September is almost here, and I can hardly wait for the cooler weather and the kids back in school! With back-to-school comes back-to-college, and now is a great time for giving dorm room gifts to our college friends! I spotted some great items on clearance at a few different Rite Aid stores, making for some serious savings! Here is what I found:

Black & Decker Home Steam Advantage Iron (reg. $29.99) $7.50, clearance price

Black & Decker Home Handy Steamer & Rice Cooker (reg. $29.99) $7.50, clearance price

Brita Faucet Filtration System (reg. $37.99) $9.50, clearance price

Kitchen Elite 6-Speed Blender (reg. $24.99) $6.25, clearance price

Pur Ultimate Water Filtration System (reg. $27.99) $7.00, clearance price

Pur Pitcher Refill (reg. $10.99) $2.75, clearance price

Toastmaster 4-Slice Toaster Oven Broiler (reg. $34.99) $8.75, clearance price

Toastmaster Double Buffet Range (reg. $39.99) $10.00, clearance price

Westinghouse Electronic Microwave (reg. $69.99) $17.50, clearance price

Windmere 4-Quart Capacity Popcorn Popper (reg. $21.99) $5.50, clearance price 

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14 thoughts on “Hot Clearance on Small Appliances at Rite Aid!”

  1. I bought the Toastmaster mini food processor for $3.99. I used the overage from the Oral B spin brushes to buy it. The toothbrush was $7.99 and Rite Aid took off the whole $10 coupon from the Oral Health care coupon booklet. I used two of those plus my 10% discount.

  2. Mary Smith says:

    Im gonna be dreaming of Rite Aide tonight! ;)

  3. sully says:

    no luck, shelf was empty. i think this sale has being going on for some time now

  4. coupon kid says:

    I saw a coffe maker 75% off at my rite aid! :)

  5. my store had that clearance last week all the stickers were gone this week though  but I did see a George foreman grill included in the sale when they were up

  6. Anna Z says:

    I just went to the rite aid down the street – got both the Brita Faucet Filter and the 6cup Brita  Pitcher for $14.99 each, down from 22.99 (or something like that). Looks like there’s a $5 rebate too. I’m in Southern California so that might have something to do with it – all the Pur filters were gone.

  7. Goldsworthy_85 says:

    Must be in the larger out west stores! Oh I wish mine had these I’m in southwest Michigan and our stores don’t carry most of these! So sad…

  8. Laurie says:

    In my store garden items were 75 percent off and I got large bags of potting soil for sale for 74 cents each. I wish I would have seen this post to get some of these appliances as well.

  9. sully says:

    now is the time to get that toaster oven

  10. heidi says:

    Thanks for the heads up.  I’m heading out to Rite Aid now in hopes that there are some small appliances left.  My daughter is moving into campus apartments next week and they have nothing stocked in the kitchens.  This is the perfect deal for us!