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Fifty Free Photo Prints at Target!

photo prints

Who has memories from this summer that need to be printed? (Or from summer two years ago–or maybe that’s just me!) Grab fifty free prints at Target with a Target coupon and a sale price! Check it out:

Buy 50 4×6 Digital Photo Prints $0.10, sale price through 8/18
Use one $5.00/50 – 4×6 Digital Prints, Target Coupon – (
Fifty Free Photo Prints at Target!Final Price: Free 

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29 thoughts on “Fifty Free Photo Prints at Target!”

  1. mgomez1839 says:

    Hi, here is my scenario and planning to take a class action law suit to Target. KCL please let me know if I am wrong.
    have complained before re: the coupon policy I would say last month. If I can
    remember I was told by the Mgr. “Jose” that I have to do diff. trans
    to use my coupons even though the coupon itself states “Limit 1 per
    purchase / Limit 4 identical coupon per household per day”. Now there is a target web coupon that was
    available to print up to 2 per computer for $5 of 50 prints. None on the coupon states there is a minimum
    prints to use the $5 as long as it does not exceed the value of the item
    purchased and it does not say that it cannot be combined of what promotion the
    store have for the prints. I have enough computer to print 8 cpns I went on Thurs
    to order my prints and do 4 orders of 50 since the prints is on sale for $.10
    each which make my prints free and abiding the coupon policy of 4 per household
    per day. Jessica from photo dpt remembers me from the last issue I have from
    the store. I noticed her talking to Mgr. Tiffany as she holding my photo
    envelope. Came back to pick up my photos and Jessica told me that if I want to
    use the coupon she have to ring it up 4 times. I told her that is fine. Went
    yesterday to do another prints and when I pick up my pictures the assoc. told me that she will ask the mgr if she can
    take all the coupon. Tiffany came and
    told me that the “store is limiting me to use only 2 coupons” even
    though the policy limit is 4. It’s her managerial discretion to do that. Went ahead
    and pay just for 2 and watch the assoc tear up the two sets of 50 prints
    because I will not get them and ask for Corp. number and handed down a guest
    card with 800 #. At the store I called the 800 # and spoke to Rep. Marie that
    the coupon state limit 4 and Marie said that I should be able to use them. Gave
    the phone to Tiffany and told Marie that the store policy is allowing me to use
    only 2 because “I am separating the transactions and getting the pictures
    for free”. Tiffany then gave me back the phone and Marie said that she has
    to abide and empower the store. I asked
    Marie is Target Coupon Policy different than Store Policy and she said it’s the
    same. I called Tiffany at 8:44pm last
    night 8/18/12 and confirm to her why she is not taking the other coupons in her
    own words “I am splitting the transactions and getting the photo prints
    for free” Now, I was told by your mgr Jose that I have to do separate
    trans to use my coupons (which is not correct) and now I am doing what your
    Mgr. told and Mgr. Tiffany would disagree with and it’s wrong because I am
    getting it for free.

    KCL what would you do in this situation?

  2. Jennifer says:

    omg…i did this online, and confirmed my order. the total was 9.50, and I just thought maybe when I go to the store, they would discount the total when I pick them up. Do you know if it’s too late to cancel the order? i am kicking myself in the ars right now…i wish i had read these comments sooner..i’m an idiot!! Rrrr!!

  3. jason says:

    i did this deal yesterday. went to the kiosk and they had 2 options. “1-hour” and “instant” processing or something like that.

    first tried the “instant” and loaded my 50 pictures via usb drive. total came out to i think 15-20 cents a print. (i forgot what the total was, only saw that it was way more than $5) so i restarted and tried the 1-hour option. after loading the pics the total came out to $5 so i sent the order through. took about 45 minutes to finish. picked them up, went to the checkout line, coupon went through with no problem. free pictures!

    there was another lady there to pick up pictures she had ordered online who decided to raise a big stink because she saw the in-store price was cheaper than what she was going to pay originally. at first i was going to tell her about this deal, but she was very rude and loud and the cashiers didn’t deserve it, so i just quietly got my free pics while she paid $24 for her 160 prints (after they took it down from $32).

