If anyone missed printing the high-value $5.00 coupon for a Glade Oil Diffuser Starter Kit, it’s back with more prints! It hasn’t reset, so those who printed previously won’t be able to get more. For the rest of you, print it and head to Walmart to score a diffuser for only $0.98! (Some people have reported finding these on clearance for even less–let us know if you’re one of them.)

Glade Oil Diffuser Starter Kit $5.98, rollback price
Use $5.00/1 – Glade Oil Diffuser Starter Kit – (coupons.com)
Final Price: $0.98 

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30 thoughts on “It’s Back! Save $5.00 on a Glade Oil Diffuser Starter Kit!”

  1. ash07dc says:

    In my boxes i had a three coupons in each!! =)

  2. chinababy says:

    Bought 2 at Walmart and saw it was on clearance for $2.50 and had the $5 q. Upon paying I noticed it only rang for $1! wow! Moneymaker of $3! I can still print another q for $5 then had another .50 q inside the box. I hopw they won’t ran out of it by tomorrow =0

  3. Stephfm says:

    Finally used my last $5 off coupon at Target last night they had the Lavendar scent I’ve been searching for, they’re $5.98 at Target so only spent .98 cents on it. My Walmart had the Apple and Hawaiian scents on clearance one was $4 one was $5 so made them free, they also had the refills for $1 which ended up being free also with $1 off refill coupon. In the starter kit and in the refills you get more coupons for the oil and spray’s. I ended up getting the spray’s at Target the starter kit sprays were .98 cents after coupons and the refills $1 or under I can’t remember exactly.

  4. Colleen says:

    these are on sale at my walmart for S4.50

  5. Jen says:

    For those who have access into the military commissary base this glade oil diffuser starter kit is regularly priced at $4.99, use your $5 coupon and it’s FREE! Got 6 of them for free!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    at my kmart its buy one get one free.. so does that mean that i will be getting them for .44 cents each??? at my kmart they cost $5.98

  7. reesa says:

    I bought my glade expressions at Hannaford. The mist kit was 4.49. I paid 1.49 but then received a 1.00 print out at the time of checkout. I ended up paying .49 cents. I did this because the Wal-Mart in my area did not have the kits either. Great deal. I went back and bought two refills and then an oil diffuser. I ended up paying 3.00 for 2 mist kits, one refill,and one oil diffuser. I used the coupons online, 3.00 off a mist kit,and 5.00 off a oil diffuser. And received 3.00 back on my next purchase from Glade.

  8. Jacob Ratliff says:

    If you need a Glade Sense & Spray I seen them at Target yesterday for $3 something! :-) Too bad I already have one

  9. Lizz says:

    My Wal-Mart did not have these anywhere.

    • Anonymous says:

      They may be gone–they’re have been so many Glade deals lately that I’m surprised any store still has some : )

  10. Anonymous says:

    I found 1 one clearance for $4.00 the other day. My Walmart rarely has any of these and it doesn’t have any of the fragrance mist starter kits.

  11. cmahonen83 says:

    still says that my print limit is reached from the last time :(

    • nettyb says:

      Same here, no reset on this coupon.

      • Anonymous says:

        It hasn’t reset for any of us, unfortunately : ( Just back with more prints if you missed it.

    • MickiB says:

      Hi! I think you may have misread… “It hasn’t reset, so those who printed previously won’t be able to get more. For the rest of you, print it and head to Walmart .” Unfortunately I have reached my limit as well. :( But what a great deal!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, it’s hasn’t reset for us : ( But for those who missed out last time, they get another chance!

  12. gracey says:

    They are regular price at $5.00 at my local Walmart. I got A few free there

  13. kiwicouponer says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry but for the b1g1 free coupon that coupon is attached to both items. In order for you to use the $5.00 off then you will need to buy another glade infuser starter kit, making a total of 3 items you will need to purchase. hth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Luvflowers is right! You cannot combine the cents off Glade coupon with the BOGO Glade coupon. The language on the coupon forbids combining it with any other coupon.

      • Anonymous says:

        my mom had no problem using the 5 dollar off and the buy one get one free coupon they gladly accepted it :)

        • Anonymous says:

          I can see if the store takes a $ amount on the refill since your mom was buying it. But with the $5 additional off of diffuser kit–you are basically stacking up 2 mfq coupons..the coupon was meant for a person to get the diffuser for free NOT BOTH the refill and diffuser… but to each his/his own.

  14. Mimi says:

    Kmart has the lavender & juniper berry scent at $8.94 which is high but they also have buy one get one free. So with the coupon it will be $3.94 for two. Al;so if you have the coupons from a previous Sunday paper which I do not have the date for, it is buy the refill for the glade expressions oil diffuser and get the starter kit for free. So you will buy the refill for $4.49 plus one refill free, plus one starter kit value $8.94) for free with glade manufacturer coupon but because it comes up on the cash register as buy one get one free before coupon you also get another one Free.
    Break down
    1 glade refill $4.49
    1 BOGO free glade refill
    1 glade starter kit (use MFC for free)
    1 BOGO glade starter kit
    OOP $4.49 plus tax for all four