Visit Toys R Us on Facebook to get a coupon valid for $5.00 off any purchase! There is no minimum purchase amount required, so the possibilities are endless. Keep in mind that they will not give cash back, so purchase at least $5.00 worth of products to maximize savings! This coupon is valid 8/12 – 8/16, limited to one per guest and there are a number of exclusions in the fine print. Let me know what you scored!

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64 thoughts on “Save $5 off any Purchase at Toys R Us!”

  1. Joy says:

    Is this coupon still good?  I’ve tried going to the website several times and it’s not pulling it up :(

  2. Mochi Ngo says:

    it won’t work, only 1 per computer, doesn’t matter how many times you log on facebook accounts

  3. Amybang says:

    toysrus web page disappear the $5 coupon, so the coupons gone. :) my aunt missed it, so sorry!

  4. kim says:

    do i have to get something that is close to 5 dollars or can it be cheaper then 5 dollars?

  5. Clip_It911 says:

    At my Toys R Us if the items came to $4.99 the coupon took and I paid nothing!

  6. hutter319 says:

    Is anyone else having problems printing these coupons from facebook?  I get to the “get coupon” page and nothing happens when I click on it!!  UGH!!  So frustrating!

    • Freckles411 says:

      I had a Java pop up and selected “run this time” if you had pop ups disabled, switch it for a second so you can print it

  7. raaych says:

    HELP! I have printed out several on my computer.. Had everyone in the room log in and print it lol… All are the same bar code, I used two of them and they worked, rang up no problem….but is it fraud or anything to use the others because they have the same bar code?

  8. Can you use MFQ with this $5 Toys R Us coupon? I was thinking about pairing with $3 Avent coupon for a friend who needs bottles or even the Similac.

  9. I printed 1 from Toys R Us website and 1 from their facebook page. Each have different barcodes. I did this on 2 computers and got a total of 4 coupons with all different codes. Free stocking stuffers…yes I’m thinking of Christmas already.

  10. Algava says:

    What does “one-time single use only” mean? is it one per customer, one per transaction..etc??? thanks!

    • guest says:

      the coupons will only work with different bar-codes, i tried to use 2 today with same bar-code only one will work. Unless you have multiple computers at home that you can print one from each.

  11. Autumn Fiveash says:

    I went and bought my 10 pack of Munchkin diaper thing for $5.99, with coupon I got it for $0.99!

    Right as I was about to leave, some girl handed me hers because what she wanted was excluded. I went and bought another one! So 20 refills for $1.98+tax! I bought the first 10 pack for $5.49 at Target.

  12. Jloredo13 says:

    i printed from 3 diff. computers and each coupon had a diff. barcode, i tried to pull up the link on the same comp. and it gave the same bar code so the only way it gives a diff barcode is from another comp. it doesnt track it by facebook account but by the computer

  13. BellaMama says:

    At my local Toys R Us, the Zhu Zhu Pets playsets are all on clearance.  On top of the clearance prices, they are having a “Buy 1, Get 2 Free” promotion on Zhu Zhu Pets playsets.  So, for my $5, I was able to buy a race car playset for $4.98 and I got 2 additional playsets priced at $4.98 and I paid $0!  Very cool.

  14. will says:

    Here is what I found out.Each time you print one coupon only but from a freshly opened page(same computer) it will give you diferet coupon code.which means its like a whole new coupon.But please dont print 2 many.Im just saying that it is an option.

    • mardette says:

      I tried this ,same barcode hmmmm can you please tell me how did you get different barcodes?

      • will says:

        I use KCL’s link to Toysrus facebook page and without loging in I print one coupon.Then close everything and repeat.I just did it again and it works.Everytime different code.First few numbers could be the same,but the endings are different.And they work in store.Hope that helps.

        • Freckles411 says:

          hmm tried that and its still the same code? 

          • will says:

            Im sorry it didnt work out for you.Im not sure why it does it,but it still gives me the different code every time.I wish we had more time I would ‘ve mailed you a few of them.

  15. jessica says:

    If you have shopkicks there is also a coupon on there us can use.

  16. Meow says:

    the coupon will not pull up.. i cant get it…

  17. joyjoy1417 says:

    Has anyone tried using coupons with the same barcode since it let’s you print more than one?

