Ever feel self conscious lugging around your coupon binder or using coupons at checkout? No need to be embarrassed! Step up and be proud to be a couponer!

Coupons are for anyone willing to put in a little effort to save money. Couponers come from every background and budget, and you should always be proud to use them because coupons are your currency. Remember that the manufacturer reimburses the store for every cent of each coupon, so use them without shame.

If you’re new and apprehensive about redeeming coupons, start slowly. Opt for eCoupons and newspaper manufacturer coupons for the most stress-free options, and organize which coupons you’ll be using before you get to checkout.  Always carry your store’s coupon policy with you every time you shop; those policies should do the talking for you when you run into snags.

And once you’re scoring great deals regularly, remember to share the coupon love. Let others know about coupons, TheKrazyCouponLady.com website, and how they can save money too. If you have time, try teaching a small couponing class or getting others involved. And when you have extras from your stockpile, reach out to those in need by donating to friends, family, churches, or food banks in the area.

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31 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Be Proud of Coupons!”

  1. Kaydub2 says:

    I was in target getting three of the glade spray deals..and the cashier wouldnt let me have them on one transaction saying the coupon says one per guest. Then I also had two coupons for the up and up scrubbies for .75 cents off, and she wouldnt give those to me saying that the scrubbies werent cleaning supplies. She was so rude, when I walked away she apologized to the man behind me for “people like me”. I called the manager about her behavior. My total of all transactions was 20.98, and I paid 7.23, I was happy about that…but I just felt sad that someone can get so bent out of shape about someone using coupons. This has been my first week couponing and was upset but it wont stop me..Im back here looking for more deals. :)

  2. Dtodahl says:

    I give my K-Cups coupons to a cashier at a Walgreens I shop  at.  First time, she had tears!!

  3. Keli Kucera says:

    I’ve overheard a lot of rude comments or nasty cashiers, but I have also had the pleasure of great, positive experiences with cashiers and customers as well. For example, the cashier at Target the other day snidely remarked, “WHAT are you going to do with four stainless steel cleaners?!?” To which I kindly replied, “Clean anything stainless steel with it” {BIG SMILE}…..I thought of plenty of other nasty comments afterwards that I could have replied with, but was glad I took the high road…I mean, she acted like SHE was paying for the items! lol  (It was the stack for the Comet SS cleaner that made them free with an MQ & a TQ)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve encountered grumpy people behind me in line and others who don’t say anything but have their eyes wide opened looking at the register go down when I use my Qs…  Lol…  The other day at Target I saw a young man looking through the razors shelf and I asked him if he was going to get a brand in particular….  He said he didn’t have one and that he was not used to disposables…  I said:  “being so you don’t have a particular brand that you like, here’s a Q that will help you save a lot…”  And I handed him the BOGO Mach 3 MQ that I had…  He saw the price of them and he looked at me and said thanks like 20000 times!!!!  Lol…  He was soooo appreciative of it that he even waved good bye at the register…  LOL…  And another time I saw this young girl spraying the Dove mists to figure out which one she liked the most.  So I asked her, after she decided which one she liked the most, if she wanted my MQ…  She looked at me and my binder and said:  “OMG!!!  You are one of those ladies!!!!  That’s awesome!!!!  I’ve seen how much you all save with that binder!!!!  Thanks a lot!!!”…  And I do that every time I can…  At Target, CVS, grocery store…  Whenever I can…  Makes me feel good that I’m helping somebody… With the Target Qs that are about to expire, I leve them by the corresponding product…  I don’t do that with the MQs because I send them to the troops…  :D

    • I gave a lady $4 in feminine care coupons at CVS yesterday. She said thanks about ten times too. The cashier said she was about to cry. I love to help others too, but many times they look at me like I’m crazy. Some of them have simply said no! I guess not everyone wants help.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, one time I offered an old lady some lunch meat Qs at the grocery store and she was very appreciative but wanted another brand, even though it was more cause of the container they came in…  Lol…  I was amazed…  Lol…  She was the first and only no so far that I have ever received… :-P

  5. Shannon Chancellor says:

    I was at Target yesterday and saved about 51%.  My 17-year old son and his friend were cheering when all the coupons came off!  I even gave my son a couple of things that I new were going to be free (comet cleaner and papermate pens) and told him he needed to pay for those for me.  He was impressed when all he needed to pay was tax on the comet because it was tax-free weekend! 

