Cheap and free razors are abundant this week! Click here to learn how to score free Bic razors at Walmart and Target, or hang onto those coupons and take them to Rite Aid for a Bic moneymaker! With these silky smooth legs, it may be time for a little summer vacation!

Buy 4 Bic Silky Touch Women’s Disposable Razors, 10 ct $3.99, regular price
Buy One Get One 50% Off through 8/11
Spend $10.00, Receive $4.00 +Up Reward through 8/11, Limit 4
Use four $3.00/1 Bic disposable razor, excludes trial size, limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from SS 8/5 (exp 9/2)
Pay $1.98, Receive $4.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $2.02 Moneymaker

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47 thoughts on “$2.02 Moneymaker on Bic Silky Touch Razors at Rite Aid!”

  1. Inkyot says:

    wow I went to riteaid last night, they only had 2 left so I bought them… the cashier took both the $3 coupons and I only had to pay like 0.49 tax and then I got a $2 up reward… I guess score for me! had no clue they had to round down the coupon value.. lol ah well

  2. Anonymous says:

    if i only have 3 MQs would 2 of my MQs be adjusted down to $1.99? or just one?

  3. Tascha Farnsworth says:

    So the razors are $3.99 BOGO
    50% at RA. The deal mentioned is $2.02 MM but my calculations say
    $4 MM… Because 2 @ $3.99 and 2 @ $1.995 totals $11.97 before tax use 4
    $3 off q’s equals free and then get $4 +UP back… correct me if my
    calculations are off

  4. Another idea, use the Up Rewards from this, and combined the $1.00/1 Purex detergent printable coupon and get free laundry soap!!!! :-) 

  5. Candy says:

    I did this deal on Sunday…. however…. had issues….

    I have a question for KCL…. I went to 3 different Rite-Aid with my “$3 Biz Razor” coupons from saturday/Sunday papers and all their machines say “not valid until 8/8″ can they do that? One manager pushed through a couple of my coupons but the others told me they should not have???!!! I’m confused because the coupon doesn’t say “valid from 8/8/12 until 9/30/12″ etc

    • Anonymous says:

       Same here, coupon not valid until 08/08. I guess going back tomorrow.

    • That’s weird! I think that there was some kind of error in the production of that coupon, because coupons are supposed to be valid as soon as they are published in the paper. At least it will be valid tomorrow! Sorry about the hassle!

      • Anna says:

         In another product, last week my Revlon tools coupon said it expired 7/29 and it came out on that day (sunday) Coupon printing error. I was not able to use that coupon, what a waste. ;(

    • jennifer.leary says:

      OMG I also went to 3 rite aids and had the same issues but went to cvs and it went through fine,. Rite aid refused to take it.

      • Malakty says:

        I had the same problem at Rite Aid.  The manager knows me and has never seen it before either.  But I will go back tomorrow so no one gets in trouble. 

    • Tascha Farnsworth says:

      I had this issue as well. They mgr held the last 4 razors that they had for me because of this issue and I will head back today. Ra said they don’t get paid for the q if the manually enter it anymore. I know people have been having issues at other locations like wags and cvs but they override them…

  6. Jessica says:

    Am I missing something? Shouldn’t this be a $4 MM? The razors are $3.99, BOGO 50% off. So that makes them 11.97 for all four packs, use 4 $3 coupons, that would be free, then get $4 +Up back.

  7. Alice says:

    cool! except check rite aid’s prices, as not lal have same prices!!!!!! at mine they are 4.29 i think not 3.99? =(

  8. COUPONLEE1 says:

    My 8/5 SS doesn’t have that coupon.  I always miss out on the good stuff. Boohoo.

  9. Ashley R says:

    Question.. is it a limit of 4 $4 rr… for example can we buy 16 packs of razors and get $16RR? (obvioulsy you would have to do 4 different trips as its a limit of 4 like coupons per trip)

    • Yes, you can pay with +Up Rewards, but in the scenario above, you’re only paying $1.98 for four packs of razors, so you wouldn’t be able to pay with a $4.00 +Up Reward unless you bought another item to take the total to $4.00.

      • Ktscoupon1 says:

        What happened? It said a $4.00 moneymaker an hour ago! lol Do you have an assistant doing your posts now? This has been happening a lot! It’s okay… I still love you lol

  10. Daniela says:

    Does Rite aid accept the coupons cuz the coupon is worth more than the sale price? $1.95 would be of the %50 items & the coupons are $3OFF? I have tried this with another item/product & they didn’t accept it

  11. Aca_36 says:

    if it is b1 get one 50% off              if u are getting 2    using 2   $3/1 cpns    how much will u have to pay at checkout ?

    • Ashley R says:

      If they are $3.99 the second one would be $1.49  so you shouldnt have to pay anything.. now if they dont get give you the overage from second coupon- the first pack would be .99 and the second pack would be free…

      • Ashley R says:

        Sorry second one would be $1.99.. but the coupon would still make it free.

