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Free Good ‘n Natural Bars at Rite Aid!

In this week’s Walgreens matchup, we highlighted the coupon making Good ‘n Natural bars free. Rite Aid has Good ‘n Natural bars too! If you managed to hang on to your coupons from Sunday’s Red Plum insert, head over to Rite Aid. I like to keep my purse well-stocked with snacks like these in case of a hunger emergency!



Good ‘n Natural Bars $1.29, regular price
Use FREE Good ‘N Natural Bar, up to $1.29, limit one coupon per customer from RP 8/12 (exp 9/15)
Final Price: Free 

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15 thoughts on “Free Good ‘n Natural Bars at Rite Aid!”

  1. Lovin Summer says:

    I tried these back when they first came out, and CVS was running a sale..making them free. I ended up tossing them out, no one in my family liked them…including myself. No wonder they were free….trying to get rid of them. Horrible.

  2. srk says:

    Where or what isle are these located i couldnt find them in my rite aid

  3. Anonymous says:

    RiteAid carries the chocolate version of these bars – we actually like all the flavors and we have a friend who enjoys them also as the bars are gluten free!

  4. These are disgusting. omg so bad!

  5. mai says:

    man, this coupon was not in my RP :(((((

  6. We got these last time they were free and my daughter tried it first and blech!! She wouldn’t finish it and I thought well, that is just kids, but no, horrible.

  7. nd says:

    Are any of them good?

  8. eumageu says:

    We went store hopping today to get 36 of these (using all my coupons)…I couldn’t wait to try them. The only flavor they have here in cranberry. They are awful! No wonder they are free :(((((( I had 4 people try them, we all agree. Of course everyone’s opinions vary….but just a heads up, if your buying more then 1, taste it before you spend your time buying more! And @Mrs. Meyer, I bought 6 in transaction and it was fine. We had to store hop to get so many, I don’t like clearing the shelves all at one store!

  9. MrsMeyer says:

    The coupon says one per purchase per customer.. Does that mean we can get as many as we have coupons for??

  10. Anonymous says:

    so this is actually better than CVS? you get 2 for free? also, when does this deal end? im in so cal and the new week just started today.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I thought the coupon was limited to one per person? Can someone clearify for not have the coupons with me.Thanks