Jamba JuiceDon’t suffer through the summer heat silently. Use a coupon to grab a Jamba Juice for cheap! This coupon allows you to get any 16 ounce smoothie for only $2.00! Simply click the picture, enter your zip code, enter some basic info and click join. The coupon will be emailed to you within the next 24 hours. That’s it. Pretty simple for such a great price on a delightful treat!

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4 thoughts on “Jamba Juice 16 oz Smoothie, Only $2.00!”

  1. debi1830 says:

    says it’s not available in my zip code

  2. It told me I was already on the e-mailing list, which I am, but I didn’t get a coupon :(

  3. Sashquash8 says:

    clicked- it gave me an error

  4. Lauralove. says:

    Awesome! The Jambas around here (San Diego) are doing a “Happy hour” from 9-11am this week where you can get the 16oz. smoothie for only $1. But, this coupon is perfect for an afternoon smoothie run!