These coupons are no longer available to print.

At this point, you may have enough Glade stockpiled in your garage to last you through the next fifty years! Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents, because you may want to buy even more! Today there are two new, high-value Glade coupons that will score you starter kits for as low as free at Walmart. Check it out:

Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit $2.98, rollback price
Use $3.00/1 – Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit – (
Final Price: Free 


Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit $5.98, rollback price
Use $5.00/1 – Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit – (
Final Price: $0.98 

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68 thoughts on “Gone: Two New Glade Coupons—Starter Kits, As Low As Free at Walmart!”

  1. Chelsea says:

    Walmart has the coupons on their site as well.

  2. Poolqueengoddess says:

    are the coupons on gone cuz I can’t find them]

  3. Chellinco says:

    The Coupon Network coupon is no longer available, although it was still there 3 hours ago. 

  4. Donna0130 says:

    I could not fine either

  5. Dannett Sanchez says:

    The ones on couponnetwork dissapeared in the middle of me printing i moved to but its only letting me print 1 per computer :(

  6. guest says:

    The coupon for target is still there for me and I just checked it. :)

    • guest says:

      However, I just realized the target coupon is also a manufacturer’s coupon.

      • Dannett Sanchez says:

        I dont see the target coupon on my computer anymore

      • lisa says:

        can you please explain to me why we need the target coupon if we already have the 3off manufancture coupon, im confussed lol:)

        • Amybang says:

          because target is print out the manuf. coupon too, the coupons and couponsnetworks limit one computer print out 2 coupons only. if they want more, they have to look for another website that;s not link to coupons or couponnetwork site.

  7. xoxoshelby5 says:

     yay! has them too!

  8. new ones on

  9. Dianaivette80 says:

    well because off that big fraud w coupons the walmarts in my area dont take printables coupons anymore 

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just went to two Walmart and couldn’t find a single one :-(
    I definitely have some shelf-clearers in my area.

    • Jdaz2012 says:

       Don’t you hate it when that happens.. I have a lot of them in my area, sad part is i can’t get a raincheck. :(

      • Anonymous says:

        The good thing is the coupon doesn’t expire until october so I will have plenty of time to come back. I didn’t even think about asking for a raincheck.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s frustrating. There have been so many Glade deals lately that I’m surprised any stores have Glade in stock : )

  11. Kim Matheson says:

    I used 2 each of the above coupons at Wal-Mart. The oil diffusers were on sale for 3.00 each! (2.00 money maker on each!). My total bill was 19.36 and I had coupons for a total of 20.50, therefore they OWED ME 1.14! I have been couponing for just over one year and got lots of really cheap and some free stuff but this was my first “they owed me!”. Thank you Krazy Coupon Lady for this site!

  12. Betsy0192000 says:

    I am so bumbed. Somehow I’ve missed all the free ways to stockpile this air freshner and I tried to print these new q’s through coupon network and target, but both times it said they printed and nothing came out. I guess I missed out again! :(

  13. Gs-r says:

    glade expressions and the oil diffusers are BOGO at safeway

  14. Air the oil diffusers good?  I’ve never used any kind of oil diffuser before, not sure how they work.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Can you send the rebate forms for each of these products in the same envelope? Both have the same mailing address and I ended up buying them on the same reciept. I’d like to rebate both. Thanks!

  16. Anonymous says:

    You cannot combine these Q’s with the B1G1 Free Q’s that just came out. It says it on the bottom of these Q’s that they sha’ll not be combined with any other Q. Just a heads up.

  17. Aztec_princess413 says:

    Can someone tell me how to get it free. My coupon says buy any glade expressions oil deffuser refill  and then get the starter kit free. Same for the glade expressions fragrance mist. Thanks

    • Anonymous says:

       are you looking at the coupons from yesterday’s paper? these are different coupons. different fine print :)

      • Amybang says:

        just go to and to looking for, target took it down, so hungry.

    • Amybang says:

      just go to coupons, and couponsnetworks looking for, I just printed 4 of them. each website only allow 2 prints.

    • Anonymous says:

      The coupons above are a little different. They will save you $5.00 or $3.00 on the Glade Expressions, so they will be free at Walmart or Target!

  18. CouponingGuy says:

    Just used two of each coupon at Target and they went through just fine!

  19. Royy1305 says:

    are these still 2.99 at target?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I went to Walmart last night and they had the oil diffuser refills on clearance for $2.50. I got 3 and used the buy 1 refill get the starter kit free Q, I only paid $1.25 each!!!! Now I am going to go back to Walmart and get some more!!!!

  21. Ami says:

    In my 8/5 RP there is a Free Glade Expressions Fragrence mist starter kit when you buy any glade expressions frangrence mist refill. up to $4.49
    Also a Free oil diffuser starter kit when i buy the diffuser refill up to $8.99

    • Anonymous says:

      I know…  But KCL said we can’t use both (read her comment above ours) :(

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s be nice if we could combine the BOGO and cents off, but these coupons specifically forbid using another manufacturer coupon with them, so it’s a no go : (

  22. mariana says:

    Can we combine it with the one we receive on sunday ?

  23. Anonymous says:

    When I used the $5 Enfrarow coupon, I had the cashier say, “hmmm, $5 huh?”  like it was a fraudulent coupon.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time and I said, “yeah, awesome huh–couponnetwork!”  Has anyone else had this issue?

  24. Oh, boy can’t wait to try and use these at Target and Walmart and have the cashiers try to tell me I can only use 1 coupon to make it “fair”. I had to let my remaining $2.00/Any Glade Expressions products that made the refills free expire because of that. I only had 4 left.

  25. Dwilson19 says:

    these are also on the target website :-) 

    • ashley says:

      awesome thanks for the share! Im definetly printing mine out :)

    • Pand5js says:

      just tried to print off Target…said the maximum number allowed had been printed so I could not print them :-(

      • Katied14 says:

        I had the same problem then i went back to the site and tried to print them again and it worked so i would try doing that :)

  26. 1couponingmimi2 says:

    WOW!  Super Q’s!!  Thanks KCL for shairng these with us.  Ya’ll are the GREATEST!! 

  27. Saraheighmey says:

    Thanks Ladies! I’m excited for a trip to Walmart!

  28. 3musketeers2011 says:

    Hey Ladies! Thanks for the posting. has these coupons posted on their coupons as well. You can print 2 per computer from Targets site and another 2 from Coupon Networks site. This allows you to have 4 of these high value coupons per computer!! I am starting my shopping list for this week :)

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Target just took it down because I can’t find it anywhere. sad face

      • Jewels200420 says:

        i just found the $5 off  glade expressions oil diffuser starter kit under household items from the target website.  I couldn’t find the $3 off fragerence starter kit anywhere though. i looked through the coupons like 5 times:/

      • Yeah, the only one I saw was for the oil diffuser starter kit.  Bummer lol

        • Anonymous says:

          I think it has been gone for a few hours.. I was printing these coupons from multiple computers & when I got  to the last set I could only get 2 coupons & not 4 like the other computers gave me!!

  29. Erica says:

    Thanks Ladies I just printed these out… I know these will go FAST