    • Anonymous says:

       I printed 2 with same barcode from same computer and same facebook account. When I went to Toys R Us, it only took one of the coupons, the other one didn’t work.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I printed one from my computer, my husband’s computer and i had one delivered to my mobile!!! So I got

      babies r us -2 packs of munchkin cups – normally 8.99 but marked down to 6.49 and on b1g1 50% = 2.22 – it should have been 3 something but the coupon wouldn’t go through so the cashier just gave me a deeper discount on the items and i printed 2 x 1.00/1 or 2 pack click and lock from their facebook page! 
    Since that saved that coupon – my mom also went in babies r us and got a small bear shaped container of animal crackers for .49 – was 5.49!!! 
    Then we went to Toy r us and used the printed ones and I got the huge toys r us brand animal crackers 7.99 – 5.00 = 2.99!!! (we have to provide snack for my son’s kindergarten class and this will be perfect with some sliced apples!!!)
    and then my mom got 2 thermos containers – 14.98 and b1g1 50% = 18.81 
    Grand total before sales and coupons = 64.30
    after sales and coupons =24.51
    savings of 61.8% 
    So glad we have more than one store in lexington!!

    oh the crayola dry erase crayons were 3.99 b1g1 50% = making them 5.98 and using the printable q from a while back would make them completely free!!! just the taxes depending on how your store calculated taxes!! Our discounts were pre tax!!!

  19. Slidellkisses69 says:

    My bf and I each got a pack of batteries our total was zero yay!!

  20. Amybang says:

    I used my facebook acc. and my bro facebook acc. to print out 2 coupons, there two have the same code number, last # is 60809. any one have the same code.

  21. Myjennycdb says:

    can we stack $ off coupons with this? I have a 5off 25 coupon, 3 off for birthday rewards and now this….im wondering if I can use all in the sam transaction

    • Vicki says:

       Be aware that the $3 off will come off first, so you need to purchase at least $28 for the 5 off $25 to work.

    • rebecca says:

      i wonder too but i did read on there that only one coupon per transactions so i guess it would depend on the store, i have 2, 5 off 25 purchase and 2 3 off any purchase and i will have 4, 5 off any coupons after i print one from hubby comp and two from each phones so that would be a pretty awesome coupons stacking……….

    • Freckles411 says:

      I don’t think they will take both (in bold on the $5 coupon it says not valid with any other R Us total transaction offer)

  22. Nikki says:

    I printed 3 qs from 3 different computers (different bar codes on each) and also have the text coupon.  The Babies R Us text coupon and the Toys R Us text coupon I received on my phone today both linked to the same coupon (so they are unique per phone device so if you have more than one phone you can get another q on it- use your husband’s, your child’s, etc).

    • Nikki says:

      Just finished… Got a Disney Toddler doll (Wedding Rapunzel) 30% off $21.99 and $5 q made it $10.39 + tax. On another order I got a Playdoh Diggin Rigs Tool Crew set and a Playdoh soft pack… Playdoh bogo 50% and used another $5 q made it $2.78 plus tax. I found a Disney Princess Interactive Storybook reg $19.99 clearanced for $2.00 and added it to my daughter’s reg priced lava lamp transaction she bought with bday money… Used another q do free plus took $3 off her lava lamp… She was happy! lol

  23. Alana says:

    I printed 2 of the Toys R Us coupons one on my mac and the other through Windows which is partitioned on my mac computer and the bar codes are different from each other. Yay for Toys R Us!

  24. Lrbadford says:

    I clicked on the Get Coupon and nothing happened…wonder whats wrong? :(

  25. Kristensteele28 says:

    Text 5ONUS to 78697 to get another coupon!! Love Savin ink :)

  26. Joelle Neuman says:

    You can also just go to the toys r us website and print from their banner on the main page.  I noticed you can print as many times as you want but each computer I printed from gave me a different bar code.  

  27. Kristensteele28 says:

    Crayons crayons are 4 for $1 so you can get 20 for free with jut this one coupon !

    • Kristensteele28 says:

      Man I had typos! Lol I meant crayola crayons are just 4 for $1
      And that’s 20 for free with just one coupon :) sorry bout that

      • Anonymous says:

        I wish I knew this! I was searching for a filler item under a dollar, but couldn’t find any! How many crayons are in a box?

  28. Lilmekikya says:

    and its for babies r us as well

  29. Lilmekikya says:

    I got that in an email, i have a rewards card too, so i dont know if its from signing up for the emails or the rewards card

  30. Anonymous says:

    Can this be used at babies r us also?

  31. Goodsully says:

    I printed one on my facebook account and had my son print one on his.  They look the same.  Better use them today  before they won’t allow them like those free chuggington ones a few weeks ago.

  32. I am able to print multiple copies.  I wonder if they would work??