Printed the coupon for BIC stationery items yet? With all the back-to-school sales happening, it’s a great time to use it! Walmart has BIC Cristal Pens for $0.97 and after the coupon, the price drops to $0.47! In case pens aren’t on this week’s shopping list, consider donating these to a local charity for a child in need of school supplies.

Bic Cristal Pens, 10 ct $0.97, rollback price
Use $1.00/2 – Bic Stationery Items – (
Or $1.00/2 – Bic Stationery Products – (
Final Price: $0.47 each, when you buy 2

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36 thoughts on “BIC Cristal Pens, $0.47 at Walmart!”

  1. pam72 says:

    i live in iowa and  in our 7-29 Red Plum did not have coupons  for the BIC and Rose Art.  I am sick about this. Any suggestions where i could get my hands on some of these? 

  2. Keisha says:

    I priced matched mine with my Walmart and got about 50 packs

  3. shannonjean7 says:

    Has anyone else had problems price matching at Walmart because they don’t have the item in stock? I’ve only been able to price match one thing… bic crystal pens (not the bold though). They had hundreds of those, but everything else that price matches my store mysteriously doesn’t carry that week, even when I’ve seen it there before. Is that just my store?

  4. Jan says:

    My Walgreens almost never has the items in stock.  They have told me several times they did not receive the items and then they substutute a different brand for the sale price.  Then I am there with coupons that will  not work. I have been there when the store opens in the morning on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I have also been their on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the afternoons. I stopped shopping at Walgreens, as they almost never have the products advertised in stock.

    • Sounds like they should be reported to a higher authority. Aren’t there state agencies that oversee deceptive advertising? If this happened with a high price item, it would be called “bait and switch”. I thought that when an item is advertised that the store was supposed to have a reasonable amount of the item on hand to meet the expected demand for the product.

  5. Sweetgoofygirl says:

    I had mine price matched to Walgreens. I got a total of 36 packages for a moneymaker of .18

  6. nicyray47 says:

    my Walgreens was sold out of the Cristal Bold pens so I took the in-store coupon and price matched it at Walmart and they said yes they would take the coupon! Yaaay!

    • Amybang says:

      how did you do the price match at Walmart? ask the cashier before pay or paid and ask the customer service??? any one help.

  7. Chulagrams says:

    Yes I just did price matched at Walmart.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Since it is a coupon and not in the AD. Walmart can price match the coupon but they can only do 3 because the coupon states that. So i was told by the manager that If I had 15 coupons he could do it for me because i had 30 packs. I left with 2 packs. So I went to Walgreens and picked up 14 papers. I plain on going back tomorrow!

  9. Kasie2011 says:

    I took the walgreens sale ad to Walmart and the price matched. And I got 40 packs of bic pens 10 count for free

  10. Kikisaver says:

    thanks so much for posting this Walmart deal, because all of our Walgreens were out before the sale even started!

  11. Katied14 says:

    Is it going to be a problem price matching? Because my walgreens ad says the pens are 49 cents with thier coupon with a limit of 3.

    • Ttricy75 says:

      I tried price matching at my neighborhood Walmart. I had 6 packs and 3 ($1 off 2) coupons and the cashier told me that I could only purchase 3 packs in one transaction because that’s what the Walgreens ad stated. So I could get 3 packs for $.49. NO FREEBIE FOR ME! GRRRR!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry to hear that. You know you could split into 3 transactions if she/he was a stickler with the ad because the walgreen in ad coupon was just a limit of 3 per transaction. My cashier just look at the in ad coupon and let me get 8 of them in one transaction but I was going to do 4 transaction if she was going to be strict with the limit. I went in early morning so I would not hold any body up. 

        • Texas Mama says:

           I thought I just saw a Walmart commercial advertising that they didn’t limit quantities on price matched items??  Maybe I saw that wrong.  :-

          • Anonymous says:

            There is nothing stated about it in the policy but we know how some cashier can be.

            • Kikisaver says:

              I always take my Walmart coupon policy with me when I shop. I have never had a prob since I started carrying the policy with me. HTH

      •  As a Wal-Mart cashier at my store we are told to fallow limits on quanities. I bought 2 at Walgreens and 6 at Wal-Mart over 3 days. If you did not want to make seperate trips you could bring them to your car and try going  to a different cashier.

  12. courtingcouponing says:

    Do they carry these at Target to price match?

    • Macrinalane says:

      almost certain!  Staples has 25 cent velocity pens and 50 cent 2 pack white out this week!  if walmart or target has those specific items more price matching and overages!

  13. Anonymous says:

    those are free if you price match using walgreens coupon in their ad dropping them down to 49 cents / pack :D

    • Ana Matos says:

      yay! free pens :D i printed 4 coupons so that makes 8 pack free.  thanks!

    • Coupon Mommy88 says:

      will walmart accept it for a price match since its a store coupon?

      • manapuaman7 says:

        yes, it’s in Walmart’s coupon policy to accept competitor’s coupons if the coupon has an exact stated price…hth

        • Sbussche says:

           I’ve been having trouble with wal-mart taking competitor’s coupons, even when I show them the policy I have printed out. they say cause it says target or kmart on it they can’t take it or they say its a in store coupon

  14. Ana Matos says:

    cant u price match with walgreens? they have a walgreens coupon for 49 cent each. will this work

    • MKays says:

      Yes, I price matched and used coupons to get 4 for free….since my Walgreens was sold out :)

    • Dlsb912 says:

      Walgreens wasn’t just sold out, most stores never even got any in.  I visited three stores in my area and none of them had them.  I found out that only one of the stores had an initial inventory of 2 packs.  When I filed an concern with Walgreens corporate they informed me that when they checked that there were no stores in my district that had more than 2 packs of pens and that most had none….disappointing.

    • NiaLee says:

      I price matched to get these at Walmart too. My store had oodles of these in stock so I bough10 with no problem.

    • Sbussche says:

       I priced match from big lots and got them for that price, so I got four free.

    • Nicole Smith says:

      my walmart matched the walgreens in-ad coupon and didnt even give me a limit!!