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5 thoughts on “Printable Coupon Roundup: Chinet, Duncan Hines and More!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    KCL or anyone – if I print coupons will they have the same expiration date regardless of when I print? Because sometimes it seems they exp 1 month from printing, but other coupons have same exp date if I print one today and 1 tomorrow? Does it depend on the coupon?

    Also, do u recommend printing all coupons I am interested in, or wait until I know I will use? Would u mind explaining your rationale so I can better understand couponing (as I am new to this)?

    I just LOVE this site and all the help from you two and your followers!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have noticed that the expirations dates depend on the coupons.  Some I have printed in different dates and the expiration dates are the same…  Some I have printed one today, for example, and the other one yesterday and the expirations dates differ in one day. 
      In my personal experience, there are coupons that are very popular and are gone in seconds (ok, not seconds, but very fast, lol) and those are high value or popular items.  If I think I might need it or I’m sure I will because I know there’s a great deal coming up or if it’s something I regularly buy and use, I go ahead an print them as soon as I know about them… If it’s for something that I have, so I don’t really need it,  I wait and print them when I need them.  Doing that, there’s a chance that they are not there anymore…  But I really hate printing coupons and then not using them and they expire and I feel I wasted my ink…  I used to do it but I was throwing a lot…  Especially Target coupons…  Cause manufacturers I still sent them to the troops so I didn’t feel as bad.  But Target you can’t do anything but recyle the paper…  So, whatever rocks your boat!  Hehehehe…  HTH ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    These coupon roundups are a huge help for me! I am just starting and I love being able to plan from your site.