Walgreens.com currently has one HOT deal on vitamins. They have 60 count Arctic Naturals Ultra Omega-3 Ultra Concentrated Supplement Softgels (lemon), 60 count Arctic Naturals Total Omega Join, Skin and Heart Softgels (lemon) and 60 count Arctic Naturals Daily Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgels (lemon) on sale for $15.00 each. Each of these 3 vitamins has a $15.00 mail-in rebate available, making them completely free. In addition, at Walgreens.com orders over $25.00 ship for free. So, if you purchase at least 2 of these vitamins, you won’t have to pay for shipping. Orders under $25.00 have a shipping charge of $5.50. Go here to print your rebate form.

Buy 1  60 count Arctic Naturals Ultra Omega-3 Ultra Concentrated Supplement Softgels (lemon) $15.00
Buy 1 60 count Arctic Naturals Total Omega Join, Skin and Heart Softgels (lemon) $15.00
Buy 1 60 count Arctic Naturals Daily Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgels (lemon) $15.00
Free Shipping on orders over $25.00
Pay $45.00, Submit for 3 $15.00 Mail-in Rebates
Final Price: FREE

This offer is valid for online purchases only made between 7/29/2012 and 8/25/2012.

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21 thoughts on “3 Full-Size Bottles of Vitamins Free at Walgreens.com!”

  1. Keli Kucera says:

    Only 1 of them is available to buy online now. So you can’t do this deal even if you bought 2 of the one that’s left because it is 1 rebate per product.  :(

  2. Emily B. says:

    Woot got my order in. Only 2/3 available, but these are used by my hubby and FREE is always good! Also went through shopathome.com :) 

  3. Davina Lucas says:

    And get 7% cashbakc with Shop at home.  17% MM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Brandi says:

    Since there are multiple lines for UPC codes, can we just write the three codes in and submit the one form for all three products?

    • B4dachiefs says:

       yeppers, just include the shipping label with the product codes circled when mailing in the form.

  5. Angela says:

    If I already purchased one of the products in store and submitted for a rebate, does that mean I can only get the other 2 online now or can I get all 3 since this is from online?

  6. Jwelsh104 says:

    wow … even better deal with the $5 off any order $30 or over coupon that printed for me at the register yesterday! 

  7. B4dachiefs says:

    The rebate rule state that this is for “PRODUCTS” and that there is a limit of one rebate only PER PRODUCT.  If you order the three products, you will receive three rebates of $15…one for each separate product ordered.

  8. mb says:

    I believe this is wrong. There is only one product in the rebate book, limit 1

  9. bryant1109 says:

    Okay, just saw that this is a DIFFERENT rebate than the one in the rebate booklet from the store.

    The rebate form for THIS promo can be found at …   http://www.walgreens.com/images/pdfs/rebates/12-95767_Walgreens.pdf

  10. Thankful to You says:

    I noticed the same thing as the above comment: the booklet at the store says a Limit 1 rebate on these supplements.  Are you sure we can send in a rebate for all 3???

  11. bryant1109 says:

    Looking at the rebate form from the booklet appears that you can only buy 1 to get the rebate. Or, is there another rebate form?

  12. Xc_chic28 says:

    When choosing how to receive your rebate, you can select a Walgreen’s rebate card and get a 10% bonus. In other words, that’s a $1.50 Money Maker on each bottle!!!

    • Puipui96 says:

      If you get a Walgreen’s rebate card, you cannot get RR in the future when you use to pay with it in the store. It is a waste that way. I have asked in the store.

      • Kuponqueenz says:

        I have had no problems with situations like that…  Maybe it is just your store.  I try and do as many of the little rebates that I can just to get the money on the card and the extra 10%.  The only time I have had to ask for a register reward I wasnt using the rebate card.

  13. Silvernx211 says:

    Do you submit one rebate form for al 3 products?

  14. Jessica Lim says:

    Is this for walgreens.com only? The fish oil is out of stock online :(

  15. Vickeycodella says:

    Where do I get the mail-in rebate? This is a screamin’ deal!