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Save $0.50 on Green Giant Frozen Vegetables: Carrots $0.98 at Walmart

Stock the freezer with good-for-you veggies! Print a new $0.50 coupon good on any Green Giant frozen vegetables. It’s a perfect coupon to double, or head to Walmart to pick up frozen carrots for under a dollar!

Green Giant Honey Glazed Carrots, 10 oz $1.48, regular price
Use $0.50/1 – Green Giant Frozen Vegetables – (
Final Price: $0.98 

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6 thoughts on “Save $0.50 on Green Giant Frozen Vegetables: Carrots $0.98 at Walmart”

  1. I’ve gotten a lot of great deals at Kroger and bi lo lately. My cabinets are full of cereal and snacks. Plus I stocked up on some cheap Ragu at bi lo a couple of weeks ago and now Kroger has .49 pasta. I also got some cheap crescent rolls from bi lo too. So with that and price matching lettuce, tomato, and salad dressing at Walmart, I’ve got a complete meal. That’s just one example, but there are deals out there, maybe not all at once, but they are there. ;)

  2. jaimelescoupons says:

    oh my! what is happening to the food coupons? Every time we get new coupon booklet there is more cleaners and razors than food :(. Im very happy to be clean and shaved, dont get me wrong,but does it seem to anybody else that we are getting less and less food deals? If anyone finds some super offers at the stores please post!! i could use some help, nothing to stock pile lately. I was wondering (sorry didn’t know where else to post this) if anyone knows if this is the normal cycle for coupons? like more household items for now and in a bit we will start back on stockpiling food items? Thanks for your input!

    • Anonymous says:

      I was wondering exactly the same thing. There have been several weeks this summer that I have not bothered to get any extra papers – that did not happen at all last summer. Every week it seems to be hair products, cleansers, and air fresheners. The food coupons have been really limited this summer. I hope that changes soon.

      • Lisa12 says:

        You usually do get a lot of coupons for shaving and beauty products in the summer. Manufacturers know that women will need them to get “beach ready” or to wear shorts. It’s Back-to-School time now, so there should be lots of coupons for things like RoseArt, Crayola, new clothes, school supplies, etc. There will also be a significant amount of coupons for snack foods too. It should be back to more food again soon.
        At least,this how it cycles here:
        Summer- Shaving needs, makeup, sunscreen, cleaners, etc
        August- school snacks, clothes, lunch boxes, school supplies, cleaners
        Fall: Winter clothes, foods like pasta, pizza, meats, cleaners
        Winter: mainly food and cleaners
        Spring: fruits, veggies, foods, razors, shaving supplies, makeup, etc.

        That’s the pattern I’ve been seeing over the years.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thanks for your great answer, Lisa! Yes, coupons will cycle so if you’re all stocked up on hair products, razors and air fresheners don’t worry. We will see more food coupons : )