Have you tried Glade’s new air fresheners? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, I’m sure you have! We recently showed you how to use this $3.00 off coupon at Walmart to purchase Mist Spray for free. Here is another option, making it a moneymaker at Walgreens! Glade products are 25% off this week bringing the spray down to $3.59. Plus, when you purchase one bottle you’ll receive a $1.00 register reward, making this a $0.41 moneymaker deal!

Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kits $3.59, sale price through 8/11
Buy One, Receive $1.00 Register Reward
Use $3.00/1 – Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit – (coupons.com)
Or $3.00/1 – Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit – (couponnetwork.com)
Pay: $0.59, Receive $1.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $0.41 Moneymaker 

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112 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Glade Expressions at Walgreens!”

  1. Tracy says:

    Wags wouldn’t accept the register would take because product was $2.99 and q was $3 off. What can I suggest for them to do it…help!

  2. RecentGrad says:

    There’s also a mail in rebate for Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter for $4.50. So this actually becomes a great money maker. Rebate found at: http://www.glade.com/Style%20Library/PDF/Expressions_Fragrance_Mist_Mail_In_Rebate_1112.pdf

  3. Stacy says:

    Walgreens in Orange & Milford CT no $1 RR, still a great deal at 36 cents each though!

  4. Yami says:

    im go to walmart yesterday and they have start kit for 1.98 and i ask the cashier if can i use my two coupons to buy 4 and i pay the diference she call the manager and she put 2 bottle at 1.98 and the other 2 at 2.98 and she said is the way i can use my coupons why???????????  my coupons are for 3 dls. and i want buy 4 with my coupons becose i have 2 coupons for 3 dls :( 

  5. Mandi182127 says:

    I was doing my grocery shopping today and found these on sale at Price Chopper for $2.99. I was also able to score the one with the “Try me Free” rebate tag.  I was pretty happy about that! I was also able to get the Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser starter kit for 0.99 because Price Chopper had these on sale for $5.99 and I used the $5 off printable!

  6. shawnee says:

    Glade oil diffuser starter kit on clearance at food lion  for $4.24 use the $5.00 off oil diffuser coupon…there’s also a try me free mail in rebate on the box 
    Glade expression fragrance mist $1.74 ….use the $1.00 off  refill coupon 

  7. Dflint3 says:

    This deal is also good at Target…

  8. guest says:

    NO RR for this at my Walgreens…

  9. Travisbeautiful says:

    I just printed one off of coupon network.com. It will only let me print one though ;-(

  10. Marinewife1225 says:

    i loved this deal..my store had them priced at 2.99. 25% off plus my 15% employee discount  got it down to like 1.90 then the cashier scanned the coupon and the whole 3 dollars came off..i told her i thought it was a mistake that it should be lowered she told me no its ok. i was so happy.

  11. Chulagrams says:

    coupon no longer on target.com

  12. Mamatiml69 says:

    i went to all my walgreens, walmart, and target they are all gone ss for me

    • The Krazy Coupon Lady says:


    • Sandy says:

      You can check the Target website to see if your local store has these items in stock. Check back in a few days. I made sure to do that before I went out and luckily I found plenty.

  13. Sandy says:

    I bought 3 of these yesterday for $3.74 each and used 3 $3 off coupons. Didn’t receive any RR’s though =(. It was still a very good deal though.

  14. If you have a Meijer near you, the fragrance mists are on sale for 2.99. I bought 3 (w/coupons) and got a $1 catalina off my next purchase. Also had a Meijer Mperks coupon for $5 off my next purchase of $5 or more. I was able to get the 3 fragrance mists in the first transaction and my hair dye in the second transaction (normally 7.29 on sale for 6.49) for .59! All together on the two transactions (3 mists and 1 hair dye) cost me $1.20!

  15. Michelle says:

    What is HTH?

