Running out of tape is never a good thing. I try to stay well stocked, but for some reason, mine always goes missing. Whenever I need it, I can’t find it! Since it’s currently free at Target, I think I’ll add a few to my cart to increase the odds of finding it when I need it!

Scotch Magic Tape, 3/4 x 200 in $0.49, sale price
Use $0.50/1 – Scotch Magic Tape Item, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: Free 

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73 thoughts on “Free Scotch Magic Tape at Target!”

  1. amy says:

    is this sale stil going on or was it just for last week?

  2. Linda Van says:

    I can’t find these at Target, I looked all over and for bins like a lot of people said but still nothing :(

  3. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t find these at my Target =(

  4. mangiabella says:

    i have looked everywhere in target, the school supplies area, the office supply area, I cannot find a .49 scotch tape!!! the cheapest i saw was 2.50…where can i find it???

  5. Nickirkpatrick says:

    My target didn’t have it on sale. Actually they don’t have a lot of sale that are posted here :(

    • Hi, it’s quite possible that your Target did not post the sale signs. When I found this deal at Target, there wasn’t a sale sign in front of the tape but I brought it to a scanner to check the price. Sure enough–it was only $0.50. It’s a good idea to either scan the item or ask an employee to verify the price. 

  6. St_ar31 says:

    i wasn’t able to use my .25 off 1 scotch magic tape at target

  7. thanks for the warning all what i will do is get 6 with 2 target qs and 4 manu qs to make it 6 for .94 

  8. Jewels200420 says:

    just got two of these tapes for free. it did beep at the register and said item not found. the cashier looked in the bag to make sure i had it, then pushed a button and it went through. i wish all cashiers were this nice…

  9. LuckyChaise2012 says:

    Only half of my coupons for the tapes were going through at the register.  I even went to talk to customer service and they did not try to help me at all. They said that maybe it was because the coupon was worth more than the sale price or that it was ’25% more tape’.  I even showed them the receipt of the coupons that scanned and they said maybe it was also because Target had a new coupon policy where they didn’t allow so many coupons to be scanned in a day. I was only using 4 of them. 2 went through and 2 didn’t.  

  10. Ryanolivas says:

    If it is not working at target and you have a bad cashier just go to walmart and pricematch you should not have the problem.

    • The only problem w/ that is you cannot use a this Target coupon at Walmart.

      • ashley says:

        I had no problem with the coupon at target, only every coupon I used the cashier would look in the bags to make sure i was taking the exact same item. lol. it was annoying because my husband and I went early and there was only one cashier, so we were holding up the line.  A few weeks back can’t remember exactly when, there were 4 coupons that came out for Scotch- $2 off any 4 scotch products, $3 off any 5 and etc. and I used the $2/4 and got them too free :) it was awesome.

  11. Auntekristy says:

    Bummer! I didn’t see any of these at my Target.

    • Anonymous says:

      They were in bins in the middle of the school supply area…they were  marked $1 but rang up 49 cents!!

  12. shelley says:

    careful. I tried to purchase 4 with 4 coupons and I have a lady at my target who is a coupon Nazi. she will do anything to keep from me being able to use a coupon and it does say on the coupon only one per guest. She would not let me spllit transactions.

  13. sdmama24 says:

    I also had problems with the tape. They wouldn’t take it because the coupon was for one cent more than the tape. I asked if they could adjust the coupon down, and the cashier said they don’t do that. I’ll have to try a different Target. This particular cashier also tried to tell me that she couldn’t wait until the end to scan the coupons; since there were so many, she wanted to scan each coupon after it’s corresponding item. She told me this was their policy. I have NEVER had that problem, and never heard of that as being part of their policy! Anyone else run into this?

    • Anonymous says:

      I only go to certain cashiers when I go to Target…Normally target coupons auto adjust down, but this 1 isn’t.  It is saying that the item was not purchased & to double check.  One hit of a button by the cashier & it goes through.  I have never had a cashier scan coupons as she went along… I bought 4 tapes yesterday & 2 more today & didn’t have any problems…I just made sure that I had something to eat up the few cents of overage since she didn’t adjust them down like she was supposed 2.

  14. ashley says:

    I was looking through my binder and found a coupon from a few weeks ago for $2 offany 4 scotch tape, scotch brite 2pk sponges or command products and it expires at the end of the month, im wondering if I can use this and purchase 4 tapes and get them for free? …

    • Kathy says:

       I was wondering the same thing…I was trying to use $3 off any 5 then you can get 6 for free?

