to scan it as well. Publix does not take printed coupons but they will allow you to use their store coupon  (without barcode) and a manufacturer coupon on the same product. Plus, they take competitor coupons.

          • Amanda Smith says:

            all my publixes take printed qpons

          • Chalondria says:

             I am a cashier at Walmart and one reason the cashier at the self checkout may not have looked into your bags to verify the items is because we have a screen that displays your purchases to us at the main desk for all 4 check outs simultaneously. The cashier may have already seen the product appear on her screen and trusted that the shopper is competent enough to have purchased the correct size. Also as the above user stated, the register is “supposed” to reject the coupon if the terms i/e size or quantity are not met.

          • Dlsb912 says:

            Publix does take IP coupons, it’s their policy and they NEVER give me a hard time.  Walmart on the other hand gives nothing but problems, even had one friend who is a cashier at WM admit that they hate it when people get things free with coupons and they know the person can’t use 10 of a single item….say what?!  Bet she wouldn’t mind it if she was the one with the 10 coupons for the free thing. ;) 

      • Anonymous says:

        their machines are set up to beep and not work for me (little bit vain here lol) so I just go to the regular line and don’t use IP coupons because they allwwaayys give me  hard time or won’t take them.  Apparently they’ve lost money on those.  In Walmarts world I’m sure it’s not too much of a loss but nevertheless a loss.

  10. Leighm74 says:

    I agree!!! I refuse to use internet Q’s @ walmart. They act like i am stealing. Hate that place!!!

  11. Lauriem6 says:

    uggg, that sucks, I hate shopping at Walmart! I always get harassed for using coupons.  Does anybody know the price at Target for these?

    • Monica says:

      Most Targets price match.

    • Mt3js says:

      These are 10/$10 at CVS all the time so with coupon makes it $0,45

    • Dargavelld says:

       target does the same to me thats why i go to krogers

    • Dlsb912 says:

      They harassed me also and ended up giving a $25 ‘customer satisfaction’ walmart gift card because I very professionally but respectfully and FIRMLY voiced my dissatisfaction with the way they treated me when I went to redeem some coupons that were printed from  They accused me of copying them because I had two like coupons and would not take them.  They were wrong, I showed them ON THE COUPON where they were wrong and told them I did not appreciate them accusing me of committing coupon fraud when in fact their customer service manager (the one who made the accusation in front of the cashier when the coupon would not scan) had been trained incorrectly on how to detect a fraudulent coupon.  I pointed out that the QR codes on each coupon was different.  She accused me of copying the coupon based on the microscopic print at the top of the coupon….you know the little print that provides your IP address-not very smart on her part because that number will always be the same unless you print from more than one machine …..each machine has it’s own identifiers. Anyway, after I expressed my extreme displeasure and frustration they offered to honor the coupons, I declined, told them they couldn’t give me the product now.  I told the Assistant store manager all that I wanted was an apology from the CSM who wrongly accused me and that I would appreciate that apology IN FRONT of the cashier that checked me out when she made the accusation. I got my apology and they gave me the gift card.  I still didn’t buy anything from them that day, left and didn’t go back for a LONG time.  I go there as little as possible anyway, don’t like the environment or being hassled. I want trouble free shopping.

      • they sure don’t give WIC/food stamp customers any flack! so b/c it’s government-funded savings, it’s more respected? we, couponers, work WAY harder to save $$$ and legally! there are WAY more people committing WIC/food stamp fraud! ok…stepping down off of the soap box, now ;)

    • Emailterrin says:

       i dont know if you have county market but their mailer coupon has them for .88 with this .55 off coupon makes it a great deal!