Pinecone Research is accepting new applicants. Keep in mind, they are looking to fill certain demographics. If you were not accepted before, try again. Their needs are constantly changing.

Pinecone Research has a great reputation for being reliable and for offering consistent survey opportunities. Surveys typically pay $3.00 each. Payments are mailed or deposited into your Paypal account. Occasionally, after a product survey is complete, they will mail you a product to test.

Applying is free and simple:

  • Go here to get started.
  • Answer a few screening questions.
  • If you qualify, you will be re-directed to a signup page to finish your application.
  • Good Luck!

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9 thoughts on “Pinecone Research is Accepting Applications!”

  1. nana says:

    I used to be a part of this, totally legit.. but when I was pregnant and sick and then with baby and sick, I didn’t have time, I got survey’s once a week and lots of trial stuff.

  2. nana says:

    they accepted my hubby’s bro, he’s 24 hispanic and finished high school, he’s in college and has 1 child.

  3. pearlspark says:

    is this safe? I got accepted but I dont know If I should do it, it seems scetchy…help?

    • Katherine Murphy says:

      Not sketchy at all.  I’ve been a member for about a year.  The surveys don’t come all that often but you get $3 per survey and i have mine loaded to a mastercard.  They pay promptly and every once in a while I get free stuff to try. 

  4. Longjs821 says:

    They will accept the 18-24, college, and not spanish….

  5. Melanietingle says:

    I’m fall between the ages of 35-44, no other language and college.

  6. llnda says:

    I qualified when it opened up again about a month ago or so and far was sent one survey and received a $3.00 check in the mail in a week or so!! so def. a good thing if u get in….

  7. Melanietingle says:

    I seen to never qualified. Wonder why?

  8. Kimberly Freeman says:

    If anyone is interested in what demographics they are taking:

    27, college, not hispanic – not accepted