Here’s our latest video where we take you along for one of our shopping trips at a Kroger family store. Watch the video and learn how to read your store ad, how to pick a cashier, and how to check out with coupons!

Learn to read your store ad

Look for in-ad store coupons that you can “stack” with a manufacturer coupon.

Look for promotions by scanning the ad for words like “Save $5.00 Instantly” or “Save $3.00 On Your Next Order.”  When there are advertised promotions, we are taking advantage of sale prices AND additional savings in the form of coupons (Catalinas) to use on your next transactions or instant savings that comes off before you pay.

Don’t be mislead by 2/$5.00 or 10/$10.00 sales. Typically, you don’t need to buy 2 (or 10) to get the savings.  If you buy just one, you will get the same price as buying 2.

Learn how to pick a cashier

Find a cashier who is excited about coupons and saving money.  Be super-friendly and ask them how they prefer that you hand them the coupons.

Learn how to check out with coupons

Have your store and manufacturer coupons clipped before you enter the checkout lane.

Sign up and use your store loyalty program.

Ask your cashier how you should hand over your coupons.

How did we do!?

We saved over 60% on cheese, milk, salad dressing, chips, and more!

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18 thoughts on “Couponing 101: Watch and Learn How to Shop with Coupons”

  1. Mommymalin says:

    I loved the tips for picking a cashier.  Whenever I send my husband to the store with coupons, I give him the exact same advice.  :)

  2. sully says:

    love this new video series. it keeps you conected to all readers. thanks for taking the time to do this videos

  3. nargis farooq says:

    hi heather n joannie, my question was  it always exites me to see at the bottom of my reciept that how much have i saved after purchasing, so tell me after paying under twenty dollers how much did u saved ?

  4. Cece Kitson says:

    Avoid the old ladies…that couldn’t be any more true! :D

  5. kathy centeno says:

    Funny cashier profiling section!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love the little “blur” circles on the other customers. :)

  7. The Smartest Fish says:

    Thanks Ladies! I always enjoy your videos, the tips and advise are GREAT! Awesome Savings!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more about your stereotyping of the cashiers!  Love teen-aged guys the best!  Like you said, they are always super excited and ask lots of questions about how to print coupons, etc.  

    •  My favorite cashier i]at Target is a young man named Kenny, he always remembers me and today he told me he wants to learn to coupon!! Told him to check out the Krazy Coupon lady!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ha–I was expecting you to turn to the guy behind you and say “Pick another checkout lane, honey.”  Thank you both so much for teaching us all the art of couponing!

  10. Cherryredrose says:

    If I am not mistaken you said that you could only use one coupon per item. I thought you could have use more than 1 coupon per item.   But you can stack a manufacturers with a store in ad coupon.

    • sully says:

      they are talking about store coupons. you only need one ad store coupon no matter how much of an item you are buying. the system would take the discount off every item. its only for store coupons 

      • Unless the in-store coupon says “limit 4″ or any other limits to the coupons, my safeway coupons have it stated.

        • sully says:

          yes you always have to check if it has limits. at walgreens i notice do that the register will take the discount of all products even if its past the limits. so it all depends on the store

  11. Lilly2012 says:

    love all the tips, thanks

  12. Emma says:

    Once the guy behind you put up his cereal all I could think was “I hope he has his coupon”. 

  13. Michelle Rhodes says:

    Love to watch yall in the store.  However my doesn’t come that easy.