Coloring my hair professionally stopped being an option when I decided to have kids! I could afford the kids or the professional hair color! Even store-bought hair color can be expensive, so this deal is krazy! Check out this new, high-value $5.00 manufacturer coupon, and combine it with an in-ad Rite Aid coupon and a sale price. Rite Aid’s coupon policy says that if the coupons exceed the selling price of the item, they will adjust the coupons down. Hurry in for this deal!

Samy Fat Foam Hair Color $8.99, sale price through 8/25
Use $5.00/1 Samy Fat Foam Hair Color – (
And use $6.00/1 Samy Fat Foam Hair Color, limit one coupon per customer in-ad Rite Aid coupon
Final Price: Free 

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48 thoughts on “Free Samy Fat Foam at Rite Aid!”

  1. shawn says:

    i cant find the coupon where is it!!! its not in my ad???

  2. MamaH says:

    tried this tonight…to no avail. They would only take 1 coupon and said I had to pay the advertised price minus their coupon (2.99). The cashier kept trying to explain how they cant take it because the amount off exceeds the price- to which I tried to explain that it should be free…and I’m not asking you to pay me for buying it :) Bought it anyways and will call the manager in the morning. ugh. Went to Target today just to have them mess up all the coupons (didn’t scan two of them and shoved them in the drawer) which took me forever to figure out…frustrated!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry! Next time you go to Rite AId, take a copy of their coupon policy with you. It says that they will reduce the coupon to the selling price of the item, so that the item is free. Hopefully that will help you not have this issue in the future.

  3. Abby V says:

    Sooo…I am in Louisiana and cannot find the Samy in- ad coupon in the ad! Surely this isn’t a regional thing? I really need some free hair color!

  4. mamatiml says:

    i did the samy foam several times at different stores in the same transactions. all of my orders rang up correctly. the first store shocked the cashier and she brought the manager ove for no reason other than surprise but i had no issues. they even let me use more than one at a time. i have a great store here coupon friendly. when i tried to step out of line so others could go she just called over more cashiers. ky. rite aids rock. i havent added it up yet but when i do i will post. i paid something like $6 for over $100 worth of products my family uses and needs. including backpacks and a diabetic meter for my mom. way to go rite aid.

  5. Jen says:

    Got a free box of the Fat Foam today and used the overage on the Nair products that were 50% off and got it all for FREE(minus tax)!! Yay!

  6. KellyB says:

    the guy refused to reduce my coupon down so i ended up paying for the item :( not happy about it

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry you had that happen! Take a copy of the coupon policy along with you next time. Hopefully that will help in case you run into the same problem.

      • Mindy Washam says:

        So I had the same problem but mine is far worse than ever expected… Everything was going great until the cashier saw that the $5.00 exceed the price after their store coupon and she asked another girl what she would do, well that ened up with her saying she wasn’t sure either what they should d, so she went and called the store manager, she didn’t answer her phone the first time so I suggested that hey call the asst. manager which happens to be my brother-in-law. This was even after I whipped out my store policy that was in my binder sitting in the cart. Well the asst. said that the policy states that we can use both so he was going to allow them to do it. Well the cashier went and called the store manager again and this time she answered and she said that I could only use one which ever was the better deal. Well today I called corporate and asked them to explain their coupon policy to me and I told him about what happened yesterday and he said that she should have adjusted the coupon down to the $2.99. He also told me to go in and talk to the store manager and tell her that corporate said that, thats what their policy states and to honor it and adjust the coupon down. Well since I live 30 minutes from town I was going to do this tomorrow. Well

  7. heather says:

    actually managed to get 8 boxes for free just went to 2 different stores since one was on the way to an appt. new at this whole thing so I’m thrilled!

  8. sarah says:

    yeah but what about using it somewhere else? how many can i print for use elsewhere?

  9. Anonymous says:

    The limit on the Rite Aid in-ad coupon is one per customer, so you’d probably only want to use one of these manufacturer coupons.

  10. Anne says:

    I had a similar problem yesterday. Tried to use the $5 coupon and the in ad coupon and they told me they couldn’t adjust the coupon down it would mess up the register total. I showed them a copy of their coupon policy( which I always carry) and was told that they have never heard of that before and wouldn’t let me use it. I just got off the phone with corporate and they are sending a friendly reminder email to the manager at the store. We’ll see if it helps. It’s just so frustrating!

  11. cindy says:

    can i use this coupon at walmart?

  12. Patty says:

    My transaction didn’t go quite well I ended up paying 3.69 they only took one coupon cause they said both were manufacture coupons :( . Not Happy

  13. Lindsey says:

    I did this deal yesterday…and it ends up be $2 in overage after coupons. You use a $5 IP first, then scan the in-ad coupon for $6 and it gives you overage towards your total. You will not get money back of course so account for that overage on your total before you get to the register. It worked great yesterday, no issues at all.

  14. I think the policy is contradicting. Rite Aid’s coupon policy says that if the coupons exceed the selling price of the item, they will adjust the coupons down, and there is another section that says that the combination of coupons needs to be equal or less and it can never exceed. i had a hard time at my rite aid but i am planning on reporting the cashier, very unprofessional by saying that the policy does not apply to that particular store. luckely the manager took my coupons

  15. Gigi_gg says:

    P.S. I wanted the Scrubbing Bubbles 1 Step Toilet cleaner kit when it was posted here that it was on sale at Target. But, the Targets near me never had it at the sale price. However, yesterday Rite Aid had them at 50% off AND I had my $3 Qs with me, so I got a great deal – paid about 2.50 each for two.

