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Free Mead Five-Star Portfolios at Target!

I used to think Five-Star products were perpetually expensive; then I realized this is not always the case! These Five-Star portfolios are regularly $1.49 but are reduced to $0.50 until 8/18. Still have a manufacturer coupon from the Red Plum 8/5 insert? Use it to get 2 for free!





Mead Five-Star 4-Pocket Portfolio $0.50, sale price through 8/18
Use $1.00/2 Five Star products, including Student Planning from RP 8/5 (exp 9/30)
Final Price: Free, when you buy 2

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43 thoughts on “Free Mead Five-Star Portfolios at Target!”

  1. Har says:

    Careful was just at Target and the coupons weren’t coming off right. The cashier said they were beeping n coming off when in fact they weren’t. So off to customer service where Courtney who was so nice got all the coupons and refunded my money back. $4.00 is alot of money to lose :-D

  2. Mamatiml69 says:

    I ended up using my $1.00/2 coupon at rite aid. they have the 70 count spiral note pads for 29 cent making it a profit. there is no limit on the coupons used or the amount of spirals you get so i used 10 coupons at a time for the money maker and ended up getting the backpacks buy 1 get 1 free for free with the $8 from past up rewards and the overage from my coupons. also bought the stayfree and have $4 up left over.

  3. Supersavinmomma says:

    I went to Target last night and straight over to the school supply section. I instantly thought “what was I thinking?” It was a total madhouse! School starts this week here in NorCal and all the fifty cent folders were gone, gone, gone….

  4. Jessicalopezperez95 says:

    I went to my local target this morning and i was going to purchase 8 of these folders and 4 of the wet ones wipes. when i was checking out the cashier tild me trhat i could only use one coupon per purchase so i was like okay thats fine because each iteam is a purchase and once i told her that she changed the story and told me that i could only use one per transaction and also per customer then to my suprise she told me i could only do one coupon per transaction because people have been doing coupon fraud. like any couponer you know that is against the law and i was stunned that she was implieing that i was some how apart of that. i told her that you were aloud 4 like coupons per transaction she told me that who ever was alowing me to purchase those iteams was doing wrong. so after disscusing with her i was like okay if you dont let me purchase all of my iteams i will only purchase 2 folders and 1 wet ones wipe packet. i walked out of that store frustrated so tommarow i will be calling customer service and checking if this is accurate. good thing i remembered her name so that they can informe her of the coupon policie. but never the less she doesnt under stand that either way i will be purchising those products. i really home that this situation does not happen to any of you. even though i am a young couponer i know my rights and stand up for what i believe in.

    • Edith Chaves says:

      your soo right!! im a young couponer too and these cashiers have no idea what they’re coupon policies are! good thing i have a friend that works at target so i try buying all my stuff when she is there. but definetly make that call!

  5. Tishky says:

    I am in Louisville Ky and was trying to purchase 4 Bic razors and 4 Mead notebooks and the manager denied them and said I could only use 1.  He said their coupon policy state they can deny any coupon they want to.  I will be calling the district manager tomorrow.  They were valid coupons being purchased on valid items.  Target is losing my business.

    • SunnyHavens says:

      I’m in Louisville too, Tishky.  I used to frequent the ones by Jefferson Mall and at Bashford Manor.  Both stores are that way now.  It’s a shame too.  I used to enjoy shopping at both.  Which one did you have an issue with? 

      • Tishky says:

         I had the issue with the Jefferson Mall store.  Alot of the Targets are getting extremely picky on coupons. 

        • SunnyHavens says:

          There is a young manager in that store who is very rude and hates couponers.  I called coorporate in-store because he refused several valid coupons (four maybe-was last year).  They asked to speak with him after telling me that the coupons should be accepted.  After speaking with them (he was pissed that I called), he handed back the cell phone with a smirk and and said that he will not accept the coupons.  Coorporate went on to explain that the stores have final say in what happens.  It makes no sense to me.  Why have a coupon policy in the first place.  That particular store is horrible.  If something is $.99 and you have $1 coupon, they will not accept it either.     

