If you were shopping on a budget before you started couponing, chances are you frequented supercenters. When coupons play a big role in how you save money, drugstores and high-end grocery stores with stellar promos may be the new favorites. You can still save at supercenters by knowing these tricks of the trade:

Price Matching: Two major supercenters, Target and Walmart, ad-match competitor prices. This can be a great asset if you are short on time or the local grocery and drugstores have low stock. Walmart can price match at the register along with your regular purchases, and Target usually ad-matches at customer service. Some restrictions include only matching “before reward” pricing, not matching generics with other store generics (must be same product in size, flavor, etc), and some other specifics. Check out Walmart’s ad match policy and Target’s policy before shopping.

Generics: Matching sale prices with coupons on name brand items make up the majority of a Krazy Couponer’s hot stockpile buys. But if you’re new to couponing, you may not have all the basics due to sale cycles (i.e. when seasonal products are on sale during the year, such as baking supplies during the holidays, BBQ condiments in the summer, and school supplies in the fall). In this case, shopping generics at a supercenter may be your best bet to hold you over until a stock-up price comes around.

One-Stop: A major advantage of supercenters is the convenience of being able to buy groceries, personal care items, clothing, appliances, and sporting goods all under one roof. This is great if you’re low on time or have limited stores in your area. Examples include Fred Meyer and Meijer, and some Target, Walmart, and Kmart locations offer a full grocery section.

Clearance: One of the best times to shop supercenters is at clearance events. KCL favorites feature seasonal clothing and goods marked down at 50, 75, or even 90 percent; Target’s semi-annual toy clearance; and holiday decorations and food.

Feel free to leave a comment, and let’s focus on positive experiences and what works!

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11 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Successfully Shop Supercenters”

  1. rosy33 says:

    Before I used coupons I really liked to shop at Target. Now my fav stores are CVS and Rite Aid I would go to Target only if a really great deal comes out or sometimes to get some groceries, but it’s a pain to use coupons at my local target, I have been saving so much money at CVS lately..

  2. AshleyAshley says:

    I’ve done some major hauls at Walmart in the last few months that were overage shops, including a heafty pre-order I did through their pharmacy department for Bayer products. Everyone remember the 3 dollar off bayer coupon? I had over a 100. It was a great shop, and the cashiers were pretty good. I was even handed 8 cents back from a cashier on one of the trips. The price matching wasn’t an issue either. I would have to say that from what was once a dismal outlook on Walmart and their couponing policies, I’ve really been turned around by their just about flawless execution in the last few months.


    • Christine Miller says:

      Im new at couponing, but how did you get so many bottles. Did you get that many coupons with all seperate orders?

      • AshleyAshley says:

        Hi Christine, you can call the store ahead of time and ask them to do a pre-order for you. Because I was going purchase more items than they had on their shelf, I didn’t want to be an infamous shelf clearer, plus the coupon lasted for over a month so I wasn’t in fear of it expiring before the pre-order came in. I called the stores number, asked for a retail manager, after speaking with that person, I was given to the manager in pharmacy who placed the pre-order. She called me in about two weeks when the order came in. It took some planning, but it really worked out well.

      • AshleyAshley says:

        Hi Christine, you can call ahead and ask to speak to a retail manager, explain how many of what product you want to pre order, they may have it in back, or might have to place an order and wait for it to come in. Mine took about two weeks, but was well worth the wait. With the initial rush to use the coupon, supplies were wiped out. They were really good about the pre order, and called me in about two weeks when it came in.

  3. AmandaB6135 says:

    When is targets toy clearance?

  4. Pond says:

    I usually shop for personal supplies like shampoo, toothpaste etc at the drug stores, and shop for food at grocery stores like Krogers. It seems to work well for me this way. I saved over $300 on food alone this month and probably can go without buying any more personal supplies for the next 6 months or so :-)

  5. Sherry says:

    I read through walmart’s ad match policy, and maybe I’m overlooking it, but I didn’t see anything about matching store to store generic pricing…do they?