        • Mlostrowski says:

          That is what I was thinking that the math was done wrong on the post by KC. It should be a $4 MM. I am sure my rite aid will e out but I’m gonna get a couple of rain checks

          • Anonymous says:

            It will depend on your cashier.  KCL’s post is right by Rite Aid’s coupon policy.  If you buy 4 razors at $3.99 BOGO 50% off, 2 of them will be $1.99 each, so 2 of your coupons will be adjusted down to $1.99 because Rite Aid does not allow overage.  So, you will end up paying $0.99 each for the 2 razors that were regular price for a total of $1.98 = $2.02 moneymaker after +Up reward. Make sense?  Some cashiers won’t adjust the coupons, though, because they will scan at full value as long as there are enough items to cover the value.

  12. Jenxiachen23 says:

    Will buying 3 packs work for the Up rewards? I only have 3 coupons… it would come out to $9.98, does anyone know?

    • Ashley R says:

      NOPE!!! Down side to Rite Aid- you have to spend the total amount. I did a diaper deal there 2 weeks ago- you had to spend $15 to get RR.. I spent $14.99… nothing.. I ended up having to buy a whole other item for $4.99 which no longer even made the deal good.. :-(

    • anna1202 says:

      It depends on the Rite Aid. Some people say it will not work, but it works at both of the Rite Aids I go to.

  13. youngcouponer says:

    This is off subject but here is southern cali. at food 4 less the herbal essence is 1.98 buy 2 and use a 3/2 coupons makes it .96cents for 2 

    • Iveth Lopez923 says:

      Thanks youngcouponer but I still think cvs has a better deal with herbal shampoo free!! =p downside is that it limits 1 per card!

      • youngcouponer says:

        wait im lost? how is that? 

        • Daisy says:

          the machine is printing out $5/$15 cosmetics….buy 10 use (5) $3/2 might need to do two transactions cause the coupon say “4 like”…pay 10+ or something like that an get 10eb

          • Anonymous says:

            You can’t use the $5 off $15 COSMETICS purchase coupon on Herbal Essences because those are not cosmetics.  If you had $5 off $15 BEAUTY purchase coupon or $4 off $20 BEAUTY purchase coupon you could do it.  I had $4 off $20 Beauty purchase coupon so I bought (8) Herbal Essences @ 2/$5.97 and used (4) $1/2 Herbal Essences CVS coupons from the machine last week AND (4) $3/2 Herbal Essences MQ and the $4/$20, plus I had $1/$5 Puffs, so I bought (4) @ 2/$3 and used $0.25/3 Puffs MQ and the $1/$5 Puffs CVS coupon.  My total before coupons was $29.88 and after was $8.63 and I got my $10 ECB, so $1.37 MONEYMAKER!

            • Daisy says:

              thanks for letting me know..i read on another site that it could be used for the shampoo..”Yes it does..was so siked as a few weeks back I talked to a worker in cosmetics and she told me that beauty is anything in aisle 7-8-9 and so is cosmetics..not just makeup folks..but anything that makes you look  or smell cosmetically more pleasing” idk now i’m confused

            • Anonymous says:

              I saw that too…she is talking about “beauty” though.  She says in her comment “she told me that beauty is anything in…”  It’s confusing, it also doesn’t help that there have been SO many $$ off $$ purchase coupons from CVS lately.  Wow…I never thought I’d be “complaining” about too many coupons!

            • Daisy says:

              lol…yeah what got me was when she said “and so is cosmetic” blah lol

      • kkb says:

        Can you explain the free herbal essence shampoo at CVS It’s my daughters favorite. I think I have it down to .50 but not sure….. Thanks

        • Anonymous says:

          Well there is several ways to do it this week depending on what coupons you have. But if you want to do herbal essence and only herbal essence here are 2 great scenarios. 

          Buy 10 herbal essence 2/$5.97
          Total $29.85
          Use 5 $3.00/2 from Red Plum 8/5 (-$15.00)
          Pay $14.85
          Get $10.00 ECB back for spending $30.00
          Submit for $5.00 pg rebate for spending $25.00
          So free!

          Or if you have any of the $3.00 off $15.00 beauty or $4.00 off 20.00 beauty or $1.00/2 herbal essence or aussie you can make it even cheaper. All of these coupons came out of CVS red machine last week So here is what I did.

          Buy 10 herbal essence 2/$5.97
          Total $29.85
          Use 5 $3.00/2 from Red Plum 8/5 (-$15.00)Used 5 $1.00/2 herbal essence or aussie from red coupon machine the week before. (-$5.00)
          Pay $9.85
          Get $10.00 ECB back for spending $30.00
          Submit for $5.00 pg rebate for spending $25.00
          So $5.00 money maker! 

          Not to mention all of this spending counts towards the spend $50.00 get $5.00 ecb beauty. 

  14. sully says: