If you love Vera Bradley products, don’t miss this amazing sale. For two days only, August 11th and 12th, Vera Bradley has their full selection of Viva La Vera, Deco Daisy and Watercolor at 50% off! Plus, orders over $75.00 ship free. Otherwise, shipping is around $10.00.

As an added bonus, when you sign up to receive emails from Vera Bradley, you will be sent coupons and sale notifications to your inbox. I received a coupon good for $20 off an order of $75. They do NOT tell you when you will receive this coupon, so you may not receive it in time for the sale. But, it never hurts to try. If you wish to sign up, head to Vera Bradley.  At the bottom of the page, on the right hand side, enter your email address.

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6 thoughts on “Hot! 50% Off at Vera Bradley! Purses As Low As $14.50!”

  1. Betsytaylor says:

    I think we should all buy nothing but things made in the USA.  I hope this company will understand they have made a very big mistake.  I love their purses and so does my girls, but we will just have to go to another company that wants to support our country, the one that made them what they are today.

  2. MB says:

    WOW! Not buying VB anymore. Looking at Stephanie Dawn’s hers are cute too!! Gotta buy American Made!!!!

  3. Kalepe says:

    Thanks, Victorianmiss.  I, too, think it’s important to buy products made in America as often as we possibly can.  I’m very disappointed to hear that Vera Bradley is now outsourcing.  Shame on them.

    • Joyceharder says:

      I had no idea they outsourced.I won’t buy one now! Victoria I would love to check out Stephanie’s site if she has one. TY 

  4. Patricia517174 says:

    I have never liked these handbags..They look like they are made from a dress or curtains,Or those old flour sacks..Yuck. cheap looking)

  5. Victorianmiss says:

    At one time this would have made me very happy, but every since I found out a year or so ago that Vera Bradley is no longer made in Fort Wayne, IN, or even the U.S. but was outsourced to China for cheaper labor, put several hundred people out of work and yet her products are no cheaper in price, only cheaper made. I have talked to a lot of women who have returned purchases because the quality is not as good.  So, I am selling my New Vera’s that I had purchased and have gotten a few purses from Stephanie Dawn. She worked for the Vera company until put out of work and is now making her own purses in a company in Ohio. She is fairly new at it, very good quality and it will take a while, but she will be as good if not better than Vera Bradley. This is JMHO!!!