      • ashley says:

        you can use that coupon! I used mine and had no problems- the cashier just counted the tapes to make sure I took all 4 for the coupons. I need to back and get more lol, I have 2 more coupons to use.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Got two today. Even $.25 seems good, will go back tomorrow.

  16. Asflovesu3 says:

    so i tried to pick the .49 scotch tape up today and they said because the coupon was for .50 cents, they wouldn’t take it.  I asked if they could adjust the coupon to .49 cents..they wouldn’t do that either..but I did find an awesome score!  Be on the look out for SCRUBBING bubbles toilet wand starter kits, at my store they had them on clearance for $4.59, the $3.00 coupon for scrubbing bubbles one stop worked on this item so I got the starter kit for 1.59.  Good deal!

    • Windsurfobx07 says:

      same thing happened to me with the scotch tape, it really stinks… i wish they would fix it. seem to work for some people so i wounder why its not for us

      • Anonymous says:

        I had the same problem today.  Manager came over and said they will not over-ride coupons to lower the price.  If the computer automatically adjusts the coupon value, then it is fine.  The funny thing was that I bought a Carefree 20 count for 0.99 and used a $1 target coupon and 0.50 manufacture coupon – this was $0.51 overage!  And the computer allowed it so that was okay?!?!?!?  But 1 penny for tape is not?!?!?  Serves me right – I was in a hurry and the checkout lane with the younger gentleman as a checker had a super long line.

        • Leahcoup says:

          I could not use my .50 coupon for the tape today either. They said since it was .49, the coupons exceeded the amount of the item, SO they couldnt accept it!!! GRRRR!

    • Anonymous says:

      That is pretty odd because when they scan Target coupons at my Target, it auto adjusts down, so the cashier does not have to do anything.  It does not auto adjust for manufacturer coupons. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Same at my stores…  I wonder if the machines are old at the stores where the rest are having troouble…  :-/

      • Anonymous says:

        They usually auto adjust at mine 2, but I think it is something w/the sku numbers on the tapes that aren’t matching up with the coupon.  At my store it said item not purchased when she scanned the coupon but just hit the button that said it was!

  17. Anonymous says:

    My target coupons haven’t been printing the bar codes lately. I have a mac but have never had an issue before. Any ideas on what the problem is? Thanks

    • What internet browser do you use? Sometimes a browser can affect a printing job. I had that problem once so I switched to a different browser–voila!

    • bbdallas says:

      I had a similar problem. The product picture, the Target logo, the 5% blah, blah, and the bar code printed but the terms and the upc code numbers didn’t print.  I changed ink cartridges and it seems to work now but printing the crappy coupons used up one of my 2 eligible prints.  ARGH!

  18. Stahl384 says:

    coupon i printed said 50 off 1.50  or more

  19. Lmgwc2 says:

    LOL I still have 10 left from last year, wondering if I should get a couple more anyway

  20. Windsurfobx07 says:

    is this not working for anyone else?? when they scan the tape and then the coupon it says “item not found” then they go on to say because  the item has 25% more and then when they see the coupon doesnt say any size they say its because the coupon is more than the item… they drive me crazy!!!!

    • Lecia says:

       OMG!! I got the same problem yesterday! I explained to the cashier that it didn’t make any sense..since Target has changed the coupon policy, I find it more difficult to use their coupons. It always a problem. They should print more details on the coupon if that is the case!! Frustrating..

      • Windsurfobx07 says:

        your reply makes me feel sooo much better i thought i was crazy and the only one. It was so frustrating and Im pregnant right now so it made it even worse I just ended up wanting to cry.

        • Stina says:

          Mine beeped too, cashier looked at the coupon, than the item, and put it through. Didn’t say a word to me. Nice to know some cashiers know their policy AND care about the customers. I’m so used to being met with silly under-educated cashiers, so this was an awesome change. (:

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry you had to go through such trouble…  Unfortunately, some cashiers don’t know what they are doing there and we actually know about their coupon policy than they do…  :(  Hope next trip is better for you ;)

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank God I haven’t had trouble at neither of the 2 Targets I go to…  Not even after the coupon policy changes…  Knock on wood!!!!! ;)

    • I’m sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, that employee did not understand the coupon. I hope you can use it next time.

  21. aj says:

    my coupon says “coupon value may not exceed value of item purchased” ?? can i still do the deal?