  4. LaRieal says:

    I have to thank you for this post.  I am planning for my wedding and needed over 200 prints.  I was cringing at the price this would cost but I was able to get 200 prints for free today and will get 200 more on Sat.  Ok so here are some hints.  You can use up to 4 coupons in
    one visit per day.  You can only print off 200 prints at the kiosk
    sooooooooooo that all works out.  I went to the Brentwood, TN store but again
    just look online to find the target stores near you that have the photo centers
    with one hour photos and call to verify they are honoring the $.10 ad.  The kiosk where you put the prints in is a little clunky but
    how frustrated can you get when it is FREE!

  5. Tecassist says:

    This is fantastic – thank you!!  The Rohnert Park, CA Target store is selling what they call ‘standard prints’ for $.10 each and they will honor the $5 off coupon also.  The ‘standard print’ is from their 1 hour photo service – less wait time for less $$!  The web coupon states a limit of 4 identical coupons per household, per day, but the coupon printing program only allows me to print 2 coupons.  

  6. Rachel says:

    I’ve noticed in the last year, that people keep saying there is this sale, the flyer has even said once, but it seems to depend on what store & who is working. It’s been probably a year since I’ve had a good experience with this “sale’.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is frustrating, Rachel! Sales and promotions can vary from store to store and it seems like this is one that does : (

  7. Purple13 says:

    Just an update, I went to one Target today and they said they aren’t doing the deal. I called another Target that I will pass today and they told me that they will honor the fine print in the flyer. It seems to say only certain locations and while supplies lasts. So, check with the store before you print and show them the flyer. However, in the flyer it says go to for a list of locations doing the promotion, well a worker at Target tried to help me find the list, but he said he couldn’t locate it. 

  8. esme219 says:

    The deal is advertised in the ad on page 25 in the same paragraph as the photo book deal.  From experience the order has to be placed at the store and yes you can load your pictures on a usb.

    • Purple13 says:

      Thank you!! I will go tomorrow! Very excited. Will be using these free photos as extras at my wedding!

  9. Purple13 says:

    I called one Target and they told me the photos were twenty cents. So, I called another Target and she said there is a sale until Sat night (8/18.) I think I might just do this in the store, but go to the store where the woman knew about the sale. Does anyone know if you can load your photos on a USB to print them? 

  10. Lilymdrano says:

    Hi, went on line to order my pics but it says $0.15 ship and $0.19 pick up. Do u have to go to the store to get them on special for $0.10? Thankyou

  11. Anonymous says:

    Where’s this deal advertised at? I didn’t see anything in the weekly ad or on the website…I want to make sure before I go into the store and end up leaving disappointed. I can really use this deal right now but is this regional!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t believe that it’s a regional deal, but call ahead to your store to double check before making a special trip. 

      • LucyG says:

         called about 5 targets so far and none of them said they were on sale, they are .20 cents each…check your target to make sure they are on sale…

  12. Janiegallups says:

    KrazyLady – have you looked into this deal?  Can we use it online, or is this an instore only?  Is there a minimum purchase/maximum?  I have two coupon print outs, so I’d like to do this twice.  Thanks for your your help. 

  13. Danc11 says:

    The target store near me says you have to buy 100 to get them $.10 a piece. If I only wanted to get 50 of them, it’ll be $.20 a piece. :(

    • Purple13 says:

      That is what one Target told me, but the other just said ten cents each. She told me it depends on the quantity and 50 would be twenty cents, so I am very confused about this deal. 

  14. Aebrown10 says:

    does this work when I order them online and pickup in the store, or do I have to go in and place my order in store for it to be free.

  15. Ami says: says the prints are .19 ea, called the store and they comfirmed.
    Not FREE.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry that your store isn’t participating, Ami : ( Some stores are charging only $0.10 per print, but it looks as if it’s a regional deal.