Rite Aid Extreme Couponing (Week of 8/5): $5.00 or Less

Welcome to this post where we will lay out some extreme couponing deals that will cost you about $5.00 each week! First, here’s everything you need to know about shopping at Rite Aid:

Before shopping at RiteAid you should sign up for a Wellness card or get one in your store. The best deals at Rite Aid utilize the +Up Rewards and the Single Check Rebate (SCR) system. In addition to the +Up Rewards, which are coupons that print with your receipt (similar to CVS), Rite Aid sends you a monthly check for the total of all your rebates purchased during that month with the SCR program. You can cash the check as you would any other check. In addition to the +Up Rewards and the SCR program, you can watch videos on products and receive Video Value coupons. These coupons can be printed from your computer after you watch the corresponding videos. You can use each coupon once per Wellness card. Go here for RiteAid’s updated coupon policy and here to watch the video on shopping at Rite Aid.


Buy 3 Stride, 14 ct $0.67 each, when you buy 3
Buy 3, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward, Limit 4
Use $0.25/1 – Stride – (adperk.com)
Pay $1.76, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward

Buy 1 Cutter Backwoods, 6 oz $3.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward, Limit 2
Use one $1.00/1 – Cutter Products – (facebook.com)
Pay $2.99, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward

Buy 1 Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste, 4 oz $4.99
Use one $4.00/1 Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste in-ad coupon
And use $0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste from SS 7/29 (exp 8/31)
Pay $0.49

Buy 1 Colgate Maxfresh Toothpaste 6 oz $2.99
Use one $2.00/1 Colgate Maxfresh Toothpaste in-ad coupon
And use one $0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste from SS 7/29 (exp 8/31)
Pay $0.49

Total: $5.73, Receive $1.00 and $2.00 +Up Rewards


Buy 2 Mentos Curvy Bottles, 45-50 ct $1.99
Buy 1, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward, Limit 4
Use $1.00/2 Mentos Bottles, 45 ct or larger from SS 8/5 (exp 10/5)
Pay $2.98, Receive two $1.00 +Up Rewards

Buy 1 Scunci Elastics, 18 ct or Conair Vibe Brush, $2.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward
Pay $2.99, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward

Total: $5.97, Use $1.00 and $2.00 +Up Rewards from Transaction #1, Pay $2.97, Receive two $1.00 and one $2.00 +Up Rewards

Grand Total: $8.70 with two $1.00 and one $2.00 +Up Reward remaining so $4.70 plus tax for about $22.00 worth of product!

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9 thoughts on “Rite Aid Extreme Couponing (Week of 8/5): $5.00 or Less”

  1. Candy says:

    I have a question for KCL…. I went to 3 different Rite-Aid with my “$3 Biz Razor” coupons from saturday/Sunday papers and all their machines say “not valid until 8/8″ can they do that? One manager pushed through a couple of my coupons but the others told me they should not have???!!! I’m confused because the coupon doesn’t say “valid from 8/8/12 until 9/30/12″ etc.

  2. Traci Brown says:

    Our local RiteAid closed but they opened a new one a street over the same day. Just recently I noticed that the ads for our store run Thursday to Wednesday now. Does anyone else’s store have this ad schedule? Honestly, I do not like it – mostly because I do all of my drug store shopping on Sundays. Also, since the coupons are released in Sundays paper – I end up waiting anyways because the coupon matching list hasn’t been posted when the ad starts. Has anyone else noticed a change in their Rite Aid sale dates?

    • Anonymous says:

      In Southern California the ads run from Friday to Thursday, except San Diego. As far as I know we are the only place that runs their ads differently nationwide. Where are you located?

    • Candy says:

      San Diego stores vary.. the one right near my house is on the Thursday to Wednesday schedule… I went to the one 5 min away and it is on the Friday to Thursday schedule… it blows because I always forget they are not on the same schedule and miss out on deals…

  3. dawn says:

    I have a question regarding the new coupon policy at Rite Aid. When you have Up Rewards from a previous purchase and you are using coupons for you current purchase does it automatically take off the UP reward BEFORE your coupons or after your coupons?

    • Sophoeun_seng says:

      Before your coupons. Sometimes i ask if it is okay to scan all of my manufacturer coupons before i scan my rite aid card. Just in case my up rewards covers my total cost and i would not be able to use the coupons. It also depends on the cashier if they will let you do this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The in ad coupons for the Colgate toothpaste say manufacturer coupon at the top. Does that mean I can’t use the $.50/1 from SS 7/29? 

    • Sophoeun_seng says:

      The in-ad coupon is actually a Rite Aid coupon which begins with RC so it can be combined with the manufacturer coupon for $.50/1