  22. Lizzy says:

    I was at Target last week trying to purchase an item that was 1.99. I had a $1 mfr and a $1 Target coupon… They let me use the $1 mfr but not the Target coupon because it said, ” Coupon may not exceed value of item purchased.” I have started couponing again after 6 months so this may be a new thing? Can someone please explain this? I am now hesitant
    to use Target coupons that exceed the item price :/ The manager that spoke to me was some 20 year old who didn’t let me use coupons on my clearanced as well, so, I don’t know if to attribute it to the fact that she may not know her policies?? Thank you! (p.s. I had to leave my clearanced products so as to not argue further :( )

    • joyjoy1417 says:

      They are suppose to adjust down the Target coupon to $.99.  Bring a copy of their coupon policy next time.

      • Lizzy says:

         I had a copy and when I showed it to her she said the coupon specifically said it could not go over the price of the item… of well. I’m going to have to assume it was a case of a manager with a lack of proper training who does not know her policies :/ 

    • Edith Chaves says:

      yeah take your policy with u next time, but also try to get a cashier that looks nice, because sometimes it depends on the cashier, alot of them think its impossible to get things for free with coupons so to make it easier on them and easier for me bc i dont have to argue with someone, i usually separte my transactions if im using a lot of coupons so i’ll go to 2 or 3 different cashiers. and if im getting something for free i make sure im buying something else along with it that way i pay something & so they dont say “you cant do that” just bc im getting something for free

      • Anonymous says:

        I do the same of getting several things so they don’t notice the freebie…

      • Kuvel66 says:

         I always buy something that i can use like bananas, or milk that isn’t free so i wont have any problems..i totally agree.

    • Ash says:

       I had this problem too! It was some young kid and he was all LOOK it says right here “coupon may not exceed value” and I said I have used coupons here plenty of times and they have always adjusted the price down. He said well they shouldn’t have. I should have got a manager, but I didn’t have the policy with me.

      • flower73 says:

        Its so annoying. I always say back to them “YES. That is why YOU lower the value of the coupon…. ya SEE?” lol… (ugh!)

    • Anonymous says:

      Like the others have said, always bring your coupon policy with you because they are supposed to adjust down the Q if the system doesn’t already do it…  Also try to go to the cashier that looks the friendliest…  It also helps me to give all the TQs first and then all the MQs…  I’ve noticed that doing so, the system adjusts everything itself and gives me less trouble…  Or, sometimes, it allows overage, even though you are not suppposed to get overage at Target…  Also, I buy other things with Qs so they don’t notice the freebie… You are allowed to use Qs on clearanced stuff…  I ALWAYS do it…  It’s obvious that that manager didn’t know their own coupon policy at all and was actually making it up to his own convenience…  If they are still trying not to help you, you can always call corporate and let them help you…  ;)  Hope the tips we all have given you helps you during your next trip to Target ;)

      • Ubei says:

         Don’t bother calling corporate because they won’t do anything about any complaints.  Instead they just move their policy around a bit to make themselves look correct.  The guy that I complained who wouldn’t let us use five coupons (prior to their change of 4 like coupons in a transaction policy) in one transaction even though we have five people buying those stuff.  He’s still employed there.  You just have to work around their stiff policy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hmmm…  Well, I wouldn’t like to see anybody fired but rather instructed on the right way of doing things…  It’s sad that Target’s corporate isn’t as helpful as CVS’…  I’ve never had to call…  Hmmm…  :-/

    • Terri says:

      Always use the store coupon first, then there should not be a problem.  I find this works whenever I use a store and a manufacturer, at CVS also.

  23. guest says:

    I just realized since I have a windows installed in my mac also, I can use both partitions to print out coupons! :)

  24. Kristensteele28 says:

    I posted this deal in the comments of the target deals week of 8/5. So did some other people. Would be nice if we got some credit sometimes for finding good deals too! Anyways, I went to get some yesterday and they had really cute neon colors!! I love the pink :)

  25. Rockstarsher says:

    Tape is 39 cents at Walgreen minute the 25 cent coupon , tape us only 14 cents!

  26. AshleyAshley says:

    This is great! My son always uses tape to ‘fix’ things so we’re always out of it. Thanks so much!

  27. Just a tip.  At my Target these weren’t marked as on sale, but they did scan at 49 cents.  A few other people posted the same results.  They are marked as $1.

  28. 3musketeers2011 says:

    I picked this deal up yesterday :) Was excited to see there were even more coupons in the sunday paper– .25 off 1 Scotch Tape Product. I am thinking I will pick up 4 more.. just to stock up :)