Pizza rolls make for a great, lazy, afternoon or late night snack. Totino’s Pizza Rolls are regularly $3.29 but are on sale for $2.99 at Target and are buy three get one free! Use the manufacturer and Target coupon to get these for $1.78 each




Buy 4 Totino’s Pizza Rolls, 40 ct $2.99, sale price through 9/1
Buy Three Get One Free
Use one $0.85/3 – Totino’s Rolls Snacks – (
Or $0.85/3 – Totino’s Rolls Snacks – (
And use one $1.00/3 – Totino’s Pizza Rolls Frozen Snacks, 40ct, Target Coupon – (
Or $1.00/3 Totino’s Pizza Rolls Frozen Snacks, limit 4 identical coupons per household per day from Target Back to School Mailer (exp 8/26)
Final Price: $1.78 each, when you buy 4

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8 thoughts on “Totino’s Pizza Rolls $1.78 at Target”

  1. Dozernoreen says:

    Im new at this but wanted to know can you use a coupon for each item? Plus the target item? Like it says $1 off three and use the target coupon could you use another coupon like 40 cents off two?

  2. LeiF1021 says:

    I have coupons for Totino’s buy 2 get 40 cents off.  If I buy the four to get the fourth free, can I use two of the 40 cents coupons since one will be free?

  3. Benayski says:

    my mistake, just found it!!

  4. Benayski says:

    I think the coupon is gone for Totino’s Pizza rolls :(

  5. guest241 says:

    I am soooo BUMMED at Target right now. I went this morning. I tried to use the Hefty Bags Target/ Mfg. deal ($1.55 off 2.19 (22) box) and the Buy Glade Expressions starter kit, get the mist refill free…. Both deals, the coupons “beeped”and the “girl” said these don’t match the product. I showed her I got the starter kit, then I showed her the refill. But she refused to take the coupon (from 8/5 SS) Then the Hefty bags “beeped”… She said it was the wrong number. I showed her the MFG. said (any), and the Target coupon said 15 to 50 (size). Well it won’t take it……. So, I left….. I will just go to Wal-Mart or try another Target. Some days my nerves just can’t handle TARGET…… Today was “one of those days”……..

    • Nfcmisty says:

      When I have issues with a cashier or coupons I go straight to the customer service desk. I would recommend you try that!

      • guest241 says:

        Thanks, Yes, I usually do….. I had to last time because my coupons “dinged” but it was Obvious they were not taken off. I was on my way to a doctor’s appt. yesterday, so didn’t have time to “argue”. But, it bothered me all night, so guess I should have….. I may go back today. I wonder if it helps to let her ring up purchase, then give the coupon? Then repeat the procedure for the next item????? I just think HOUSTON is the worse for Target.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your frustrating experience! This is unfortunately a commonality because many Cashiers are misinformed and do not understand the coupon policy. In this case, you could ask to speak to a Manager. I’ve been in situations like that and felt so deflated afterward.