If you prefer your tea morally upright, check out this hot deal on Honest Tea at Target! Print a high-value $1.25 coupon, valid on two Honest Tea bottles. To print, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page. Honest products are price cut at Target for just $1.00; use the coupon to score two for only $0.38 each!

Buy 2 Honest Tea, 16.9 oz $1.00, price cut through 9/1
Use one $1.25/2 – Honest Tea or Honest Ade, 16.9 oz – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.38 each, when you buy 2 


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19 thoughts on “Save $1.25 on Honest Tea, Only $0.38 at Target!”

i shared it on FB but wont print for me, what am i doing wrong? thanks

I am so glad to see another coupon. I had to printables for $1.00/2 when I shopped at Target earlier and they were on price cut for $0.79 at my Target. So, I will stop by to grab two more on my way to put up children from school.

the coupon says $1.00/2 not $1.25/2 :(

o wait never mind!! it is $1.25 :)~

Oh, good–you scared me for a minute!

sorry! i got confused because when i was looking at the screen it said “save $1.00/2, but when i printed it, it said $1.25/2 :)

I found some coupons at walgreens for $1.00 off these teas a week or so ago on a tear pad. and they had these on sale at safeway this past week for $1 Hurry if your sale ends at midnight. I think they may have been on sale at King SOopers as well. FREE! Thanks for post!


Yay, thanks for sharing, Im going there tomorrow to pick up some!

I think it’s sad that you all don’t thank people for their deals anymore. Other bloggers work hard to find the bargains that you just copy onto your blog. It has very honestly made me look elsewhere for deals because I don’t support what you do. We readers aren’t ignorant and can see what’s going on…. :(

Well I guess you did not have anything better to do with your time……Apparently you were on this blog for a reason…What the reason was; I don’t know, but I am sure it was for the same reason we all come here….TO FIND THE BEST DEALS!!!….I am so glad that ADULTS are acting like teenagers!….lol….

We try very hard to find these deals ourselves. If we aren’t able to find a deal for ourself, we’re happy to thank another blog : ) Multiple blogs find the same deals, often around the same time, because we’re all looking through the same coupons and ads. I appreciate your comment, Jo–it’s important to us to know how our readers are feeling.

I have been checking out other coupon blogs and all do credit each other and like KCL says usually they figure out the same deals too when the coupons/ads comes out. I don’t know why you are complaining and if you don’t support this site then why are you here???? Me and dh loves this site and we always check here because it’s a more reliable source than most of the blogs out there.

I hate it when someone whine because they so desperately seeking attention. Like other fellow couponers, we are here to see what the best deals are, not to see drama. Drama is a few blogs away 0_O. :-PPPPPPPPPPPPPP

If the coupon says “only one coupon per purchase”, does that mean I have to do separate transactions to use more than one?

no 1 per perchase is 1 per item. i believe target now only allows 4 identical coupons per household per day now.

Kellybelly is correct! One per purchase simply means one per item purchased.

yuck, only thing my husband won’t drink!

FYI… Ad prints then coupon, although the ad isn’t much.

You’re right! Thanks for reminding everyone.