Head over to the CVS Beauty Club Facebook page and request a 20% off Shopping Pass for your next Beauty Purchase! Find the post on their Facebook page (it should be pinned to the top) and fill out the form, and the shopping pass will be emailed to you! This coupon is redeemable in-store only on haircare and accessories, skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, nail color, and beauty tools. There are so many great deals to use this on this week, so go get yours now before they’re gone!

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42 thoughts on “Hurry! 20% Off a Beauty Purchase with a CVS Shopping Pass!”

  1. kse98 says:

    All maybelline products are BOGO 50%, could i use this coupon (20% off beauty) if i only get ONE maybelline product?

  2. fudge says:

    I tried using the coupon but I didn’t took it. Because the item is Buy one get one half off. bummer

  3. Anonymous says:

    I also got the message that it didn’t recognize my card number.

  4. amysu says:

    how about the $2 dollar extrabucks rewards we just got from e-mail two days ago, can it use for sale items?>< i am going to get milk and pay $0.69 this afternoon!

  5. shanshan says:

    Doesn’t apply to sale items. Useless to me…

  6. whovier88@yahoo.com says:

    where do i fill out the form to get the beauty pass? went to their facebook page and now i see the post but what do i click on?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you go to their facebook page, it will be one of their posts, pinned near the top. It says “Claim your Beauty Shopping Pass NOW and save 20% on NEW beauty products at CVS/pharmacy! This exclusive offer is limited to 100,000 coupons, so hurry up and get yours now!”

  7. amysu says:

    can i use this coupon for v05 shampoo?

    • Anonymous says:

      Haircare is included. But it’s still not totally clear if sale items are excluded. They usually are with %-off coupons, but it is not stated on this one.

  8. amysu says:

    can i usethis coupon for v05 shampoo??

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have a 25%off coupon ,can I combine this with the beauty club coupon??

    • Anonymous says:

      As far as I know you can use 2 %off CVS Qs as long as they are different, meaning, in this case you can use your 25% (I assume received by email) and this one… ;)

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, you can! It’s recommended that you use the 25% off first, then the beauty one :)

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks KCL.. i used it today, 20% qpon didnt scan, but the lady directed me to the manager to get the discount amout in cash…. i got 24$ worth beauty which is not on sale and some 12$ worth other stuff, and with extra bucks and qpons it came down to 12$ and when i showed the bill and the 20% qpon the manager gave me 2$ something saying the qpon applies only to the final amount!!!!! Daaa…..
        i argued.. but my baby was soo crying and i had to take that and come out.. :(

  10. rhbr18 says:

    can the 20% of be used on body wash . any ideas ?

  11. akfiveash says:

    I think i’m going to do the simple deal.

    2 simple cleansers= 15.98
    20%off = 12.78
    2x $2 off IP coupons = 8.78
    Get 5 ecbs back
    3.78 for both, 1.89 each.

    Question, if I wanted to buy a Revlon diamond dust eye shadow couldi
    I use this and the $3 off Revlon coupon?

  12. akfiveash says:

    If I wanted to get the Revlon diamond dust eye shadow, could I combine this and the $3off coupon?

  13. Kelly Susalla says:

    Keeps telling me it doesn’t recognize my extra care #! What the heck, I’ve had the same card forever and it never gives me issues at the store? hmmmm.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm… is your extracare card already linked to an email account? Maybe that’s how it recognizes you, if you are already signed up at cvs.com and if you are a member of the Beauty Club.

    • Melissa says:

      You have to enter it without the dashes or spaces, just one long number

    • Anonymous says:

      Be sure your extracare card is registered on cvs dot com and I’m not certain, but you may have to be signed up for their Beauty club too.

  14. ade1 says:

    Just got mine as well:-)

  15. karen says:

    whats something we can get with this coupon since it excludes sale items

    • Erin says:

      Actually, it doesn’t say anywhere that it excludes sale items :)

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t explicitly say that sale items are excluded. However, experienced CVS shoppers know that the %-off ones usually do. My suggestion would be to present it to them before shopping and ask. If you’re looking for items to use it on, be sure to visit our weekly matchup post. Anything there that states “regular price” can qualify, even if EB rewards are involved: http://thekrazycouponlady.com/2012/08/18/cvs-coupon-deals-week-of-819/#disqus_thread

      • Janus says:

        I tried to use this with the Herbal essences deal (3/10 in our store). Coupon did not go through:(

    • recumbentrider says:

      Here’s the best ones (in my opinion)…

      ecb deals…

      -Almay Color Cosmetics (Get 4eb wyb $10) (can’t be used on mascaras)
      -L’Oreal Cosmetics (get 5eb wyb $15)
      -Simple Facial Care (get 5eb wyb $15)
      -Bioluxe or Cristophe (get 5eb wyb $15)
      -Select Fragrance (get 10eb wyb $25)
      -Sally Hansen (get 3 eb wyb $10)
      -Burt Bees (get 5eb wyb $20)
      -Lumene Facial Care (get 5eb wyb $20)
      -L’oreal Ever Hair hair care (get 5eb wyb 2)

      non-ecb deals
      -Revlon Face or Eye Cosmetic (can use the $3 crt)
      -Olay BOGO cpn
      -Boire BOGO cpn

  16. Pond says:

    Got mine :-)

  17. Autumn Fiveash says:

    Did my comment go through?

  18. Autumn Fiveash says:

    Think I’m going to the Simple deal with mine! I’ve always wanted to try the cleansers but not for $7.99 a bottle.

    2 cleansers: 15.98
    20% off: 12.78
    2 $2/1 IP coupons: 8.78
    5 ecb back
    ends up being 3.78, or 1.89 each

  19. lucy says:

    i got my coupon already :)

  20. Kelly says:

    Is this 20% off of all beauty products I purchase or just one item?