  16. tatyana19 says:

    Has someone done this deal yet? :) I want to know since ill be going tomorrow &with everything I’m buying, ill have to break it up in 20 Tran to maximize my savings . (&this glade deal is crucial for it)

  17. tatyana19 says:

    Has anyone done this yet? I don’t want to get to the register & find out no RR comes out. (& Sorry! I’m not trying to sound rude) :/

  18. Britshinault says:

    I have a coupon from this weeks SS and its if you buy a refill then you get a starter kit free up to $4.49. Can I use that and this $3.00/1 coupon for the starter kit and make $3.00 off of it? 

    • Anonymous says:

      No you can not.   The first coupon buy a refill and get a starter kit free is attach to both items. You will need to buy another starter kit to use the $3.00/1 mfq. Hope that helps.

  19. Tarrysallas says:

    Have they removed the coupon from couponnetwork.com? I used the zip code someone provided of 68131 and my own zip code of 78754 and 90210 but nothing is pulling up the glade coupon. :(

  20. Nicole says:

    I have a question, does anyone have problems with safeway excepting the coupons that are printed off of the internet?

  21. Luv2saveall says:

    Are some stores different than others? All I see in the add is 25% off

  22. Aneike Spence says:

    Walmart has the 
    Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kits for $2.98. So with the coupon its….FREE!!!

  23. Mariagonzales says:

    I have a question KCL so in the coupon policy at target it states that they can void copied coupons how would they know this.. just saying because my printer prints black and white so I’m just kinda hesitate to go and they don’t accept my coupons please help me.. 

    • Bhrixy says:

      You should be able to use that. I have been using coupon in black & white to save ink at just about any store without problems. I was hesitant at first for the same reason, but I believed in walmart policy it states they accept it. HTH!

  24. raptorluv says:

    Hi, Walmarts ad match policy doesn’t list what they consider local and I think I read where you listed 50 miles (older post). Can you tell me if you have any definite answer to local as I ran into a problem recently. I’m in a rural area and the cashier refused to price match a store about 10 miles away! Thank you

  25. Ncuriel50 says:

    how many coupons can you bring in one transaction?

  26. Anonymous says:

    After sales tax is applied it comes to a $0.25 MM. I think I will just do this deal at Walmart while I am price matching other stuff. Use any overage toward my grocery.

  27. Couponsharma says:

    i have a question please someone answer.. i went t target store and bought this glad expresssions with coupon 3 $ but i had to pay tax why? even thou it  discounted the product why? explain me please the lady told me that it was taxes

    • Anonymous says:

      You still owe sales tax on taxable products. The coupon got you a free product but it does not pay your sales tax. It is stated in most of the coupons that :”consumers pays any sales tax”. Uncle Sam has to get his money somehow..lol.hth

      • Couponsharma says:

        thank you so much i was just confused but this was the first time i actually used a coupon and excited .. i just need to know more of it..  now i know that uncle sam lol is going to be waiting for me :)

        • guest says:

          I TOTALLY understand, and again, I do not understand paying tax on a taxable amount that is no longer there…I feel STRONGLY that tax should be on amount PAID, not asking price…

    • guest says:

      I think it is really dumb that here in Alabama, we pay TAX on merchandise prices that we havent even paid!  I mean, I totally understand buying a 3 item for 50 cents after coupon, and paying tax on the 50 cents…because, that is what I PAID.  But, we have to pay tax on an amount that doesnt exist… I see these shows, and read these blogs about free or almost free…but by the time I pay tax on this stuff I have to REALLY want/need it.  For instance, I had coupons last summer that made benedryl topical gel like 20 cents a tube.  GREAT DEAL!  BUT, for each that I got, I ended up paying almost 80 cents OOP…so I had to ask myself, do I REALLY need this!!??

  28. Debbie says:

    @ Katrina try 77477, 84130, 92583, 92019

    • Anonymous says:

      are these zip codes for couponnetwork or coupons.com? because I am unable to find it on couponnetwork and I’m not sure how to change my zip on there..

  29. I’d rather just get them for Free with .02 MM at Walmart.  I’m so dissatisfied with Walgreens lately and especially if they roll out this new program.  I am slowly starting to regain confidence in Walmart.  

