Wow! If you have yet to purchase a Saveology deal, don’t miss out on this one! For new customers only, Saveology is having a gift card clearance. What a great way to start on your Christmas list! Prices are so amazing, I don’t expect them to last long. If you are interested, purchase now!

Here are the available offers:

$25.00 CVS Gift Card, Only $10.00!  Sold Out!

$25.00 Macy’s Gift Card, Only $12.50!   Sold Out!

$25.00 iTunes Gift Card, Only $12.50!

$25.00 Build a Bear Gift Card, Only $10.00!    Sold Out!

$25.00 Pottery Barn Gift Card, Only $12.50!   Sold Out!

$25.00 Boston Market Gift Card, Only $12.50!

$25.00 Baja Fresh Gift Card, Only $10.00!   Sold Out!

$15.00 Rainforest Cafe Gift Card, Only $5.00!    Sold Out!

$10.00 Papa John’s Gift Card, Only $3.00!    Sold Out!

$10.00 Einsten Bros. Bagels Gift Card, Only $3.00!   Sold Out!

$10.00 Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card, Only $3.00!   Sold Out!

$10.00 Boston Market Gift Card, Only $3.00!   Sold Out!

$10.00 Jamba Juice Gift Card, Only $3.00!    Sold Out!

$10.00 Kohl’s Gift Card, Only $3.00!    Sold Out!

$10.00 Ben & Jerry’s Gift Card, Only $3.00!

How to get yours:

  • Choose the offer from above that you are interested in.
  • Click the orange ‘Buy Now’ button.
  • Create an account and purchase your deal.
  • After you have paid for your voucher, click the ‘My Account’ button at the right hand top of the page.
  • Then select ‘My Deals.’
  • Your voucher will be visible on this page. Some of the vouchers require 24 hours before they are available. Others are available immediately.
  • Once available, click ‘View Voucher’ at the bottom of this page.
  • Print voucher.
  • Next, call the Saveology Redemption Center at the phone number listed on your voucher.
  • They will ask for the voucher number and mailing address in order to ship your gift card.
  • You will receive your gift card by mail.

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18 thoughts on “HOT! Discount Gift Cards: $25 to iTunes, Only $12.50 — and Many More!”

Once you wait the 24 hours before they give you the voucher, instead of calling, you can go to and put in your voucher code! It just asks for your name and address as well. That’s what I did 2 days ago. I took a screenshot of the confirmation page.

I’ve had trouble receiving their deals in the past. Not the most reliable company.

Google a Saveology reviews and you will get a TON of warnings and fraud reports. That is way too many for me. Why do you advertise a place like this???

wow saveology REALLY changed. i dont think i like it. esp if i have to call to redeem my vouchers! we have majicjack and 9 times out of 10 the darn phone doesn’t even work…so i have to wait til my fiance gets home with the cell at 8 at night…almost ready to go to bed by then, and chances are they’re probably closed. btw though, ive ordered probably close to 100 things from saveology and received EVERYONE of them. i ordered a light directly from them and it did take several weeks to get here but it DID get here. i did have an issue with one of the companies though(they’d sell a voucher and you’d order directly from the company), , they totally messed up our personalized rings and refused to refund my money. i contacted them the second ii seen the problem, they said theyd issue a refund. so i battled for weeks and finally i contacted saveology. they directed me to the companies refund page, which i had never seen or was even told about. it said in order to get a refund i had to return the product within 30 days!! well about 2 weeks later the company contacts me and says there’s nothing they can do since i didn’t return the ring in time. i was furious by this point. i spent $39.99 on the voucher(a $89.99 value!!) was sent a refund for $1.99(yes only $2.00) only had one ring from a set of two and was screwed. i contacted the BBB…well guess what? the company NEVER responded to e-mails, phone calls or mailed letters. but I guess one issue out of almost 100 isn’t too shabby! Can’t win em all 😉

The Kohls one is gone too :(

I’d have to be leary of these sites. I ordered a Papa Johns card and a Burger King card from a site very similar to this last December. I never got either but they were charged to my Visa card. When I tried the numbers on their website I got busy signals or if anyone answered it was a recording telling me to leave my information and they’d get back to me, they never did. I believe the site was called Savemore and this site looks eerily similar. BE CAREFUL!!

Jamba juice all sold out. Boo :(

Thanks for the heads up! I ended up getting a Coldstone voucher since I was already planning to go for the buy one get one free deal. 😀 This makes it even more cheap to go!

CVS was sold out when I first checked the listings. I got the Macy’s one though. Thanks!

Build-A-Bear is sold out too. So sad :(

Macy’s is sold out

I saw this and got so excited! But, I just tried to redeem one of these for Staples and the person on the phone spoke extremely poor English. I was on the phone for a VERY long time and had to repeat my name, address, e-mail, and phone number over and over. I agree that they were quite pushy, as well. Has anyone had a good experience with this company? Would love to buy the Kohl’s and Build-A-Bear, but want to see if I even get the Staples card I already bought.

Thanks for sharing! We are going to Disney next month so I bought one of the rainforest cafe ones to use on our trip!

This company has a ton of VERY NEGATIVE reviews online, including those from former employees….. Sometimes when it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I learned my lesson in November when I bought 2 different vouchers for gift cards at cabelas and cvs from and never received them in the mail. the customer service phone numbers just went to a full inbox…. be cautious with your couponing deals!

warning: when calling the redemption center, the operator was very pushy —wanting to me purchase other coupons–getting angry that I was saying “no” to everything.

yeah had to deal with this on the itunes gift card. Operator was a real car salesman type a bit too friendly and trying to push lots of other “deals” on me at the last minute. Just say NO. I think these deals are for first time buyers only. The Kohls one is now sold out as well.

wow, that is a lot of hoops to jump through.

Stupid question.,…. but when signing up for the Build a Bear one, when im signing up its asking me for the deal city and my city is not on the list so do you know does that mean its not good for Omaha, NE or can I leave that blank, I didnt want to put my cc # in unless I knew that??? Thanks