  6. When I tell people that I coupon, I’m always embarrassed.  But, it’s not because of the coupons, it’s because they associate us with the show. There is a significant difference in the majority of us and the tv show. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I saw it, but I feel like it’s not true to us as couponers.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s true that we sometimes get a bad rap of being “extreme”– hoarding, clearing shelves, taking hours at checkout, etc. The truth is that most of us (especially us Krazy Couponers) are kind and considerate shoppers that just love a good bargain and want to save money where we can. The more we can show a positive side to couponing to other shoppers and cashiers, the more it can dispel that negatuve “extreme” image. 

  7. Lenianjoe says:

    I used to get a lot of comments and looks from consumers in line behind me but now they are all mostly excited to see how much I save!  This weekend I bought 16 air freshner refills from glad and only paid $1.29 for $23.78 worth of product.  (No, I did not clear the shelf) and the cashier was even impressed when she saw my total!  I <3 my coupons and enjoy saving money for my family!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It was so funny at Target the other day I saw a lady in front of me buying Head & Shoulders so I quickly fished out the BOGO q that was about to expire, but she already had one, lol! Love running into fellow savvy shoppers!

  9. Likeu5 says:

    Yes, I love them .I always scan people carts and if i have a coupon for something they are buy I offer them a coupon. I give some of my co-workers coupon too.I want everyone to save.

    • Katitd says:

      I do the same thing!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s a great way to share the coupon love!

    • Anonymous says:

      I do the same!!!!  Especially if I’m stocked up and if they are about to expire… ;) 

    • Keli Kucera says:

      hehehe, I do that too!  Most of the time for diapers/wipes b/c I’m so well stocked now, the last few times I gave someone in front of or behind me in line a coupon it was for diapers!  lol

    • Chellinco says:

      I offer coupons to people too, especially if I feel I don’t really need use all the coupons myself.  I even take the time to explain how much it’s going to cost them by using the coupon verus what they’ll pay full price.  I’ve never had anyone refuse a coupon.

  10. Lynsey says:

    I agree, as long as you are a conscientious couponer, be proud!!  Also… men love women who save money instead of spending it!!  :-P My hubby always brags about how much I save while others are griping about how much theirs spend.  :)

  11. Rachel Cox says:

    after a few weeks, and after realizing how much i was saving on things i NEED, i no longer feel self conscious and have been teaching a few people too, some are more excited and after taking one of my friends with me to cvs, she and her mother in law are hooked! i’ve only had a few bad experiences, but the saving way outweigh the negatives!

  12. Stephanie says:

    The lady behind me at target on saturday only had a few items in her buggy so i offered to let her go she said heck no i want to see how this works……me, the cashier and her were all excited :-) 

  13. Dannysgirl1215 says:

    I too was in line a few days ago and a couple was complaining that I was using coupons  she said to them if you want to pay the difference that she is saving then I will stop right now … the couple didn`t say another word..

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s what I feel telling the people behind me when they complain…  Lol…  But don’t do it to avoid problems…  But my husband says that they are lucky he’s not there with me cause he would’ve said that!!!  Lol… :-P  And I believe him!  Lol…

      • The people complaining about others using coupons are usually the same people who are always complaining about having no money. I overheard someone in Target the other day saying she had not been able to get personal care items because she had no money. Clip some coupons already people, ha ha!

        • Anonymous says:

          I was thinking the same when I was watching the news the other day…  People complaining about school supplies being sooo expensive…  I understand there are some that might be but there’s always the other freebies or very cheap ones with Qs… My mom works at Publix and also coupons…  So she gives them advice on a BOGO deal that they have there or if there’s a Q…  She tells them that she’s done the deal and that it’s good, etc…  And her customers have told her that she does that cause she has the money…  Lol…  Oh well…  People…  :-P

          • Chellinco says:

            I kick myself when I think about all the years I paid full price for school supplies and complained how expensive they were.  I keep telling people “if you’re paying more than 10.00 for your kids school supplies, you’re paying too much”

            • Anonymous says:

              Well, I guess it’s beacause people don’t know…  They actually see couponing as a waste of time and that you really don’t save but a dollar or two…  I’ve heard that on tv and from other people…  To teach their own…  ;)

  14. Ryanky1106 says:

    i had a man in line behind me yesterday complaining to the cashier that I was using coupons and the cahsier said good for her trying to save some money.. he shut up fast…

    • Anonymous says:

      That is one thing that has never happened to me, anyone complaining within earshot. I’m surprised.