  30. maggie says:

    i got this at my walgreens for $2.64! awesome deal!

  31. Tonyao2l says:

    Is this an unadvertised register reward? Or a regional deal? My Walgreens ad doesn’t show a reward and it’s not on the signs in store. (I’m in Iowa.)

  32. My local Walgreens (South Florida) has them for $2.99, minus 25% off making them $2.24. If your store doesn’t reduce the value of the coupon to match the item’s price, it’s a $1.76 money maker when you factor in RR.

  33. nd says:

    I bought one and my hubby bought one.  The only thing was was mine cost me .74 before tax instead of .59 (they cost 3.74 before the coupon). I am not complaining, though!  

  34. Ging9x says:

    I just came from office max. first sign in w/ rewards. i got a good deal w/ the ff:omx multipurpose ream 6.99 x2 =13.98- rewards6.98 x2=13.96 final price for the omx multipurpose ream is only 2pennies; next 10 ream case 9 by 11 .on sale for 44.99 x2 (limit 2)= 89.98 less rewards 34.99×2=69.99 final price 20.00 less $10.00 coupon w/c was expired 8/4/12- office max still accepted it. final price for 10 ream case is $10.00.they aslo have free compbook purchase of $5 more. i got 5 for free. so final spent to office max today 8/7/12=10.02

  35. Reynoldsladonna says:


  36. LuckyChaise2012 says:

    I printed out two coupons and only one went through at Target. It said the other one was ringing up as invalid.  Went to the customer service desk and they told me to contact the manufacturer to get a new coupon. 

    • Shaunannew says:

      It probably rang up as invalid because the coupon is worth one penny more than the actual price and Target doesn’t give overage.  They needed to modify the coupon down by one cent and it should have gone through just fine.  Sorry you had to deal with that!

  37. Stephanie says:

    I got this and the $5.99 one at target basically bought the 2.99 one for free and paid .99 for the other one……i got 6 of each

  38. Lovin Summer says:

    Don’t live under a rock, never plan on it either…but still haven’t tried these and I don’t intend to. They smell cheap…never liked Glade, none of their products. I prefer Yankee Candles.

  39. Carrie says:

    at target, i used this coupon and then there was also a mail in rebate on the box to get it for free, so will the mail in rebate work even though i didnt pay anything for it? 

    • Samantha says:

      Yes. They always want you to circle the price of the item, which is next to the product on the receipt and not the price you paid for it, so you just made $3.00!

  40. ashley says:

    ahhh I was just there at walgreens! Looks like i’ll have to make a trip back :)

  41. Lonnid718 says:

    Okay, this may seem like a silly and confusing question, but if I do break my purchases up into separate transactions, to receive more than one RR on a specific item, can I use the RR from the same item and still receive another RR on the new transaction? For example: If I split my 2 MQ from the Glade Expressions spray into two transactions, if I use the RR from the first transaction on the second transaction (along with a filler), does the computer “recognize” that the RR is from the same item, so I won’t receive another RR?

    • guest says:

       do not use the glade RR to buy more glade items.  if you do, you won’t get a new RR

    • Kyliede13 says:

      You can use the RR from the previous transaction of Glade to buy another Glade in your next transaction which will lower your out of pocket cost, however another RR will not print because it was for the same product. You would need to do three separate transactions for example: Transaction 1 – Buy Glade Spray and get RR. Transaction 2 – Buy Lipton Tea that is $0.99 and it will produce a $0.99 RR and use your Glade RR from Transaction 1 to pay for it. Transaction 3 – Buy Glade Spray, use your manufacture coupon and then you can use the $0.99 RR from the tea so you would need a filler item like a $0.15 caramel or laffy taffy. (Because you have to  have the same number of products to the same number of coupons and the RR are considered manufacture coupons.

