A great benefit of saving big at the store, scoring free stuff, and having extra in your stockpile is sharing with those less fortunate!

Classrooms: Back-to-School sales are still hot, so even if you’ve already purchased an item like hand sanitizer, pocket folders, spiral notebooks or printer paper, consider picking up more this week and donating them to your child’s classroom or to children in need.

Nursing Homes: Looking for ways to help the elderly? Try donating some cheap or free glucose monitors, Depends, Fixodent, or Polygrip to a local nursing home. If you have kids, make sure to bring them along—it will brighten up the residents’ day and help your children learn the importance of giving.

Toys: Now is the time to check clearance aisles for upcoming Christmas toys! Start collecting now so during the holidays you can donate them to children’s hospitals, women’s shelters, and families in need.

Convenience Products: Trial and travel sized products are great to send to military overseas or to help with relief efforts after natural disasters.

Furry Friends: Are you a pro at getting cheap or free pet supplies? Consider donating to an animal shelter! Also ask if they can use your extra Sunday papers as cage liners.

If you find you’ve bought too much and won’t be able to use it all in time, donate it! Consider family and friends, needy neighbors, churches, or food banks. To find a food bank near you, check out Feeding America. If you’re short on time, many sites allow for a monetary donation, starting at just $1.00 (and tax deductible). Even if you don’t have the resources yet, you can volunteer your time and help those in need!



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11 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Donate Extras to Those in Need!”

  1. My siblings and I (there are four of us) have been doing a different kind of Christmas gift for the last three years or so. We always seem to get each other gift cards, so it was just like trading money. The first and second year we adopted a family and provided everything they needed for Christmas, even Christmas dinner. Both families were single moms working their tails off and both had three kids! The last couple of years (since I have been Extreme Couponing) my siblings have sent me all of their extra coupons and I get everything I can for free or really cheap. Last Christmas we donated a truck load of boxes full of every kind of product you can imagine to a local shelter for battered women and children. This year I’ve already done a large donation to my local food pantry in July because my pile grows so quickly. All four of us enjoy this so much more than just getting each other gift cards. Now our present is all of us getting together and spending time together. We all go deliver everything together and it’s amazing how great it feels. Keep up the GREAT work all my fellow couponers. I think we are some of the most generous people out there :)

    • Doodle says:

      That is SO amazing! All of those families are so thankful and wouldn’t have had those blessings if it hadn’t been for you :D You keep up the GREAT work too. I believe we are some of the most generous people out there as well and we shouldn’t be afraid to show it!

      • Thanks Doodle! I love the school supply donation. We do have two small children, one who just started Kindergarten on Monday :( and I couldn’t help but grab extra supplies for hardly nothing (or free)! We had one bag of supplies for his teacher that are specific for Kinder classes. I also had a bag full of extra stuff that I dropped off at the office for any other kids who might need things. The lady in the office was in shock and gave me a funny look! :) She said….”Really, you’re giving us all this stuff?” I love totally surprising people like that. It makes all of this even more fun.

  2. PotteryChick says:

    I agree – it’s great to give back! I started in late March and have a tote full to take to our local elementary school that my daughters attended. They are going to pass along the items through their Backpack Program to families in need. My new focus is to get a nice college-size stockpile together for my niece and nephew who will both head off in the next year. We live in a small community so it’s great for my children to be a part of giving something back to those less fortunate in their own community.

  3. LPharmD says:

    I am using coupons to purchase cheap/free medications and personal health supplies to take on a medical mission trip to Kenya in October! If anyone else would like to help out with donations for this trip, let me know- it would be much appreciated!

  4. Doodle says:

    We have donated around 3k worth in the same time frame as well. All thanks to couponing. I have helped family and friends that are struggling as well as holding a donation drive for a family who suddenly lost their 16 year old son. It’s amazing what couponing can do for us! And most have no idea the impact it has on the ones we reach out to. I have also been able to go to part time work due to couponing and am still able to donate all the time. What a great feeling! Thank you KCL!

    • Doodle says:

      I have also purchased more than 140.00 worth of school supplies for 10.00 and I don’t even have any kids. All will be donated :)

    • The Krazy Coupon Lady says:

      Couponing can bring wonderful blessings! Thanks for sharing with those less fortunate, Doodle. :)

      • Doodle says:

        It’s my pleasure :D And thank you for teaching me so much and enabling me to be able to help others as well. I loan your book out to friends who aren’t quite sure about couponing and in a matter of a day or two, they are hooked and ready to learn more. Thank you Joni and Heather!!! You are an inspiration to us all!

  5. Anonymous says:

    My hubby and I have donated close to $3k worth of food and goods to emergency food pantries, pet pantries and school supplies to children’s organizations. And we paid pennies on the dollar. This was just from January to August of this year using coupons. That is a good deal.