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Luster Now! Mouthrinse, Only $1.24 at Rite Aid!


There is a $3.00 Single Check Rebate available and a printable coupon, as well as a coupon from the Oral Health book. Combine it all to score cheap mouthrinse! If you were one of the lucky ducks to find a Rite Aid Oral Health Coupon Book, here is how the deal will work:

Luster Now! Whitening Mouthrinse, 16 oz $6.99, regular price
Buy 1, Submit for $3.00 Single Check Rebate, Limit 2
Use one $1.50/1 – Luster NOW! Mouthrinse or Toothpaste – (
And use one $1.25/1 Luster Toothpaste, 2.6 oz Mouthrinse, 16 oz or Instant White, 4 oz from Rite Aid Oral Health Coupon Book (exp 10/13)
Pay $4.24, Submit $3.00 Single Check Rebate
Final Price: $1.24

If you didn’t have any luck finding the coupon book, here is how you can score the mouthrinse for $2.49:

Luster Now! Whitening Mouthrinse, 16 oz $6.99, regular price
Buy 1, Submit for $3.00 Single Check Rebate, Limit 2
Use one $1.50/1 – Luster NOW! Mouthrinse or Toothpaste – (
Pay $5.49, Submit one $3.00 Single Check Rebate
Final Price: $2.49

22 thoughts on “Luster Now! Mouthrinse, Only $1.24 at Rite Aid!”

  1. Shalisha

    If you have 20% discount at rite aid and purchase individually I think this would be a small moneymaker.  6.99 at 20% is 5.60, minus 1.25 and 1.50 equals 2.85.  Plus $3 rebate would be a 15 cents moneymaker.

    1. doug

      I don’t know if the 20% discount applies to “buy one get one 1/2 off” sales or not.

      1. laura

        If you have the gold discount just buy 1 @ a time. Its a better deal.

    2. Cruzvw

      how does one get the 20% off?

      1. You have to spend over $1000 in one calendar year at Rite Aid. When you sign up for your Wellness Card they give you all the info about the program. After you spend $500 you get 10% discount at the Silver level, then after $1000 you get 20% discount at Gold level.

  2. Brooke

    Don’t fret if you can’t find the Oral Heath Book. I was told that they are not really supposed to come out until September, so keep looking. I have way too many ups from the Lichi deal last week, so I will definitely add this to my list!

  3. CJ

    Both of mine rang up as regular price so pay attention to prices.

  4. wheeliezgurl

    the lustercare website isn’t working for me…. says it’s under construction.

    1. That is strange! I’m getting that message too! It worked for me this morning. Let’s cross our fingers that it works again soon.

  5. laura

    The luster mouth rinse rebate is 2.00 not 3.00 

    1. It’s actually $3.00, Rebate #28!

      1. laura

        oh you know what. When i go on the single check rebates for august and click luster dental its bringing me to julys rebates so im seeing last months luster rebates. For some reason its not bringing me to JAugust.

    2. Cruzvw

      it is 3.00 mail in rebate i saw it at the price tag at rite aid a few hours ago!

  6. Alice

    ok where do i get the oral booklet from?

    1. I found them in the front of my store near the weekly ads. Other people have found them at the pharmacy counter or in the oral care aisle, and others said they could only get one if they got a shot. It totally depends on the store! You can also ask your cashier. Good luck!

  7. Cruzvw

    i got the coupon went to rite aid just now, and is priced at  $7.49? w.t.heck? with the $3 reward.  so 7.49 – 3 – 1.50 = 3.00 final price. not so good.

    1. Sometimes prices do vary by region. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and price check to make sure it’s worth your trip.

  8. flower73

    Hey Rite Aid Shoppers. I have a question… not about this mouthwash, but for Rite Aid in general. The coupon policy for them I have is dated May 2011. It says in the event an item’s selling price is less than valued coupon… Rite Aid will accept coupon in exchange for the SELLING price of the item….. again, sorry, nothing to do with this mouth wash but this is bugging me… I see where ppl have made money from the coupons AND/OR the overage was used for other items in their basket. True? How if it is against their own policy?

    1. A lot of times the moneymakers we post are AFTER a +Up Reward or a Single Check Rebate. In these cases, Rite Aid is not applying overage to the rest of your basket; you are still paying out of pocket, but the +Up Reward or the Single Check Rebate will make it a moneymaker. Does that make sense? Other than that, it may depend on the store if overage will be applied to the rest of your basket. You’re right, though; their coupon policy says they will reduce the value of the coupon to the selling price of the item!

  9. Darlene

    I tried to do this at my Rite Aid (in New England region) and the cashier said the Luster mouthwash wasn’t BOBO50% — it was just priced regularly this week.
    Anyone else have this issue?

    1. You’re right, it’s not Buy One Get One 50% Off!

  10. Anonymous

    Luster oral care products were advertised as BOGO 50% in an early ad scan posted on another website, but when I went to the Rite Aid website this past Saturday night to view the upcoming week, page 7 was mysteriously replaced with a Rite Aid placeholder.  I tried several zip codes, but all showed the placeholder. Sure enough, in the Sunday paper, Luster and the other products in the picture were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they realized that this product was going to be very cheap, and pulled the sale?  If the Now! Mouthrinse is regularly priced $6.99, buying two at BOGO50% - (2) $1.50 mqs - (1) $1.25 RA Oral Healthcare q – (2) $3 SCRs… this WOULD have been a nice deal at $.24 for 2. 

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