Professional whitening can be expensive and dangerous–a la Ross Gellar’s “left-the-gel-on-a-little-longer-than-it-said-to” mishap before his date in the black-light house.

Get your chiclets just-right-white. This week at CVS, score Crest mouthwash for as little as $0.32 at CVS! I just love it when BOGO coupons match up so nicely with a sale or rewards deal!



Crest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse, 946 mL $7.79, regular price
Crest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse, 500 mL $5.79, regular price
Spend $10.00, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 2
Use one FREE Crest Rinse, 500 mL (up to $5.00) when you buy Crest Rinse, 946 mL or larger, limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 7/29 (exp 8/31)
Pay $8.58, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $1.79 each, when you buy both

If you still have the Crest coupon that was printing from the Magic Coupon Machine last week, here’s a great way to work two Extra Bucks deals together for an amazing bottom line:

Buy 1 Crest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse, 946 mL $7.79, regular price
Buy 1 Crest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse, 500 mL $5.79, regular price
Spend $10.00, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 2
Buy 1 Crest Complete Toothpaste, 2.7 oz $2.67, regular price
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 2
Use one FREE Crest Rinse, 500 mL (up to $5.00) when you buy Crest Rinse, 946 mL or larger, limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 7/29 (exp 8/31)
And use $3.00/$15.00 Vicks, Oral B, Crest from CVS Coupon Machine Week of 7/29
Pay $8.25, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks & $2.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $0.42 each, when you buy all 3

Keep in mind, these are regularly-priced items and eligible for your percent-off coupons!
Thanks, Reader TammyP2335

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36 thoughts on “Crest 3D Whitening Rinse, As Low As $0.32 at CVS!”

  1. i got 4 mouthwash but only (2) have extrabucks, also get 3/$15 dove, sally hansen nail color (5). Did 3 separate coupons used..2 bogo crest, 5 1/$1 sally hansen, 3 1/$1 dove+care and $14 extrabucks…total OOP with tax 15.60 …and have $10 extrabucks leftover :) from crest (only 2 are illegible for $5 extrabucks) and $5 from dove..and tomorrow i’ll be getting another $5 from its like 60 cents all
    –Idid the sally hansen first and get the 6 extrabucks since i spend over 20..and use it for the crest trans. :p

  2. Anonymous says:

    can i use 5 off 15 on any beauty or cosmetics from the kiosk machine

  3. Platapus says:

    My CVS has an endcap this week for Carmex lotion with a tear pad of $1 coupons good until 2013.  The Carmex deal is at Walgreens, so I took some, and used them on the Carmex deal there.  Just an FYI for anyone who didn’t get to print their coupons in time.

  4. Tayleslie says:

    Will this work with the 10 on $30 P&G? and will it also give me the 5 from 10? 

  5. ashley says:

    So happy you posted this! I was wondering which crest mouthrinse to buy because the other crest mouth rinse are 1Liter and i didnt know if the coupon would work with the smaller rinse since it is over 5.00(free). Im planning on doing this deal and then applying my ecb’s towards the Maybelline deal :)

    • Anonymous says:

      I found these Crest 3D White ones in a different spot than the other mouthwashes — near the power toothbrushes. HTH!

    • jason says:

       i printed out the rebate form, and it only lists “crest toothpaste” as the crest items eligible for the promotion.  :/

  6. ScrappinJay says:

    Would this scenario work:

    2 of the larger bottles at 7.49
    2 of the small bottles at 5.79
    Total: 26.56

    2 bogo crest coupons (-10.00)
    I have a cvs coupon from scanning my card last week for $4 off your $20 crest purchase. I also have a $1 off $5 crest purchase.

    Bringing my total to 11.56.

    Then get 2 $5 ecbs.

    Grand Total 1.56?

    Does that work??

    • ScrappinJay says:

      I have another one of the $1 off $5 crest coupons.

      If i also buy the tooth paste at 2.67. Bringing my total to 29.23 is that close enough to $30 to use it or no?
      That would bring my grand total to 1.23 for everything.

  7. guest says:

    Question: I got a 30% coupon from CVS when I checked out. It says “excludes sale and promotional items”. Does the extra bucks deal make these crest products a “promotional item” meaning I can’t use the 30% off? I only ask because of the comment at the end of the post stating these are regularly priced items (actually, at my CVS, they increased the price of the small mouthwash, normally it was 5.79 and during the deal it is now 5.99).