  6. I live in Chicago and the Targets near where I live are all sold out anyone know if they are giving rain cheack for this. I also called the Walmart near me and they do price match,but they said that they don’t have these folders only the two pocket.

  7. melissa says:

     I went to a target in phoenix and was able to get 10 for free I had actually wanted to get them for our kids starting to prepare for jr high /high school I remember all the cool kids had mead and five star everything   luckily I had a very coupon friendly cashier finally and just scanned away   yeah for me  and our kids

  8. Klopez says:

    I was stunned today when I went to my target and saw that it was empty, I was also bummed because the sale just started yesterday. It’s amazing how fast these orders sold out. :(

    • Edith Chaves says:

      i know! i went sunday morning and there wasnt that many left….. u should check the regular school supplies aisle not the school supplies section…. Last week there was no more roseart crayons (on sale for .20 cents) so i went to the regular colored pencils/crayons aisle and i found 1 there

  9. Edith Chaves says:

    yay i got 8 of these :)

  10. Jtsako says:

    Mine is not ringing up 50cents…still at 1.49 :(

  11. Anonymous says:

    I went to the Palm Desert, CA store and was given a major hassle over using the coupon noted above for that item.  The Cashier called over a Supervisor, who then called over a Manager, who finally decided to accept the coupons.  They kept telling me that the coupon was meant for a more expensive item – not the ones that are 2/$1.00 – but I pointed out that the coupon does say for any Five Star item.  After 15 minutes, the transaction was finally done.

    Is Target (in general) just being a pain with coupons anymore? They told us that WalMart and other stores were just as strict on coupons as they are – but I was buying something that the coupon was valid for.

    Sorry for the long post – just wondering if I am alone in having this experience.

    • Jodie says:

      My target has gotten pretty nitpicky too.  You have to point out the  validity of the coupon.  It’s all thanks to extreme couponing on TLC though….

    • Trumandanielle says:

      My target put a limit of 4 like coupons even if it doesn’t have a limit on the coupon

      • Edith Chaves says:

        idk well, i think its only obvious they would add restrictions even though there shouldn’t be, bc pple try using their lets say 20 coupons for the same item all at the same time..

        … which to me is dumb bc pple are so picky & if u already know how cashiers might react,  be modest and only use one or two of your coupons at once bc it annoys cashiers or takes too long…. i love when things end up being free but i always try to at least go to different cashiers for every two or three coupons that i have for the same thing, i know it takes more time up but your saving urself the frustration having to argue with a cashier or manager 

    • Edith Chaves says:

      i never have problems with things coming out to be free bc i always buy other items with it so in a sense they dont notice i got it for free, try doing that, i try to never buy items that will cost me just tax without buying something along with it that isnt free… unless my friend is the cashier and in that case i know she doesnt care…

  12. Amartinez says:

    my redplum didn’t have the coupon for some reason…

  13. Jacob Ratliff says:

    I’m going to have an Office Supply Store in my house! I have so many Office Supplies! :-) Thanks to KCL!

  14. Morgan says:

     possible price match at walmart??

  15. Sarahpumpkin says:

    Make sure you scan the portfolios too, so many of them have been picked over and thrown together that the one you get may have been with the .50 sign but is actually $3.49 like I discovered yesterday at the price scanner! The right ones look exactly like the ones in the picture. There are others that look similar but scan up as more.

  16. Mine are still $1 – not on sale :(

  17. Lisa says:

    i used my coupons from the inserts and i also was able to print some off the internet. I got 18 folders for free :)

  18. I used mine for 70 page note books last week. I had 2 coopies so I got 4 free

  19. Jasmin Rivera says:

    cant seem to find the coupon

  20. Bev Tank says:

    Did Nampa get this coupon?

    • Mrwheelz3 says:

      I’m in Boise, and if I remember correctly, I didn’t get this coupon… but I know there are printables available… If I remember right, the ones I have seen are on the Target website, but are manufacturer coupons.