    • manapuaman7 says:

      yes, you’re correct.  you won’t receive another RR in trans #2 if you use it on the same item that produced it in trans #1…hth

    • The Krazy Coupon Lady says:

      No you will have to use the $1.00 reward on a different item.

  42. Sama says:

    On sale at Walmart for 2.94 (in CFL) w/ the coupon they are a MM :)

    • How many can you use in one transaction??? 

      • Trejo Veronica says:

        Maricarmen you can use has many as you like. I bought as many as fourteen in one transaction and used one coupon for each.

        • At my Walmart in central California the limit is now 4 like coupons per transaction.

          • Hilljoshua23 says:

            Go to Walmart/corporate coupon policy states that indival store are not ALLOWED no enact there own policy it has to be what corporate set make sure u print it to

            • Hilljoshua23 says:

              O yah and it states u may use as many as you want 40 or more coupons will promp for a supervisory override and when cash is owed back to u it also prompts for a override .

          • Vic says:

            Which one?

            • Hilljoshua23 says:

              It’s policy for Every Walmart set by corporate u can also write them by going to their website for more info to if found it to be better to write corporate about the full policy because Walmart stores do not educate their employees on the policys and manangnment will not tell u for reason on how I know this is because I used to work for Walmart ps if they still don’t budge u should go to customer service and ask to speak to someone from the corporate office so they can educate them about the policy it always helps to have the coupon policy with u

        • Anonymous says:

          Me, too. Not a problem at all.

    • Michelecya says:

      Walmart coupons has this coupon, they also have $5.00 off the oil diffuser starter kit.

      • Bonawaller says:

        The oil dissuser starter kits are marked $5.98. But the lavender and apple/cinnamon rang up as $5, making them free. They were on an end cap with other p&g products so I decided to check in case they were son sale and they were.

      • The Krazy Coupon Lady says:

        Thanks for sharing!

  43. Anonymous says:

    These are FREE at Rite Aid.I just bought two priced at $3 each.

  44. Ktscoupon1 says:

    So if I get four 1$ RR’s and I want to use all 4 on one item, I can buy that item and add 3 teeny tiny “filler items” to make the 1 coupon per item rule work? So buy a pack of cups and 3 single caramels for example?

  45. Nesca Crespo says:

    They are also $2.99 at Target making them free there.

  46. Kit161x says:

    I have a question about wal greens RR’s. Is it true that if you buy two or more items that produce the exact same RRs, you will only get one? For example, if you buy two of these glade things, you would only get one $1RR, not two?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, that’s why you have to put them into separate transactions..

      • Kit161x says:

         That’s what I thought, but I didn’t want to use myself as a guinea pig to find out for sure :) thanks!!

        • Jenessa says:

           also another thing i learned was if you have two RR’s then you cant use them on one product. So say you found a dishsoap that was 2 bucks and you had 2 separate 1 dollar RR’s you cant put them together on one product. 

          • Kyliede13 says:

             But you could buy a filler product, for example something cheap like the $0.15 laffy taffys or a product that you do need like sometimes they have foil on sale for $0.79 and then you will be able to use both RR. You have to have the same number of coupons to same number of items and the RR are considered manufacture coupons.

          • guest says:

             right.  you have to have the same number of items as manufacture coupons,  that includes RRs.   You can’t use 2 coupons on one item

          • Momonabudget says:

             You can use them you just have to buy more than one item. You need a “Filler” item so that the register can justify each coupon.HTH.

          • StephQpons says:

            You can use two on one product, but u have to get a “filler” item, something that cost only a few cents. the thing with walgreens is you have to have the same number of items as coupons.

    • Momonabudget says:

       Yes you have to buy them separately in order to receive multiple RR. I learned that the hard way:(

    • The Krazy Coupon Lady says:

      Yes that is true. You have to separate them. Also if you use a register reward from the first to pay for the 2nd you will not receive a 2nd register reward. HTH!

      • Jenessa says:

        Also my store said i cant use RR to purchase the same product i got the RR from. tricky tricky!

  47. mari says:

    The coupon is no longer on the coupon network.