    • Anonymous says:

       Typically, the %-off coupons will not apply to items on sale, or items with a BOGO promotion. However, the regular-priced items, even with EB rewards, are eligible :)

      • guest says:

        So then I should be able to do this:

        2x large bottle (15.98)
        2x small bottle (11.98)
        2x Colgate toothbrushs (5.98)
        1x small Crest toothpast (2.77)

        2 BOGO Crest rinse coupons (-10.00)
        1 30% off coupon (-8.01  I calculated this on the sub-total after the $10 was taken off)

        Total becomes $18.70 before tax


        $10 EB from extra whitening rinses
        $2 EB from Colgate toothbrushes
        $2 EB from Crest toothpaste (I know it says I can do this twice, I did it once already)

        Bringing my total to $4.70

        I didn’t get any of the Crest coupons last week :(


        • Anonymous says:

          Looks good! Do let us know how it works out on your receipt. I’m curious to see how that 30% will be applied, considering the BOGO isn’t a “true” BOGO with it only taking $5 off the second item.

          • Wengcm1103 says:

            I use my 25% off with the crest 3D mouthwash and my receipt showed that 25% discount were taken off from 7.79 and 5.79. With my BOGO coupon my final price was 0.19 (that’s after the 5.00 Extrabucks)

          • Littleteau says:

             The wording on the 30% off slip says it will be on the total after coupons have been deducted; however when I purchased these items it gave me 30% off the entire value before coupons (including the free items) I got 2 big one and two small ones for $1.08 total and then received $10 extrabucks.

            • Anonymous says:

               It really depends on the order of the coupons. If you give them the percent-off coupon first, it may take off before other coupons. However, it is up to the cashier if they want to change the order they scan them :/

            • Becky says:

               It usually does not matter when the % coupon is scanned – the automatically adjusts as coupons are scanned. Generally, any CVS coupons ($/$$, GBT and Beauty ECBs) will reduce the % coupon, but manufacturers coupons do not. Most coupons from the red machine ring up as CVS MFR COUPON and these do not affect the % either. HTH!

          • jason says:

            i had a 30% off coupon that i had “sent to my card” to try it out.

            my cvs was more expensive (as usual) than the listed prices:

            $8.29 32oz rinse
            $8.29 32oz rinse
            $6.29 16oz rinse
            $6.29 16oz rinse

            subtotal $29.16

            -$5.00 bogo
            -$5.00 bogo

            subtotal $19.16

            the cashier then asked me if i wanted to use my 30% off couopn and i said yes.

            she said it took off $8.75 which was 30% of the total before coupons.

            but then i gave her $10 in ecb and then she said the 30% coupon now only took off $7.25.  ???

            ended up paying $1.91 + tax and got $10 in ecb back. 

      • Rainoften says:

        Can you tell me what PG and SS mean when it comes to locating the coupons, is PG proctor and gamble? I am lost in efforts to find the coupons like the herbal essence coupons for cvs steal? thanks

        • Heather says:

          Yes, PG = Proctor and Gamble, SS = Smart Source, and RP = Red Plum. Each of these are coupon inserts that you may find in Sunday papers (not every week, and not every Sunday paper).

  8. Smartgirl27 says:

    Can I use a 1.00 off MQ for the 7.79 rinse in addition to the BOGO?

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, not with PG coupons. They have specific wording regarding “quantities purchased” that prohibits the stacking of a BOGO with a “cents-off” coupon.

  9. guest says:

    My BOGO Crest Rinse coupon only takes off $5… the small rinse is 5.79.

    • Anonymous says:

      We do have the deal written taking that into consideration–only $5.00 off with that coupon :) If you notice in the first deal, your OOP is $8.28. That’s the larger size, plus the leftover $0.79 for the smaller one.

    • guest says:

       Bummer…sad that it is a BOGO coupon, but the small is not free…

  10. Oge says:

    I LOVE the Friends reference ^_^

  11. Anonymous says:

    Cant we also use the $.75/1 Crest toothpaste from PG 7/29? I think it has a few exclusions but doesn’t exclude Crest Complete. That makes them about $.07 each.