  16. Gigi_gg says:

    I did this yesterday and also combined it with a video values coupon. (I asked prior to checking out and the manager assured me I could use my manuf. Q, the Rite Aid in-ad Q AND the video values coupon all together. It ended up being a good money maker. :-) I LOVE my Rite-Aid. The only thing I didn’t like was the UP rewards on my card and now that they are printing on my receipt, well, it is all good.

  17. Realitytvjunky says:

    I just left my Rite-Aid. They paid me $0.19 + $1up for the hair dye and a hand sanitizer.

  18. I think that Rite Aid is going to start to give me a headache. Yesterday, I had some +UP rewards I had to use so I picked up 4 of the RA Hand Sanitizers,1 Arm&Hammer Deod. and 1 bag of Hershey’s Simple Pleasures. My total was $10.68 w/tax. I gave the checker (2) $3.+UPs, (1) $2.+UP and (1) $2.Q off Hershey’s Simple Pleasures and my final total should have only been $.68 but for some reason the checker was having trouble with one of the +UPs not registering – in fact she told one of the other checkers that it appeared to be adding to my total instead of subtracting. My little order had to be rung up abt. 3-4 times before everything got straightened out and I only paid the $.68 and rec’d my new +UPs. A manager had come over and she manually keyed in the +UPs. After I left the store, I started thinking about what I had bought and the 4 Hand Sanitizers are Rite Aid products and since I have been at the Bronze level for a while now and get 10% off Rite Aid items I’ll bet that messed things up. I really don’t buy that many Rite Aid branded items so I never gave it a thought. Well, I’m soon to hit the Silver level where I’ll get 10% off the entire store for a yr. so I guess that will complicate things even more.

    • Angela White says:

      When you scan an +Up Reward and have less than that amount left on your subtotal (e.g. you use a $1.00 reward but only have $0.48 left on your subtotal), it will knock off a coupon to accept the +Up Reward. That often times makes the balance go up a bit. So annoying. That’s why I plan my transaction math to the cent before I go to the register. And also why I plan to opt out IMMEDIATELY from digital +Ups.

      Yesterday I was thrown off by the Samy: I got $7.99 instead of $8.99 as my price as the 20% Gold Discount was better than the sale price (shelf price $9.99), because of this, my Hershey Simple Pleasures Adperk coupon was kicked off, but I didn’t notice because the dollar I lost from the coupon was replaced by the dollar off the hair color. Sigh. I’m not going to do anything about it; I killed at RIte Aid yesterday otherwise.

  19. Nancy says:

    Can this be priced matched anywhere? Will Meijer take the Rite Aid coupon and the $5 coupon?

  20. hskyles says:

    My Rite Aid did not take the printed manufacturer’s coupon because it did not have a bar code. How were some of you able to get this to work with your Rite Aid?

  21. chelsee says:

    I noticed in the rite aid ads the coupons say manufacture coupon and not rite aid coupon…. I had the same problem with another item with an in ad coupon

    • They do say manufacturer coupon, but they are actually coded as Rite Aid coupons. Rite Aid coupons begin with “RC49″ and manufacturer coupons begin with “5.” Learn about their coupon policy (and print off a copy to take with you in case you have problems) by clicking on the “101″ tab at the top of our Rite Aid page!

    • Anonymous says:

      They put Manufacturer Coupon on the top because Rite Aid is getting reimbursed by the Manufactuerer for each in ad coupon that is being used. Sometimes the sale is general and we will see it in the ad just as a sale but a special pricing sale or whatever you want to call it, that will be reimbursed by the Manufacturer offering it, RA gets reimbursed and is tracked by that RA barcode but as KCL states, it is a RA store coupon deliniated by their Corporate Coupon Policy.

  22. estefania says:

    I did the same deal and at my rite aid the manager didn’t know how to adjust the coupon so that it wouldn’t be a money maker. After calling two other managers she was told she had to pay me the difference, I bought three of the foam color and she handed me 0.12 cents for the first trans. And for the other two trans. she gave me two $5.00 bills I dont know how that happened but thats what her boss told her to do. I was supper excited I got 3 free foam color and $10.12.

  23. coupons4me85 says:

    how many times can we print this coupon?

      • fudge says:

        Did this transaction yesterday and our rite aid did not allow me to use both coupons.

        • You might print off a copy of their coupon policy to take with you in case you have trouble next time. It says that you can use one “5″ manufacturer coupon and one “RC49″ Rite Aid coupon on a single item. It also says that if the value of those coupons exceeds the selling price of the item, they will adjust the coupon down.

          • my rite aid says they can not adjust coupons

            • Print off a copy of their coupon policy to take along with you in case you have trouble again!

            • Angela White says:

              You should report that store to corporate for not knowing or complying with the corporate coupon policy. No excuse for their ignorance.

            • NeNe Moore says:

              Mine says the same thing. I called another one and they said that they don’t take internet coupons over $3.00 and it was up to them if they wanted to adjust the price down. I’ve already sent an email on the website, and I will be calling in the morning, as well as I’ve printed their policy. This was not a very good experience for my first RiteAid trip.